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  1. Processor, projector and amps all sold now. Thanks everyone. Just got the ENTIRE speaker system left to go.
  2. Hey all, thanks for everything so far. I have appreciated dealing with and selling to such nice folk. Glad I can at least package these up nicely for you.
  3. Projector, lens and motor all sold folks. Being packaged right now for shipment! Thanks so much!
  4. Hey all, still got a lot of this equipment! - All speakers and sub still available. - sub still available - projector, lens and motor still available - panels still available. - 4ch amp still available Willing to negotiate on prices a little too.
  5. Yes I would ship them for you, but don't have the original boxes. I would go grab some boxes and package them all up for you.
  6. Guys, apologies, but I stuffed up on my pricing of the acoustic panels. My sale price is $850. I just realised I paid over $1,400 for them. 6 x corner bass traps 8 x 40mm acoustic tiles 12 x 75mm broadband absorbers
  7. I am honestly in pain over having to sell this - it's the brains of the system. Between this and the Elektra amps I had, the sound was absolutely pristine - the best sound I have ever heard, hands down. Coupled with the full set of Power Sound Audio MTM speakers, it was substantially better sounding than our local cinema! At this stage though, just want it to see a home where it will get great use. Hopefully, in the next 24 months, I'll build a new system - and I can guarantee it will likely be vastly the same setup as what I have had now.
  8. In lieu of the fact that 8805 is out, I have dropped the price just a little more to $3,700. Cheers
  9. hey yes it is actually. Sorry I didn't see some of these replies. Posted a separate thread for it. But yes, it's available for $4k.
  10. Item: Marantz 8802a Dolby Atmos Processor. (+ 11 x Balanced XLR leads) Location: Ulladulla, NSW Price: $4,000 Item Condition: As new. Reason for selling: Separated from wife and selling house. No room for a theatre in my new residence. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: It's barely been used. Amazing piece of gear. Love it. So sad to see it go. Practically just been worn in. Selling it WITH the 11 x Balanced XLR leads for the hookup to power amplifiers. Pictures:
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