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  1. Foxtel On Demand (offline) is now available to those that have Mystar's, Foxtel (formerly Austar) have finally brought us true On Demand movies to our Mystar boxes. They said they were going to bring it to us years ago! We now have instant HD on demand movies for $6. Push your Box Office button and have a look. Now all we need is internet catch up and we have near IQ functionality. They launched it on friday.
  2. I downloaded it last week, it hasn't fixed many bugs.
  3. Your on demand featured takes a lil while to download and does it every Monday. (Im not sure how it works if u turn the box on after monday) Next Monday you will get a selection of new shows and 2 movies in ur on demand "featured" menu. They download via the satalite.
  4. Mystar has an Ethernet port and the future will connect to the net.
  5. Apparantly there upgrading them in the next 6 months and spending millions of dollars on it.
  6. It will come up with an option saying saying your address, then it will come up with an outlet 1 or 2 option,u just select which outlet u want to record. Foxtel lied to you I think, u can record to multiple boxes and even addresses. It doesn't come with this option I'f you have one box.
  7. Do Mystar (formerly Austar) customers get access to the free catch up movies considering we're losing some movie channels just like Foxtel customers.
  8. There pretty much the same except there all in HD. It actually looks like its worse off in a way. Less variety with starpics and movie one removed. Before you had 2 premier stations and 2 timeshift, now we have one? We had 2 action and drama channels allready, and a comedy and family channel allready. Least action movies are on one channel I guess, instead of Showtime action and Movie Extra. But doesn't that limit my choice now?
  9. Haha you guys think the iq is bad, Mystar is even worse, I think it's closer to 30 mark in standby.
  10. Its in you installation menu, you select download enhancements I think.. Doesnt appear to have done much though. No Foxtel On Demand, Sky News Local, Red Button IQ stuff yet. Still cant delete a program while viewing either.
  11. New update today, downloading now. First update since foxtel takeover
  12. The Fta tuners work exactly the same on Mystar boxes as the satalite tuners. You can series link Fta the same way you do it with Foxtel, it appears in the same folder as the rest of your recordings and it's on the same hard drive. You can't tell what is Fta recorded or pay tv recorded on Mystar, it's all integrated. Fta hd takes up alot more space than Pay tv HD though.
  13. Its something Foxtel has to consider now is FTA tuners, now that they are a true national company that isnt focused on metro eastern state cities. Considering Foxtel now cover the entire regional Australia, all of Tasmania, NT, etc its time for Foxtel to step up and add FTA tuners. Its impossible for them to add all FTA channels on satalite for all states and regions. Im a Foxtel Mystar customer so it doesnt affect me at the moment, but its a feature Im sure many ex-Austar customers are not going to want to be taken away from them when they introduce an IQ to us eventually.
  14. There's nothing stopping them adding Fta tuners now, there is no Austar, only Foxtel, go to the austar site and see for yourself.
  15. Considering Liberty Global and Newscorp are both related to Austar and Foxtel (I wonder if this has changed since the takeover), Im sure some sort of licensing deal could be done to use Showtime name still.
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