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  1. Not sure what you're after. If just a browse to see audio in general add: Surrounds (used to be Surround Sounds) StoreDJ/Mannys - recommend a dive into their basement room to demo the studio active monitors.
  2. Met a guy who works in hifi store who owns a set of Salons. Could be a long shot? From my audition of Salons a while back they are very good, though power hungry. IMO they are exceptional if you can power them. Neutral would be my one word to describe them. How would you get a set of Salons if you wanted them? I haven't heard the Elysians so can't comment.
  3. With a small room I'd suggest to mount them as equidistant as possible to your listening position. The bubble of sound probably won't make much difference where they sit aligned with the fronts. I would try to angle them in to main listening position. Its almost 'studio' dimensions if you think about it. Link Link2 (click on Dolby Atmos setup pic)
  4. WasM


    Not sure if search can do that. Most classifieds come up with state or area in the post. are you looking for something specific?
  5. WasM


    Welcome and enjoy your journey. what’s your plan/s?
  6. @Snoopy8 Is your target setup for stereo? Have you tried the multiple satellite measurement optimisation?
  7. If you look at Pioneer they created TAD as high end division. Matsushita/National/Panasonic created Technics as dedicated audio division, which has been revived recently as high end. Denon has probably changed structure and objectives since ownership change. Market has changed too. Probably mainly targeting consumer to mid level market, leaving the hi end to Marantz. I hope Denon continue to push their products and stay competitive. They make some great professional DJ gear.
  8. Yea might give that a go and see where the 'fresh' vs 'semi optimised' ends up. I'm doing it across 8 seats so gets messy. I might try another config for MLP only. I'm due for a re-measure of all the seats and subs as the room has had more things put in and I've put one of three port plugs into the sub. Need a few more Easter weekends.....
  9. Do you re-run the optimisation again from 'fresh' or do you make changes (add max delay) on the 'solution' then continue the optimisation? I hope my query makes sense.
  10. @Snoopy8 I've had a few instances where MSO calculated delays are quite substantial, larger than I can input into the AVR for each sub. Have you had any experience with this?
  11. PM sent, thought it best to keep this focused on MSO than setups.
  12. I've got two SVS subs and been using the in-built DSP to input the filters. Results have been very good with 4 of the 8 positions improving, with the MLP aligning with the sliding tilt target response Been thinking if its worthwhile getting a dedicated DSP to: Set different DSP modes - Cinema, Music, Live Buy external DAC with bypass for cinema
  13. Did you optimise for MLP only or more? What DSP unit are you using and does it allow timing alignment?
  14. Determine the size of your screen first screen size vs seating distance aspect ratio (16x9 or 2.4:1) do you prefer perforated screen (acoustic transparent like commercial cinema and you place speakers behind) or flat screen. Your 803s may not like placement behind screen? determine your budget (screen, projector, hdmi cable, mount) This will help narrow the options. The projector specs will then determine the most suitable mounting distance (not all projectors are the same!)
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