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  1. WasM

    AVR on a small budget

    Friend picked up a Denon X1500H for $650 from a large retailer over the weekend. Does the job.
  2. Can you move the side surrounds further forward? generally inline with the front row ear level? If you draw a line from the Front Left and Front Right speakers to the rear, I'd align the back surrounds to that. But if the FL and FR are straddling your screen/tv (so are placed much wider) and are closer to the side walls, then locate the rear surrounds no further than 30% in from the sides. Try to keep the mounting height the same between all the surrounds, so that will probably be dictated by the rear surrounds. I put mine about 40cm above rear seat height but I measured my speaker directivity angle and used that as reference to finalise the height position. If you are set on getting paradigms (which as another strong suggestion would you look at alternative speakers?), have a play with them in the room to see where they sound best, then consider adding room treatment.
  3. hard to know the scale - got some approx room dims? also room height and where you are going/able to mount the ceiling atmos?
  4. whats your layout? I've got riser for back row seating. The side and back surrounds need separation to work well. TBH they sounded much better when I added some padded room treatment between them.
  5. Direct point source surrounds would be my preference, though room layout/speaker placement would be a big determining factor. Would you consider getting another set of paradigm ceiling speakers and wall mounting them? You could build a back box for them and wall hang, or maybe inset into the wall if construction suits?
  6. WasM

    has anyone here tried a dual subwoofer setup?

    Yes it does make difference, and adding different subs (ported vs sealed, size, power) can still work provided you do some homework and are prepared for your time (or others) to optimise the setup.
  7. Off the top of my head... Schindler's List 127 Hours Battle Royale Taken The Wolf of Wall Street War Dogs - great movie based on true events but made bigger in true Hollywood fashion my fav, Leon the Professional
  8. WasM

    Denon AVC x8500H or 6500 H

    Are you using the AVR as an all in one? I've got 6300H with separate power amp. I ran the Denon by itself then got the power amp and made a good improvement in output. Unless you have room to do 13 speakers go with the 6500 as the 'cheapest' all in one.
  9. Are these things going to get sun exposure? From my experience that is the killer no matter what material/speakers you get. If you can get some sun and rain protection that will ensure they last longer. Having said that, and if we're being higher end, I'd look at speakercraft or any speaker made for marine environment. You can expect them to sound decent but I haven't heard their new stuff.
  10. Yes thats a good way to go with built-in adjustment on cameras. Mine are configured to do the same but most of the cameras are external looking into the garden/driveway etc and picks up flapping leaves etc which can't be helped. Hardwired units are reliable. My intercom is configured with a selectable time after button press (say a delivery person) it will send me an email with a few snapshots at the front door. It can be configured to divert to my phone directly but will require a sim card. I'm currently looking into a VOIP/SIP system that will divert without any ongoing paid subscription or mobile service.
  11. I've got is a standalone HikVision CCTV and a separate NESS alarm system. The CCTV cameras run 24/7, with battery backup, and together with HikVision app shows realtime or can playback past events. I frequently see leaves moving outside and the CCTV (which captures on motion) starts recording. I also get frequent bugs flying in and around the cameras which also sets off the cameras. Can't stop that happening but suggest you consider cameras with built-in IR so you can record at night. For the Ness alarm system I can get an addon card that basically allows the unit to 'call' me, send text or i think email (3G, GPRS, GSM) on alarm but of course you need a phone line or mobile sim dedicated for this service. No ongoing subscription. The alarm is separate as it connects with internal PIR, window alarms, proxy alarms (doors), glass break alarm. These are reliable devices and work. Chances are you would only be able to cover a limited area with a combination of what you proposed and reliability could be compromised. I'm sure there are other devices out there now that use web protocols to call, email, text, or other means to notify if not directly through some app. Needs research. The point I'm making is using cameras as alarm/trigger devices are not reliable - eg they cut your power, or your network goes down, battery issues after 2 years, wireless compatibility etc. Suggest you talk to a professional and get a feel for what is available for your intended purpose. Heaps of security companies out there. Don't get me wrong the solution you suggest could work but I caution OP to get some free professional advice/quotes. You could DIY and end up with a compromised/limited system but for a little more $ could get a more suitable system.
  12. WasM

    Unbroken Blu ray

    My new fav is Mission Impossible Fallout. The sound bubble is tremendous. Hopefully the release includes the Atmos track and isn't nerfed. Another recent release (though not Atmos) is the Incredibles 2. The opening sequence is articulate and authoritative at the same time.
  13. WasM

    2019 projector releases ?

    Looks like there's a new sheriff in town.
  14. WasM

    Newbie from W.A

    Welcome Melvyn. Trust you will share your ambitions at some point.
  15. Shindler's List They Shall Not Grow Old (doco) Dunkirk Hacksaw Ridge The Pacific (series) Lord of War (different kind of war) The Imitation Game (again different) The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas Unbroken