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  1. I had my EV speakers re-foamed by a friend in the Pro Audio community. I recently had a pair of Urei 809's re-foamed at Speaker Bits in Port Melbourne, and the did a very good job.
  2. Item: ELECTROVOICE EV Interface B Series 4 speakers. Location:Coburg, Melbourne Price: 600 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Downsizing Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: Electrovoive EV Interface B Series 4. I purchased these beautiful speakers new back in 1985. They are in magnificent condition and by today’s standards still sound amazing! They are a 2 way design consisting of a 8” woofer, Superdome tweeter and a 12” passive radiator. Consequently, these speakers go low....30-18,000 Hz +/- 3dB. Will demo to buyer to ensure they are getting what they pay for... which is beautiful rich and detailed sound with a tight and dynamic bottom end. Cabinets have some small marks and both grills are in good condition. I have re-foamed both 8 and 12" units twice over the years. The last time was approx. 3 years ago. Here is a link to the owners manual. Though this is for the Series 3, the specs are near identical. It was the series 4 when the did away with external EQ box and went internal. https://www.electrovoice.com/binary/Interface%20B%20Owners%20Manual.pdf Pick up in Coburg. Pictures:
  3. Hi, I have recently bought this screen and I must say I am very impressed! The percieved limitations of this screen, imo, are down to the broadcasters and the amount of bandwidth they allocate for there HD transmissions, ie, NOT ENOUGH! Especially where fast moving sport with small objects are concerned. This I think is related to the flickering football issue which I have noticed as well and was very unimpressed. Taking the Intelligent frame control out of the equation certainly helps. Ive noticed the flickering only happens when the ball is spinning with the crowd in the bg...so you see the electronics trying to define this very small moving/spinning object against constanly changing bg (the crowd)...resulting in flickering. I would like to see how this is resolved in a higher BW transmission...I bet you it does'nt flicker. So considerring all this, i think IFC does a sort of ok job. Switch across to the Tour De France and you'll see how IFC benefits that type sporting broadcast. Its horses for courses. Have'nt seen any sport BR yet so cant comment. As far as set up goes, heres whats working for me at he moment for FTA; Factory settings with contrast 65, NR-OFF, Viewing mode-normal, Color temp-normal,IFC-off for ball sports. BTW, where did you get that price from...very good. Cheers.
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