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  1. This is probably a little off topic....but I have noticed an issue regarding the Movie channels. When I scroll through Showtime HD, sometime on Sunday (1/1) the listings change from the expected film-type programmes to info-mercials (Ab Circle Pro, Your Baby Can Read etc.) At first I thought it was my box, but after a hard reset and the same issue appearing, I checked the 2nd box in the Loungeroom and it too has the same issue. Is anyone else noticing this? After much head-scratching, the only theory I have is that as of the New Year (Sunday 1/1/12) the channel numbers are changing?? Any info or advice on how to fix this problem would be greatly appreciated :-)
  2. This is incorrect. Most, if not all of the Viewer's Choice matches are replayed either the next day, or later during the week.
  3. Have to agree. PQ was woeful on Viewer's Choice. I can understand not having the bandwidth to broadcast VC matches on the HD channels, but that feed and as mentioned earlier, the previous Spurs v City match was appalling. By the way, good to hear from a fellow Wolves tragic :-) 1st Opening Day win in 11 years...get in!!!
  4. I was under the impression that India as a nation was quite well off. More than capable of owning enough HD equipment to broadcast any event
  5. Is this a bandwidth issue? Surely not due to the new satellite being launched not so long ago. I'm struggling to understand why we have to sacrifice features in any case.
  6. Hiya, this app has been working great for me, but just now when I try to set a reminder for a program, the app force quits to iPhone home screen. I can Remote Record fine, but reminders seem to be the issue. I will report it to the link the author posted earlier. Cheers, WolfMan EDIT: Appears the previously posted Google docs form is obsolete. Hopefully the Author reads this post in time.
  7. I believe you sir are having a laugh. Germany will show us up in the first match. Ghana are strong, and Serbia are no pushovers. 3rd place in the group IMHO
  8. I thought I was seeing things when I switched over. Glad to know it isn't just my eyesight going. The wide shots look incredibly blurry in SD
  9. Hi guys. When I try to select a repeat or live program/event, the player window closes. Any ideas on what I need to do?
  10. I paid the upfront fee for IQ when it first dropped those 5 or so years ago. When I moved from NSW to WA, they tried to slug me with the monthly payment, but rang them and it was sorted out no dramas. If what you're saying is correct, they can get shafted. The whole reason I paid the $400 upfront was because it would save me money in the long term. They should be rewarding long-term customers, not alienating them.
  11. Illuzive, your post triggered something I should have thought of. It seems the favourite command was getting sent to my HDD recorder. Started again and found that Instead of "Satellite>Foxtel>Model Number" I should have set it as "PVR>FOXTEL>IQ" Thanx so much for your post, and you're right, amazing now that its fully functional. Cheers, WolfMan08
  12. Hi everyone, long time reader, first time poster... Just bought a Harmony One and it was easy to setup. Went throught the "favourite channels" setup for the Harmony, added icons etc. looking great, but when i press the touchscreen buttons for the faves, nothing happens. Like its not telling the remote to press the channel numbers as entered. Anyone else had this problem, and/or know how to fix it? Thanx.
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