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  1. +1 for AT screen. Think about it - you're trying to recreate the cinema but at home. Commercial cinemas wouldn't use an AT screen without reason. If you have doubt go sit in a well designed home theatre or demo showroom.
  2. I've got 1xPB400 and 1xSB16, both using the built in DSP to tune the room. All I can say is that you won't be short on SPL but you'll be spending alot of your time recording and testing using MSO (or whatever you have). Not trying to influence your sale but as a suggestion you could try keeping the two MK's and getting one or two SVS units first and see how that goes before committing further? I went with one SVS and added the second when I found it's limits. I'm reasonably happy now with the response across 2 rows of 4 seats but bass addiction is nasty nasty....
  3. WasM


    I've got ports on my SVS sub and found that it changes the sound quite dramatically as the ports are closed. check the Tech Info on below link and compare the change in base freq response for the sub as a comparison. https://www.svsound.com/products/pb-4000 Based on my room tuning the ports alters significantly the response at the low end, with changes needed to the Xover point. Though in my case its for home theatre and not 2 Ch. The most solid way to tell is to buy some extra pairs of socks and get some in room measurements done.
  4. My room is slightly wider but just as deep. I packed in 8 full recliners with same 300mm riser for rear. Hooked up 7.2.4 wiring and using 140” scope acoustic transparent screen. I thought 130” was fine but 140” is better. I’ve got 3m ceilings with a central dropped bulkhead with 4 ceiling speakers, led lighting trough and a/c ducts running into this bulkhead. Projector sits on a high shelf built into back of room and gives most flexibility for future projector upgrades. Wiring is all prewired. Subs located front and rear. I have double brick construction the sound is just audible standing outside at -12db level. Your room is very similar to mine it’s uncanny. I installed two extra lan cables to the projector area and also ran extra lan cables to the front seats. Theses are used for network connection to projector and also doubles as USB extension which I use for Xbox and media connections to the rack. I hook up the steering wheel to the USB baluns so you don’t trip over any cables. Also stick 4 power points behind the front seats (on the face of riser) as this gives more options for power recliners, bass shakers, general power or charging etc. Is there a reason why your windows are not centered to the room?
  5. If I moved one of the existing beasts to another location it won't be representative of a smaller sub (or different model sub) as the response will be different. Or at least thats my understanding. I do have an old sony HTIB sub i could use to throw around just for $h!ts and giggles. That weighs a hefty 8kg.
  6. Thats a great idea. Not in the mood (or the back) to move some 60kg though. I'll keep tinkering with MSO currently and if it does show sufficient improvement in different sub location or an additional sub will have to re-think the room layout. TBH I've not budgeted for another sub, or additional DSP.
  7. I've got it configured for 11.2 setup, with the subs referencing the fronts (L&R), timing using FR. I'm measuring across 7 seating positions, I actually have 8 but the USB cable is not quite long enough to reach the seat at ear level. This maybe part of my issue in trying to optimise so many positions. I've run several configs to assess which Xover is best. Currently 90Hz and 120Hz are the two winners. In manual config I've found the response very closely matches the MSO results and gives good integration across both settings, Audyssey off. Some recent research from other net sources indicates I can tweak the Xover after Audyssey and it doesn't affect Aud filters. I'll re-run MSO with less seating positions and try reducing the delay parameter to 15ms or something smaller. I'm sure mini-DSP or an external DSP would do a fine job but with so many seating positions adding another sub maybe the better option. Hopefully I can get MSO to tango with two.
  8. Thanks Snoop - i've configured based on the subs only configuration. No delay on Sub1, delay on Sub2. I'll recheck settings and lower the delay and see what MSO does with the final result. Thanks. BTW is it ok to change the Xover setting manually after Audyssey?
  9. Yeap delay parameter of Sub2 is set at 20ms. As I understand it MSO only uses this parameter as a 'temp' parameter for its optimisation algorithm. The actual delay setting on the filter report/results show a Sub2 delay which exceeds this 20ms, which from my understanding is the actual figure to use in AVR/DSP. I'm not sure how to limit this final filter report/results delay, if even possible.
  10. Is there a way to limit delay in MSO? The numbers in the settings I used were default at 20ms but the filter report shows delays across several configurations above this limit. I guess I can try input 15ms and see if it results in shorter outcome?
  11. I've got two SVS subs - SB16 and PB4000, both using SVS built in DSP.
  12. Can someone advise if they have got around the 6m sub delay distance limitation on Audyssey/Denon AVRs? I've had limited success with MSO but I'm limited by the 6m maximum distance from the shortest distance (2m from my atmos overheads = max 8m sub distance). The MSO settings show best results with Sub1 at 0 delay, Sub2 at 25ms or 8.6m, which I am unable to set in the AVR.
  13. If you are considering automation or anamorphic setup maybe a trigger line or two. Don't forget to consider the power point(s) and maybe space for battery backup power unit if power in your area is patchy.
  14. Convergence aside there must be other merits to using dual projection as they do in some cinemas. Brightness for one. Not saying its easy to do or design for but IMAX or dual projection theatres must have some way of getting around the convergence issues. Does anyone know if digital cinemas' use pixel shifting?
  15. Just thinking on the JVC faux 8K - would a stitched projection system using 2 or 4 '4K' projectors work? Maybe there is something similar already but there must be issues on overlap and convergence? I just keep thinking IMAX did it. 3D do it. Is there possibility of single projector with 2 panels each with own light sources?