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  1. Enabling "anamorphic" on JVCX9500

    My new Apple TV 4K has a generous set of options for changing the video output. It appears switching to 4K/25 or 4K/24 allows me to use the anamorphic mode on my projector. There are other resolutions, so I’ll try to keep pumping up the refresh until anamorphic no longer is enabled. That way I can determine where the projector has issues. 4K/60 most definitely doesn’t work. Sadly JVC support merely suggested “turning on anamorphic mode in the settings”. Sigh. As as for the tangent about lens or not. I simply cannot use the zoom method in my room on my screen. It’s 165” anamorphic. It’s too big to zoom to fill. I’d need to have my PJ another 2m back which would put it in my neighbours driveway. That aside, I’d still opt for a lens because the increase in pixel size would not be advantageous even if I could zoom. On a somewhat smaller screen I would certainly see it as an option. But I am very happy with the end result of my lens in place for scope stuff. Yes there is a very slight degradation in picture quality caused by extra glass, but it’s vastly negated by the size of my screen and the overall power and quality of the x9500.
  2. Enabling "anamorphic" on JVCX9500

    My zoom doesn't fill the screen if I do it that way. But I still wouldn't do that if I could. The main advantage of vertical stretch + lens is that you can use all of the available pixels to output coloured/light pixels, rather than wasting a quarter of the pixels on rendering black bars. So stretch and crop the image in software on the projector, so all pixels are outputting the image, then stretch it out wide to fill the bigger screen with the lens hardware.
  3. Enabling "anamorphic" on JVCX9500

    Exactly mate. I’m actually a little disappointed. The majority of my viewing is on streaming devices. It’s only the big movies I’ll buy on disc for 24p. I’m going to call JVC later today to confirm wtf anamorphic is meant to work with.
  4. Enabling "anamorphic" on JVCX9500

    Hey guys. So it's over a month later and I'm still experiencing issues. I'm so far only able to use anamorphic mode on the projector while playing Bluray. Neither Netflix on PS4 Pro or my Apple TV will allow me to choose 'anamo' on the remote or 'anamorphic' from the settings menu for the projector. Additionally, 'vertical stretch' within the Marantz 8802a processor settings doesn't do anything at all when using Netflix. Surely vertical stretch works with more than blu ray???
  5. Scott's New Build

    Hey folks! 8802 arrived, along with all my acoustic tiles and bass traps from Sound Acoustics Australia. Am am yet to actually place the tiles in their final position on the walls, however I imagine it will be done before the week is out. I have 12 x wideband diffusers, 10 x mid-high band diffusers and 6 x bass traps. Should have a huge impact on the room. as you can see I have also propped my front three mains up on DIY stands. Not finished yet but they are sandwiched MDF which will be sanded and painted black. Then I will skirt around them with red skirt to match the room. Then I will do similar under the surrounds although those four will need to be about triple the height or more. Early impressions of the 8802a are super positive. Audyssey did a great job in my room although I have some questions which I will get to. So essentially all I have left now is finishing stands, getting my amps and processor rack built (neighbour is a metal worker), and stapling my acoustic treatments to the walls and roof. I will Finally then swap out these lazy boy sofas for some HT chairs with two rows of three seats which I think would be ideal for this room size of 4.4 x 5.4m. Im hearing very little bass in the front row at the moment and a ton in the back row so need to try to overcome room modes. This caused me no end of issues in my previous theatre so I’m a bit trepidatious about the process! hope you like the pics. Will post some more, final pics taken on my SLR and wide angle lens once everything is finished!! Scottie
  6. Scott's New Build

    Quick update! So I finally pulled the pin on an Av Processor and went with a Marantz AV8802a. As a life-long Yamaha user, it was a tough call, but after Goran at Sydney hi-fi (who I'd purchased all my Yamahas from in the past) suggested I give the Marantz a shot, I took the plunge. Totally aware there may be an AV8804 coming next year, but the reality is the current model is more than adequate for my 11.1 setup. So that will arrive this week. I have used the projector to play Destiny 2 on my PS4 Pro running 4K. Resolution looks very good. Not 4K, but certainly can see more detail when I switch between 1080p and 4K output on the PS4 Pro. Out of the box performance of the X9500 is amazing. Played with the anamorphic lens and got it to a point I am mostly happy with. Pincusion is real, but mostly circumvented by the black velvet frame. Yesterday I started building the 'risers' for my speakers. The front three speakers will use 7 x 16mm glue and screwed sandwiched MDF boards, which I will then run red skirting around to give the appearance that the speaker risers are built into the room. The surrounds and backs will look similar, but be a little higher to get the sound clearing the back row of seats + heads. I'll likely just sandwich some boards then build up as a box. Finally, I'm about to order some acoustic tiles and bass traps. I made my traps last time but I really would prefer something that looks a little nicer so thinking of something from soundacoustics.com.au. Will post some fresh pics soon. Including some 4K vs 1080p photos / crops from the JVC X9500 while playing Destiny 2.
  7. Scott's New Build

    PS - Richard, your drop sheet was WAY too small for my screen to be fully protected haha! Still no action on the choice of AV Processor. But I may be getting swayed towards the Marantz 8802... will update soon. Does anyone have any preferences in acoustic tiles/panels/bass traps?
  8. Scott's New Build

    Got the screen up!! My mate and I had some fun over the weekend. The 165" screen is so big that my mate and I were stuck on either end of the room once we started framing it up! thabkfully it all went smoothly and it looks phenomenal. I still need to lift my projector up a little to compensate for the extra height required by the lens and motor system for anamorphic. Hoping to do that tonight with some blocks of wood. Heres some more pics...
  9. Finally fired up my projector for the first time over the weekend. Looks amazing. It's the top end X9500 from JVC thanks to Richard at Ozts I wanted to test the anamorphic lens however the option for anamorphic was greyed out when trying to watch a movie on Netflix via my PS4 Pro. I finally got the option to work when I switched to a bluray from the PS4 Pro. Can someone tell me why anamorphic was greyed out while watching Netflix? If I was to take a best guess, it was looking for a 23.97fps signal?
  10. Scott's New Build

    Thanks Rich. It's all coming back to me now. I remember doing it the last time! This time will be a little trickier given the extra size! I'm going to probably unbox the screen shortly to start tinkering! Oh, here's a funny pic I took after unboxing all my PSA speakers and being left with all the foam! (which I gave away).
  11. Scott's New Build

    Actually those seats are all from my old setup in my previous house with theatre room. The recliners are great but the two seater isn't the best. Sinks in the middle. In answer to your question, yes I will be placing a table between the two front seats. That is until I end up replacing all the seats with better, more cinema-esque seating. I'd like to run two rows of three black seats with red trim to match the decor. Or even red with black trim. Don't want to get anything too expensive, probably max. budget would be $6k for all six. I have finally moved the sub and scope screen into the room. Will unbox over the next few days. The screen in the box only fits in the room if its laid diagonally as it's about 3cm too wide for the room hahah. Unboxed I'm sure it will be fine however. I have also removed all the boxes and foam from inside the PSA boxes. There was tons! Thankfully gave both the boxes and the foam away today so that cleared up some space. Still can't test the system out as I have no AV processor still... That should be rectified within the next week or so! More pics and updates soon! Can't wait to finally hang the screen and fire up the projector. Any tips on putting the screen together would be greatly appreciated!
  12. Scott's New Build

    And a little later...
  13. Scott's New Build

    Moving in day today. I'm pretty buggered since we moved ourselves instead of using a remivalist. But I got some progress on the room for you to see it's all still a mess but coming along. Need to work out the best height and method for lifting my two back and surround channels. Probably just some solid MDF sandwiched "stands" for them to sit on?
  14. Scott's New Build

    Hah! It's all been patiently sitting in boxes waiting for our darn house to be finished! FINALLY moving in officially on Saturday and of course one of the first things I'll be doing is setting up the room. Got to see if the 165" screen will fit in the moving truck. It's unopened and still in its box but I understand it has to lie flat? I'm probably just going to run with the Yamaha CX-A5100 for now for a processor. Should be able to get one for decent price. Can't wait any longer for the new Yamaha processor to come out! I'll let you know how I go with the screen setup process. I had to get the builders to move the projector box back another 500mm so that I could ensure the PJ was far enough away from the screen with the lens in front to avoid any distortion issues.
  15. Scott's New Build

    And a shot of the (lockable) door. Solid timber door to help with sound leakage. Also can see the red trim that we went for. I will be adding red and grey acoustic tiles to the walls to match the colours. You can also see the bundle of 10 speaker cables for the 8 surrounds and 2 outdoor speakers. Im yet to buy a rack to put my amps and soon-to-be-purchased processor on. They will likely start life on a sheet of MDF until I settle on the right way to house the gear.