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  1. When they started there were no ads, now its as bad as free to air, and they schedule ads to the same time as free to air so if you change channels you still get ads.
  2. Just wondering ,are foxtel still pushing out the IQ3 box ? as I saw an ad last night and the IQ 1 was mentioned as well as Mystar 2 but nothing about the IQ3. Have they improved them or have people given up reporting problems?.
  3. Finally we got the refund though it took 2 seperate phone calls over a week apart for it to finally happen.Why does it take 3-5 business days to transfer a credit to your account when you have already paid them and it only has to be credited to your account ? . We are so glad wew reverted back to the Mystar hd as it is light years ahead of the IQ3 regards operation and ease of use .
  4. I am just glad that we reverted to the Mystar hd box.Its so much better than the IQ3 ,though we are still waiting for the refund to go through from the IQ3 .It takes 3-5 business days to transfer to your account even though its been paid to Foxtel and is only an electronic transfer.Two phone calls a week apart and still waiting for it to show up. When and IF they release a new box , we will wait for the results before jumping in early again.
  5. I would suggest rolling back to your previous box because these boxes will never be right.Look at the ads iq3 is never mentioned, and they seem glad to down grade you and give you a refund!
  6. We went and got an iq2 remote quite a while ago as it was more logically laid out and we found it more responsive than the blue tooth remote.
  7. We also have series linked programmes not recording with no error message showing but it does record the extra 30 mins over run that was set eg record Elementary , shows its recorded , but it is the extra time I set for the free to air recordings , yet says elementary has recorded !. Gettin a new box sent out but if this one plays up will revert to what ever is available as we had the mystar hd.
  8. We had the mystar hd before down grading to the IQ3 since the update the box is so unstable.If we get rid of the IQ3 would we get another mystar hd or an IQ2 ??. Don't say the IQ3 is better than the mystar hd as they had problems but not like this box that in the last few days has had to be unplugged to reboot it and then still have problems.Getting this and getting win 10 ( now back to win 7 ) are the worst mistakes I have made in a long time.
  9. Am I the only one that hates the new planner version that has programmes that are the ones that are due to start 1st are at the bottom of the list and the last ones to watch are at the top of the list.I don't look at the last days of the foxtel giude and work back for programmes yet in the planner thats what now happens.So if you want to see whats on tonight you have to scroll to the bottom of the list to finds out.Bloody idiots in my opinion that thought this one up !.
  10. Looking on whirlpool it seems there is an update for the software for installers to download to their usb stick and use from tomorrow. I wonder when it will be downloaded on to the boxes.The no is 1.9.53. Sorry but I don't know how to show whirlpool link here for you to read all about it.
  11. Sorry but the fine print is hard to read on screen.
  12. I can any one say what happens to the 1 free movie after 31 -12-14 as that is how long it goes till ?
  13. There is an IQ3 comming some time so wait till then.
  14. All working now after a long time on the phone on sunday night as I found we had lost ch 102 (abc),the box was reset so many times even though I explained both boxes had problem.The tech came out today and when I told him what was happening he said that we had lost the vertical input. He replaced the box in the roof and now all our channels are ok.
  15. They were working here ok, we upgraded our sons stb to the mystar hd which had shown it before on our lounge room stb but now niether box show them free to air is ok,they show a listing on the page but just no pic or sound on either unit even though they reset the box and told me to do a free to air channel rescan.
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