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  1. WasM

    First Home theatre

    To get a better understanding what is your PJ screen size and is it acoustic transparent? How are you intending on positioning your speakers? Are they wall mount, floor stand, stand mount, in a cabinet? This all adds to your layout consideration and aesthetics. I did incremental upgrades over time as the budget allowed. If you can be patient in procuring decent second hand it can go a long way.
  2. Digging this backup. Really need some new material as have been pointed out in a few other threads. -Mission: Impossible – Fallout, too many scenes to name -Incredibles 2, opening scene
  3. WasM

    First Man

    The first few minutes were a blur, no doubt intended to induce motion sickness to prove a point. My wife stepped out it was so intense. The picture and sound really opened up towards the end especially in that clip from @michaelw.
  4. WasM

    Recommended upgrade?

    A few things to consider other than those mentioned above: - room treatment - Umik or calibrated microphone to play together with some DSP unit - upgrade to new model Denon or Marantz AVR, less of a jump to Anthem - bass shakers - universal remote
  5. In a HT application YES. If you have the Minions movie skip to the end credits where they fluff around and have alot of effects moving between the LCRs. A good show of bass 'panning' is when the Dino chases a minion across the front stage (right to left) from memory.
  6. WasM

    Subwoofers on Stands?

    The sub can also be rotated to various angles and not simply face firing towards the MLP. For me locations where it was bad firing 'forward' into the room performed very well after rotating 90deg and firing towards the nearest wall.
  7. http://www.kingsenergy.com.au/Contact_Us The factory is actually 5 mins from this place. I went to pickup direct.
  8. Yes no test data but its a very cheap way to find out if that corner is going to work before spending up big. The carpet roll would have airgaps between the rolled layers so similar in property to broadband absorbers.
  9. Another suggestion would be to go to a carpet supplier who usually have left over roll off-cuts from different jobs, who may give it to you for a small fee or free. I had left over carpet in my theatre which I rolled up and stacked in a corner. The weight/thickness helped a heap and its polyester (or wool if you get that).
  10. WasM

    New member from Perth

    Welcome to The snuff.... wait stereo store... no.... stereo net.
  11. WasM

    Onkyo amp power low?

    As a cheap check download a free dB level app on your phone. Sit at a set distance away from the speakers, say 2m centrally to both LR speakers and put on some test tones. Record the dB at various volume levels say 30, 40, 50. Subs off. Then do the same at your dads and compare the difference. Remember this is only relative but gives a quick indication. As others have suggested there could be many factors, settings which are affecting the volume. If you were really wanting to test it take your amp to your dads and plug it in and see what it sounds like.
  12. WasM

    Different Centre speaker to Towers

    Could try checking the speaker cabling, both on speaker connection and at the AVR end. Another check could be to swap the center speaker with say the right speaker to check its not a cabling issue. Re-run Audyssey and make sure you have a minimum 5 locations.
  13. WasM

    Denon Heos Av Receiver

    Hi Michael, don't see why it won't work. What setup are you looking at?
  14. WasM

    WasM's HT Room

    Yes - that was my main concern, plus settlement cracks along the joining wall/floor perimeter. Builder did apply the bitumastic sealant around and applied the termite mesh treatment so all good. For those who are considering a dedicated room and are not sure about screen size (projector or TV) I have the following advice. Use some math and draw up the dimensions vs the seating position (plenty of well known and documented calculators out there). Then do a mock up of the screen using cardboard/cloth and other material. I was fortunate enough to have a projector and temporarily watched a few movies, of various ratios, projected onto the blank wall before I decided on a 2:40 screen and 150". I had originally opted for 130" but after a few weeks the size zoomed out to 150" was perfect.
  15. WasM

    WasM's HT Room

    Equipment 3 x SLS Audio (Dolby) CS50 LCR speakers 4 x SLS Audio (Dolby) CS850S Surround speakers 4 x Klipsch CDT-3800 II in-ceiling speakers 1 x SVS SB-16 Subwoofer 1 x SVS PB-4000 Subwoofer Denon 6300H AVR Emotiva XPA-7 amplifier DIY HTPC Minix UH-9 with remote Xbox One X Old Sony AW10 Projector OZTS 150" AT 2:35 4K screen 12 gauge speaker and Cat6 cabling 1 x custom DIY LED kit with remote Subs tuned using U-mik and MSO software for even bass across 6 of the 8 seats. Money seat is the front row 2nd seat from the left (when looking at the screen). Patiently waiting for upgrade to 4K projector.