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  1. Finally got my EVO kit successfully installed. First set of Samsung techs replaced the motherboard but still didn't work so put original motherboard back in. Second tech managed to fix by first ensuring power was fully discharged from the TV by removing power cord and then pressing the power button on the back of the set a few times until the relay clicked. Just wish they had included this step in the instructions as would have saved everyone a lot of headaches !
  2. Release date for Oz is listed as 6th November so looks like I will be picking this one up locally for a change.
  3. Direct via Internet update. Think they are actually onto 1022 now.
  4. Has anyone purchased and managed to successfully install the Evolution kit ? (SEK-1000) As per: http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum-replies.cfm?t=2110989&p=-1bottom I am having no luck even with my second kit. Installed as per instructions and get kit recognized and an installing window down the bottom left corner of the TV. When it reaches 100% the TV restarts but then displays a message 'no USB devices found. Please try again later' Running 1021 firmware installed via online ( have also tried with firmware 1020 on USB which is the latest version on Samsung AU website). TV is a UN60ES8000 LED. Whilst kit is connected I also cannot connect to the Internet via either LAN adaptor or wireless. Suspect Samsung AU need to update the firmware available (1020 was updated on the website 26/2/13 but don't know about 1021 as it was installed direct to TV via online update) Have emailed Samsung again so will see what they say but doubt it is a hardware fault with 2 kits. Youngstar
  5. Mate I have exactly the same thing happen with my projector. Pretty much about 1hr 50mins like clockwork followed be a second dropout 5 minutes later ! This is despite the TV being off and the AVR set only to output on HDMI 2 (TV is HDMI 1). Dropout only lasts 10 seconds or so until the handshake completes but is annoying having to pause and rewind the movie! Don't know if it could be the Oppo 103 or TV as they are common to us both although I am pretty sure I was also having the dropouts with an Oppo 83 before upgrade. HDMI control is definitely off on all my devices. Think it must be the Samsung 60ES8000 as I don't think I recall dropouts with my previous TV. Unfortunately is not that practical to turn TV off at the wall but will have to check if it is set for auto update and disable this to see if it makes a difference.
  6. Just received my copy via expedited from Amazon. Looking forward to checking out this weekend as it was a blind buy for me based on reviews.
  7. Yeah worked a treat. A bit nervous removing the top cover of a brand new machine ! You do need to pay attention to the details as the connectors only go in one way and they are tiny. Just need to take your time and make sure everything is lined up perfectly. Now just need to move the Oppo 83 to the spare room !
  8. Received my mod kit from Merlin today so will install tonight when I get home. Is a lot smaller than I expected !
  9. Yeah picked up Game of Thromes yesterday at JB Eastgardens. Was still stickered at $59.99 but when they scanned at counter it came in at $46.98 before the 20% discount so same final price of $37.58.
  10. My Iron Sky BR was delivered this morning from Amazon UK. Shipping was Royal Mail and arrived in a cardboard fold over flat pack with 6 other discs.
  11. Damn - who wants to by my Bluray of Kingdom of the Crystall Skull ! Hopefully they also do individual releases or Amazon UK has the box set for under £20.
  12. My copy just got delivered. Amazon US pre-order with expedited shipping.
  13. Good Will Hunting finally showed up today - slowest Amazon US delivery I have had - 41 days !
  14. Nice. What shipping method ? Express, Expedited or standard ? I pre-ordered with expedited shipping but last scan was 1/10 in US as 'Departure scan' (expected arrival date is 13th October)
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