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  1. Orce

    List of 4K titles

    Good Work, Thanks for the update.
  2. Thank you for a pleasant transaction. Nice guy to deal with.
  3. Orce

    JVC DLA-X5000 - BLACK

    Price drop to $3,400
  4. Orce

    JVC DLA-X5000 - BLACK

    Thanks , had some inquiries.
  5. Orce

    JVC DLA-X5000 - BLACK

    Price drop $3,500
  6. Orce

    JVC DLA-X5000 - BLACK

    Price drop to $3,600.
  7. Orce

    JVC DLA-X5000 - BLACK

    Price drop 3700, the unit is like new.
  8. Orce

    JVC DLA-X5000 - BLACK

    Price Drop to $3,800
  9. Up for Sale is my JVC DLA-X5000 - Black in Mint Condition like new. I have all the original boxes and has about 2 years of warranty, Australian machine. It has done 860 hours and looks spectacular. Comes with manuals and remote like you would purchase new. I am 30kms west of Melbourne CBD and can also ship interstate with a professional Door to Door Courier without any Drama. Price $3,995.00 Thanks
  10. Orce

    Yamaha RX-A3050 Amplifier

    Thank you CWT for your help, very happy with the picture. The popcorn hour gives the most natural picture followed by the Sony PS4 via plex which I find has a much more sharper and detail sound. The poor xbox one plex is really just ok.
  11. Hi All, I am looking at buying 4 pairs of 3D glasses to suit a JVC X5000. If anyone is selling please let me know. Thanks
  12. is that a screenshot of Plex?
  13. Orce

    FS: Epson TW-9300 4k , HDR , Brand New

    I have seen this projector in action in two different places and it is quite good.
  14. Orce

    Yamaha RX-A3050 Amplifier

    Hi CWT, I have tried a few combinations, do you mean the 4K eshift on. Once I turned the passthrough 4K setting on the Yanaha then the option for 4K shift on the JVC X5000 is greyed out to on and you can not alter this setting. Going back to the Yamaha 3050 when the 4K passthrough setting is on there is a considerable difference in Sharpness, detail and colour. The picture with the setting on 1080p is softer and with less detail. Also I will be getting an XBOX one S for the 4K Discs.
  15. Orce

    Yamaha RX-A3050 Amplifier

    Even with standard 1080p the picture quality was noticeable and then once you switch it to 4K with 1080p movies it is dramatic on my setup. Yes they paid for the freight both ways, I was not out of pocket. The sales guy said it was quite unusual for a faulty unit even though it was refurbished and they had another one on hand to replace it.