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  1. Hey, it’s at 1470 hours (see photo, forgot to get image when it was all connected so hence my bedroom wall, apologies!). They’re rated to 5000 hours in Eco mode, so hopefully should still ensure plenty of viewing! Replacement lamps are $139 from Epson, and around $150 from other distributors.
  2. Further information: Hi, selling my Epson 9300W projector due to upgrade. Nothing I can really say here to recommend this projector more than the myriad online reviews available, other than to say I'm genuinely sad to see it go - really hoping it finds another owner here who will appreciate is just as much as I have. Only reason I'm upgrading is simply because I use it for gaming as well as cinema - and thus with the new Nvidia graphics cards being released, I finally have need of the 4K60 capabilities offered by the 9400. Please note that this projector is still capable of 4k m
  3. Thanks so much! Used this site every time I went to look at/investigate/purchase any new gear, it's fantastic. I'm somewhat annoyed that sadly my reasons are also somewhat selfish, in that I'm looking to sell my Epson projector, but I'd rather think of it as being the much needed catalyst for me to finally get active and get involved. But equally, I don't want to sell through any other service as I know everyone here appreciates the tech and it adds a layer of meaning to the process. Thanks for the welcome!
  4. Taking the plunge to actually contribute, and take part in this great community.
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