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  1. Check out the latest review from Stephen Dawson. https://www.avhub.com.au/product-reviews/sound-image/benq-w2700-av-projector-review-529730
  2. Ah good stuff- the f/w also addresses the split screen issue too just in case it wasnt HDMI cables..
  3. Rich, Have you applied the firmware update yet? The new iris settings makes a hell of a difference!
  4. I am not aware at this stage. We have a couple of new products coming out over the next 6 months but not sure if these are market ready just yet. Will see if I can find out and share
  5. Yep - the pricing doesnt justify us bringing it in just yet - we already have $1799, $1999, $2599 in the entry level space. Pretty hard to justify another model The colors on the TK800 are good ... its Rec709 - but the black levels are compromised by the extra brightness. It's a balancing act that falls a little short for most users.
  6. We have chosen to release the TK800M here in Australia and it is going out at a full RRP of $1799. We originally had the TK800 which was a great model but had an "edge halo" like all of the first gen 4K models. This new model is 3000 lumens HDR True 4K and is definitely worth a look I am however sad to hear about your experience with the W1070. You obviously called on my day off - wont let that happen again!
  7. Thats perfect - thank you. ... and Sorry! I will send you a PM now.
  8. I should have clicked the link and read the comments first - I would have known the nswer myself. It appears that unit was in the USA and was replaced by BenQ. I would hope no one here was experiencing this.
  9. Ah OK. Is it only when you engage HDR mode or all the time? Do you have / Could you take a video of it?
  10. Hey Bellawii, Yep - I was testing the install today. What issue do you have?
  11. OK in 4K HDR mode we have locked the mode to preserve the picture. In 4K standard or any other mode (eg. 1080p, 3D etc.) You are free to switch between all modes. Cheers, Matt
  12. Ya lazy f$%ker I have emailed H/O looking for a response. Seems unusual but not impossible.
  13. Really?? I will get a reply on this immediately. @oztheatre - have you confirmed this on your unit please?
  14. Nope - because I dont know - the moment I do I will share it here though Stand by - shouldnt be too long!
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