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  1. Yeah that makes sense. Sounds like a great solution. I have started building mine. I have the panels and the L-brackets attached. My neighbour is a metalworker so he's going to attach some additional metal to turn my L-brackets into C-brackets and file down the screws with his grinder which managed to poke through the 6mm MDF sheet. Once that's done my partner is going to glue the black velvet onto the panel then I'm good to go. Shame I can't use the system currently due to my 8805 being in the service centre still
  2. excellent! This is exactly what I’m going to build! Love it. question: what’s the material you are using for the panel? Ply?
  3. Alright. Further updates ahoy. this morning I fired it up cold and the issues presented immediately with cold amps. So that rules out the heat. I spent a good couple hours unplugging all channels, all HDMI etc and trying various scenarios to see if there was any identifying thing that caused the problem but eventually all options triggered the audio cut outs and static. so I did what the guys at Qualifi said to do, which is do a factory reset on the firmware by holding a couple buttons on the face while powering on. I then watched a couple shows with zer
  4. Ok. So family had a movie on all afternoon. No problems. Tonight I watch a show for 10 mins and it starts cutting out over and over. 10 seconds then cuts out. Tonight I got the high pitch sound from all speakers once but otherwise just static and scratchy sounds very soft and no other audio. could the AVP simply be overhearing? I DO have it sitting on top of my two Elektras straddled between both of them. I had the same arrangement with my old 8802a AVP and 11ch of Elektra. But now I have 14ch of Elektra. The room does get quite warm with the PJ lamp on high and t
  5. Sorry to hear of your noisy iris. So far, I seem to have been lucky in that my N7 is working flawlessly out of the box. High lamp mode, Iris set to auto 1. Picture during Episode 1 of Season 5 of The Expanse last night was incredible. It's literally the best picture quality I have ever seen - there's something about JVC images that pop like nothing else, probably due to the black levels associated with the D-ILA tech?
  6. for sure. Thankfully I have two unused channels on this particular amp. And another empty channel on the other amp also. So room to play if one channel has an issue temporarily until I were to get it fixed.
  7. Could it be one of the channels on the amp having issues, or the interconnect which is shorting then messing up the 8805 somehow?
  8. So I’ve been fiddling with it all arvo. Ran the firmware update. Ran REW and Audyssey. no problems during that process. Then I started watching a tv show via Apple TV and the audio popped once, then popped again and ONE of my two seven channel Elektra amps’ power buttons started flickering like there was an issue with it, the same flicker it does as it starts up. Then a few seconds later audio came back. could this indicate it’s one of the interconnects hooked up to that amp? Or maybe one of the speaker cables? still doesn’t explain the loud hig
  9. Mines hooked up via XLR. all except the sub which is RCA. I spoke with the guys at Qualifi today, and they were lovely and helpful. Gave me a bunch of things to try for now, including power cycle, firmware update, and firmware reset. Failing those I’ll unplug all XLR and sub and plug one in at a time and test. The intermittent nature of the issue makes it difficult to know when to film. Otherwise, the out of the box sound is amazing. Still yet to run REW or Audyssey.
  10. Hey all. I have just set up my 8805 with some Elektra amps and connected to my JVC N7. On the first day of use, the audio would cut out after a minute or so. Then maybe after 10 seconds. When it cuts out, soft static like scratching sounds could be heard from the speakers. I got a bit frustrated so went to bed and tried the next day. Thankfully the issue had resolved itself and I was able to use the system like normal. Wonderful. tonight however, it happened again about an hour into a movie. Changing sound modes seems to fix the issue. Switching from Dol
  11. Oh man I’m so glad you were able to resolve your settlement the easy way. your system is going to sing like a dream! I have used mine for three nights now and it’s stellar. I do have a technical issue with something in my 8805 setup. I’ll post a separate topic but basically my audio is cutting out randomly, or in one instance started a reaching a high pitch tone through all speakers. Thinking maybe HDCP handshake with the projector playing up. Hard to troubleshoot at this stage. Which PSA subs are they? When did you get them? I’d like to get another dual 18” one.
  12. Wonderful! It’s a class A/B amp with huge damping factor so it’s able to control the speakers with tight accuracy. Other than that all I can say is that it’s about as pure an amplifier as one could get for the money (or a lot more) - meaning it doesn’t add/affect the sound in any way. In other words, if the music is recorded crisp and detailed then it will sound that way. The only thing that potentially “coloured” my sound was the Marantz 8802a with its signature airy smooth sound for music. the Elektra Amps are a class of their own and provide ample grunt. But don’t stress about the
  13. Well I can do that now. I had the 8802a and 11 channels of Elektra prior to moving out of my house. The Elektra amps are practically faultless. More power than I think I ever really used. I mean I played my movies between -12dB and -25dB most of the time. Reference was just too much for me, or my neighbours. they are build like tanks. Heavy as all hell. And the sound is crystal clear, unaltered, and untarnished - as it should be. Zero noise noticeable when turning the volume up. No hiss. No hum. I used XLR connectors from the prepro. Talk to Richard at OZTS for a good price.
  14. Thanks buddy. Super excited. I’ve almost got my lens set up optimally, and my theatre chairs arrive this Thursday. I’m told Authur from Elektra is shipping my Amps tomorrow or Wednesday which should arrive just in time for the weekend!
  15. Yep that looks like the go right there. Corflute covered in velvet with black velvet. I like the Velcro idea but as you say takes a couple minutes to fit. I wonder if you gave the top edge a “lip” it could then rest on the top of the screen frame?
  16. Hey all, Wondering what are the best DIY or retail side-masking solutions/options for a scope screen? I have a wonderful fixed 165" scope screen from OZTS, and would like to have the sides of the screen masked when watching/playing in 16:9. I was considering motorised blinds that are on tracks that could slide in and out. Or even just manual curtains on tracks that can slide in and out. At worst, as a quick solution I was going to build some panels that could be 'hung' off the top of my screen covered in black velvet. Seems that Spotlight only h
  17. Ah legend! OK so I'll have a play with that button and see how I end up. Thanks mate. Hoping to have a better play with it tonight. I have done the 3.51 firmware update earlier today and everything seems OK. What do you think of the Aussiemorphic MK4?
  18. Ugh, yeah I have run high lamp mode with my previous three JVC projectors, and they have all had a little noise but not too bad. This one is noticeable enough to be annoying though. Movies and shows with constant noise probably would mask it, but any quiet scenes you would definitely notice it. Anyway, I'll add it to the list of things to do when I renovate the room.
  19. Oh - another question, or observation... The N7 is quite noisy in high lamp mode. Makes my otherwise dead silent Theatre room sound like there's .... well... a noisy projector in the room. It's currently mounted on a shelf that's attached to the ceiling which is open at the front and back. Would it be problematic if I were to 'box it in' by covering up the front and back of the shelf and then cutting a larger opening for it to ventilate into the roof cavity? It's a big roof cavity up there so plenty of space for the heat to dissipate into. Or is this conside
  20. OK got my N7 mounted and powered up! I have not placed the slide or anamorphic lens in front yet. Will do that tonight. Just wanted to get the vanilla PJ all set up nicely first. OK, so mine doesn't have the latest 3.51 firmware. So I'll download that tonight and install. Quick question - how do I map 'anamorphic mode' to a button on the remote? My old X9500 had a button on the remote, but this new model doesn't, and it's a hell of a pain having to go into the menu to switch to anamorphic to get the slide to trigger and move the lens in place. I'm sure this
  21. Haha yeah I'll try! About to go place it in the projector mount and power it up!
  22. I managed to pick up one of the last N7s. It arrived here a couple day’s ago and am yet to turn it on. Very excited to see how she looks, although hoping it has no issues that have been bothering some people. I also have a slide and an Aussiemorphic Mk4 lens ready to go. I will read back through the myriad pages in this post and see what potential issues to look out for. Wish me luck!
  23. Absolutely. That framing technique was what I was going to do. I may end up ordering some MORE tiles and making it look more uniform for now. Sound acoustics make some nice coloured panels in the same size so I might get some red ones to match the decor. And YES, the plan IS to frame the front and build a false wall and fill it with my LCRs, sub, another sub when I get it, and lots of insulation. I’ll take that opportunity to lower the screen by about a foot. My only concern is throw distance. I think I can only move the projector back about 25cm. And it’s currently at max
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