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  1. This will be a wait and see, I wouldnt expect Usa prices, they have to add freight and gst and clearance costs, but should be interesting
  2. I went yesterday afternoon at Xtremescreen at Melbourne Central, was a great movie and surprised how good the xtremescreen was compared to normal, Toms doing very well for a 49.5 year old!
  3. Im sure if the bluray was released at the same time as the movie was at the theartre we would, for me its a night out and has more atmosphere
  4. Some of the comic stores have them, if your near Ellison Hawker in Hobart (liverpool st) give them a try or ebay
  5. Amazon have $5.00 off http://www.amazon.com/gp/feature.html/ref=...731&ie=UTF8
  6. Hi All before i stick this on ebay, if anyone wants to make an offer for a 100% working Region A "quick loading" player, i just dont use it anymore, It play only region A and region free discs, its multizone for dvd FYI You will need a step down transformer to convert the voltage from 110 to ours. This would suit someone that has only our region bluray player and wants to buy discs from amazon Usa etc Pick up in melbourne but postage would be approx $20, comes with original box, packing and remote. http://support.jvc.com/consumer/product.js...elId=MODL028512
  7. I work in the freight industry so we have been advised due to Qantas grounding all their fleet is will be chaos if anyone has any imports on the way, even if they dont fly with qantas airlines, Qantas cargo handles 80% of the other airlines unloading etc. good luck all.
  8. uk blu rays are worse than ours for their censorship logos on the cover plus they are aussie fat covers, My collection is 95% Usa slim cases, Usa all the way (for me at least)
  9. Price drop to 24.99 at amazon, order now for easter the way their deliveries are going :lol
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