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  1. Yes I've listened to them all and plan on listening again tomorrow. No store stocks all the brands so makes comparing a little difficult. I'm mainly curious how my current av receiver will go. I worry the lower impedance could be an issue.
  2. I updated the original post to include more information so people don't need to look things up.
  3. Hi all, I'm in the process of upgrading my HT setup and will eventually replace everything. At the moment I run a Yamaha RX V663 AV Receiver that has done me well in my current setup, however I don't know how well it will go with the new speakers I want to get. I have shortlisted a few speakers of interest.... Krix: - Harmonix MK2 for fronts (Sensitivity 90dB, Nominal 6 Ohms (minimum 3.1 Ohms)) - Vortex MK2 for centre (Sensitivity 91dB, (Nominal 6 Ohms (Minimum 3 Ohms)) - Dynamix MK2 for surrounds (Sensitivity 88dB, (Nominal 6 Ohms (Minimum 3.7 Ohms)) Vaf: - DC-X63 (Sensitivity 94dB, Nominal 6 Ohms) or DC-X42 (Sensitivity 92dB, Nominal 6 Ohms) for fronts - DC-X63cc (Sensitivity 94dB, Nominal 6 Ohms) or DC-X42cc (Sensitivity 92dB, Nominal 6 Ohms) for centre - surrounds unknown at this stage Klipsch: - RP-260F for fronts (Sensitivity 96dB, 8 Ohms) - RP-450C for centre (Sensitivity 97dB, 8 Ohms) - RP-150M for surrounds (Sensitivity 93dB, 8 Ohms) I just want some peoples opinions on how the AV receiver will go with either of these setups and if I really should be looking at getting a new AV Receiver first? Yamaha RX V663 Specs: - Minimum RMS Output Power for Front, Center, Surround, Surround back 20 Hz to 20 kHz, 0.06% THD, 8 Ω ...................................... 95 W - Power Consumption [Other models] .................................................................... 440 W Cheers, Dave
  4. I have the TH-50PZ800A, had it for over 18 months now and would of easily run up more than 1000hrs. Now I can confirm that the picture and imparticular the blacks have not degeraded all over time, so I'm assuming that if it exists here in australia, this panel is unaffected.
  5. Here is the manual http://www2.yamaha.co.jp/manual/pdf/av/eng...e/RX-V863_U.pdf look on page 45 It does support it Edit: I see you replied while I was writing this. So there was no way you could get the audio from the dock to work with the video of the TV? That doesn't sound right.
  6. I got the Yamaha 663 for $830 and would highly recommend this one for a good cheap unit. Supports all the good things.
  7. I got the 663 and it does support this option, so the 863 should support it as it is the upgraded model. Its called multi select I believe, so have a search in the manual for that.
  8. Ok I finally have a conclusion on the problem, its the PS3 playing up, in particular the music playing which is affected with these certain constant frequency test files, so all normal media plays fine. I came to this conclusion by testing the optical and RCA connections from the PS3 to AVR, where the problem still persisted. I then tried my old AVR and the problem was still there. I finally then retested playing from my laptop and it worked. So the PS3 is dodgy. Who knows if it is just mine or a general problem with all PS3's, so if anyone has a PS3 and would like to do some testing I can email you the audio files and see if you get the same problem. Anyway I'm gonna go enjoy my kickass new audio setup, just got the ultimate matrix collection on blu-ray and gonna crank that tonight Cheers for everyones help and feedback. Dave
  9. I'm really happy with my yamaha 663 AVR, although it could be the reason why I'm getting a buzz noise in my speakers, but other than that its awesome.
  10. I'm from Adelaide and I would be keen for this as well. PM for details
  11. I do not have a sub connected at the moment, that is why I'm redirecting the sub channel to the front speakers. The buzz noise can be heard at any volume and it is easily heard from anywhere in the room, it does tho get amplified as you turn the volume up.
  12. I plugged some different speakers in and the sound is still there (different cable as well and completely away from any interference cables), so my new speakers are all good . Bad news is it looks like either my PS3 or new AVR is the problem . I connected my laptop to the AVR by RCA plugs and the audio files play perfectly, so I can see that the problem is either that the digital to analog conversion on my AVR is causing the buzz or my PS3 is causing the buzz (note my PS3 is connected via hdmi cable to the AVR). Does anyone have any ideas? In the mean time I'm going to connect the PS3 via the original RCA plug and test if that fixes it. Dave
  13. I have not noticed it with any other source and I have used these test files before on my old speakers with no problems.
  14. I got the 50" panasonic 800A with a PS3, played GTA all day for like 10 hours straight (I was really bored and quite hung over) and had no IR or BI. These are really great plasmas, so take the idea of IR and BI out of your mind and just go buy it, you won't regret it. I have yet to see anyone with one of these plasmas that has suffered from the problem. Dave
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