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  1. few wants if anyone has these for sale - fellowship of the ring collectors box set - two towers collectors box set - return of the king collectors box set - blade runner briefcase edition would prefer these new and sealed
  2. Was wondering if anyone had death note volumes 1-3 limited editions ( the ones that have the figures) new and sealed for sale, or knew somewhere to get them?
  3. HANCOCK Didn't really want to see this at the cinema but my mate shouted me a ticket so i thought i'd check it out. Was pleasantly surprised. Was different from most superhero movies , especially the first half which had plenty of laughs. The second half was a bit more serious , but still enjoyed it. 3.5/5
  4. I agree , great ending . Very surprised that the studio bigwigs let this be the ending that got used.
  5. Got to see the grindhouse experience at the cinema, PT i liked , but didn't think much of DP. The best part was the fake trailers , i was spewin' that they didn't include these on the dvd's.
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