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  1. Interested in these as well. They've got interesting development in the software DSP which aligns (with slight 2.5ms delay) time, phase response with controlled frequency response.
  2. WasM


    Hi Pyramid, Wondering how you went with the HEDD 20s? I'm looking at this along with EVE or Adam Audio in similar model range and would like feedback on their character. How have you got them hooked up and do you use their active software DSP for full phase and timing coherence? Thanks in advance.
  3. Try both and see which you prefer - you'll need some demo material. You'll have to run the auto calibration after switching the speakers around. If the Yammy AVR can output 'multi-channel stereo' - play some music to test.
  4. 'Transparent' screens - ie no change to sound before and after screen is up is not possible. Screen quality can vary and most sales or even technical literature probably won't tell you that there will be a slight loss in the order of 3dB on average. This average does not tell you at which frequency so there will be some variance. I've noticed up a few dB loss before putting the screen up but didn't measure. You will find need to boost volume or LCR speaker in amp settings.
  5. Could try setting up the front stage using temporary structure and running a few trial positions without going all out? I used Bunnings storage rack to sit center speaker and hang AT screen as a test and it’s become permanent. Gave me freedom to move LR and adjust toe etc. Pics of shelving rack
  6. Because pr0n. It does matter as the spend will project to growth and development. The definition of 'Home Theatre' is different meaning to different people so before you think of a direction you need to look at the past and define the current market forces to project where it is going.
  7. Anyone own a XMC2 provide some feedback on the unit in terms of: Interface - menus, is it slow? Video switching? any issues? Using Dirac 2.0, before/after, compared to previous processors with say Audyssey or ARC? Other issues? I'm interested in Dirac in 7.2.4 and how this can improve over my current Denon 6300H.
  8. 150" OZTS AT Scope Screen Good quality. Would like slightly more gain given the HDR world now. Good price given size. Would trade up for a screen with auto masking, and more gain Love the full seamless front sound stage it brings, the immersion and 4K detail Good to hide a heap of unsightly speakers, racks, acoustic/absorption stuff, cardboard boxes from gear purchased.
  9. Welcome to stereonet. The first rule of stereonet is you do not talk about stereonet. The second rule of stereonet is you DO NOT talk about stereonet! Sorry Friday shenanigans.... again welcome and enjoy.
  10. Sounds like you are all set. Do post some pics once you get going - in the showcase forum. The fun is just starting.
  11. I've mixed sealed and ported in my setup. It can work in favour or can work against. I would prefer to go one larger big sub and optimise that before going for two. @LostIdentity You've done well with getting to where you are. Some more thoughts.... just to add to the anxiety If you want to save some money hold off on the second sub and change the AVR. I agree the Yammy YPAO is an underperformer but if you can score it for a very very good price then that is a factor. Marantz, Denon - look for a second hand Denon 6300H or similar, or 4500H new. Else just stick with the Yammy AVR if at good price. If not go alternatives mentioned earlier in posts. Ditch the Sony projector - though good for its 4K and processing, just save the money for a Epson TW9400 which throws a brighter picture. Yes 4K would be nice but you don't have a dedicated room so you probably need more light than detail. Whats the point in 'seeing' detail if you don't have the light output to put it there!? Put some $ aside for projector mount and HDMI cable to go with it. New entertainment unit - I suppose this comes to personal preference and looks etc but check Gumtree or furniture seconds stores. I've hunted and grabbed huge bargains. Save where you can. I nabbed real leather 4 seater electric recliners with drink holders for $1200 plus a big of muscle and trailer hire. You could still smell the fresh leather out of its wrapping. You never know, you could score something even fancier. With the money saved in different combinations thereof above consider upgrade to much bigger sub. Yes BIGGER. Your room is only slightly smaller than mine and I'm using SVS SB16 and PB4000. I would recommend a higher model sealed unit from SVS as they give you the ability to digitally signal process sub output. Then use some saved $ and grab a Umik or similar microphone and tweak with REW software. If not you are keeping closer to your budget and saved some money. Do it.... edit - forgot to mention if you don't grab a Sub2 now you can always grab one later, either 2nd hand or elsewhere on sale. The key is to tweak your sub you have and maximise that (itself a labour of love). If still wanting more you can buy the SVS/PSA or when budget allows a much bigger sub.
  12. I contacted the support in oz and they recommended the use of third party dlna apps like Plex or similar. Works well. Not elegant but if you have a home network you can try adding an old pc or laptop. I run mine off a NAS.
  13. Is there a reason you started the measurement sweep from 50Hz and up? would be helpful to understand what the measurement sweep consisted of (L+R with or without sub) and what you are trying to achieve. If its flat curve response with good decay you have a decent waterfall plot from 160Hz and up. From there down you need more work.
  14. For the cost of the coaxial run you are better off doing it rather than not. Simplistically: Unless you are running Fetch boxes or distributed TV most people will hang a TV and expect an antenna connection. The new owner may be clueless and not want fetch boxes etc. Middleware/hardware breaks - eg firmware issues, software glitches, upgrade problems. Sometimes it just nice to turn on a TV and work. Most FTA TV is still best broadcast via FTA (geographically dependant). Quality on streaming can be hit and miss depending on your network and location, and if you have a decent NBN connection. you want a digital antenna suited for your area for resale.
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