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  1. Alien: Covenant

    Likewise. Definitely an enjoyable watch and the sonic/visual experience makes up the bulk of the enjoyment (for my part). Love the opening sequence. I was a tad disappointed with Covenant (special mention to a previously noted silly scene with Daniels swinging around outside the ship). Must watch it again with a lot less expectation and then, I might be pleasantly surprised
  2. Alien: Covenant

    Funnily enough, this is one of the few scenes I remember - because it was so lame!
  3. It is a very handsome and well built unit - really has some weight. I have thrown just about every disc type at it and so far, it has handled them flawlessly, though ATM, I am down-scaling 4K content, to 1080p. Picture looks very nice indeed. Like you said, it has a super quiet tray and operation. Seems well balanced. Nice, simple remote too. If I had to nit-pick, I would like it to have a front display. If just playing music and obviously not wanting to turn the PJ on, it's a bit difficult to tell what's going on. Having said that, I have the choice of 3 other players in the stack all of which have front displays, so not a biggie Further pickiness, but completely related to our individual situation, would like to see the disc tray a little more centered. The tray is on the extreme left side and in our "column cabinet", is a bit tight. Also, don't particularly like the flop down front, but I guess it is necessary to keep the super clean lines of the facade. Overall, very happy with the 800 at $398 and glad to be able to play 4K discs and enjoy the (usually) superior audio tracks that they sport Haven't tried any of the blue tooth or wireless functions (I'm a bit of a dinosaur when it comes to that), but may have need to, down the track. I'm glad that you have found it so efficient with the headphone regime
  4. Thanks. Yes the "sort of" sorted is still a niggle, but now that I'm so happy with the new amp, I doubt I'll finish the investigation into "why" with the Sony amp. BTW, never received the call back from the "level 2 tech" at Sony
  5. Thanks Kazz. Just to wrap up this incompatibility issue, since hooking up to the new Denon 4300, I have had no handshake issues whatsoever. All good from the word "go"
  6. Hello! Long time no hear! I hope that the end didn't spoil the general enjoyment of the rest. I could get lost in those visuals and audio all day
  7. LIFE - Aus release - DTS HDMA 7:1 - 2.35:1 What a surprise. Short, sweet, scary and really entertaining! Obvious similarities to Alien and The Thing, but it didn't matter. The technical presentation was excellent and although we don't have Atmos in the HT yet, the DTS HDMA HD 7:1 audio presented extremely well with fantastic LFE and intricate surround detail. FILM: 4/5 PQ: 4/5 AQ: 4.8/5 Purchased the 4K UHD & BD through the recent JB 20% of sale. Worth every cent Will rewatch when all the 4K stuff is sorted in the HTR. Edit. Just realized my scoring was up the put! Edited now
  8. Thanks for the replies, but the above was the first setting I tried. It works for all my other 2 x HDMI output components. Spent a long time on the phone today to Sony support. Got nowhere, but they are prepared to escalate to next level support with extra info. Spent at least another hour mucking around today, but now my head is frazzled. Gotta be handshake/ARC/HDMI version type problem! Must go have a glass of wine and calm down! Posted over at AVS to see if anyone O/S has an idea. Fingers crossed
  9. Thanks for the input cwt. Projector is Panasonic PTAE8000. Not sure without trawling, but as it is a 3D capable PJ, it must be 1.4 or more. I began my trials with plain old 2D BD's (Deepwater Horizon), Kong - Skull Island with player set to 1080p output, but the issue was there from word go. Tried a couple of 4K discs later in the trial stage (2hrs later), but same thing. Oh the pain! Will try your suggested res setting later and keep my fingers crossed. I really just need a modern mid range amplifier to trial, but as I don't have one yet - the plot thickens!
  10. Thanks everybody for your input. :)al - Yes, using 2nd HDMI out so as to get 3D. Has worked flawlessly with Oppo 93 and Sony 720. Yes, Sony is V1.3, but it's weird that it gets the audio if using HDMI 1 The amp is definitely having a look at the player when it's turned on. The HDMI indicator light briefly lights up, but then it says "no" to it, and the HDMI light disappears. Have confirmed that all the HDMI ports and cables (V2.0) are working - using my computer monitor and our little TV. It just doesn't like the Sony amp! Quark, I have tried every combination and sequence, including complete power offs. Absolutely laborious! Am ready to "pull the pin" on a Denon 4300 anyway, but wanted to have a play with the UBD800 first. I have sent an email to Sony support (don't know what the story is with them), but maybe they can shed some light on the handshake side of things. Such a downer getting a new toy and having it NOT do what you want it to
  11. Thanks so much for your input. I have been very mindful of getting a good positive connection. I think that the connection is there, as when the UBP is first switched on, the HDMI display briefly lights up on the amp, but then disappears. I did find a post on Bluray.com mentioning that HDMI V1.4 or higher would be needed to support ( I think that my older Sony amp is V1.3), but how would that work with the fact that the HDMI 1 port delivers all? I know that with my Sony BDP 720, both HDMI ports send audio and video and you select to send audio only from the menu if required. The UBP HDMI2 is audio only, no selectable video out. Does this mean anything. Thanks for any help. I will be at it as soon as all the sleepy heads in the house are awake. Really want to get on top of it all and move on to the enjoyment Edit: Just connected the UBD HDMI2 to my computer monitor which also has audio capability. Got the screen: HDMI2 only has audio choose HDMI1 for video or something to that effect. Played a cd through and got audio!! I am really feeling that this just may be a case that my Sony amp is just too old to understand the connection - at least the audio connection on it's own without the video included. More thoughts?
  12. Hi all. Hoping for some help here. Purchased the UBP-X800 today and after 3 or so hours of fiddling, still can't get audio through HDMI2 to my Sony STRDA2400ES. Tried every combination and start-up sequence possible! Using HDMI V 2 cables which work on the HDMI 2 (audio only) ports of my Oppo 93 and Sony 790. Can get everything working through HDMI1 sending both audio and video going into the amplifier and then output to a monitor but would prefer the separation. I guess it is of little consequence as I just wanted to be able to enjoy the "better" soundtracks that are more and more becoming available on the 4K discs and not the 2D/3D. Have the video set to 1080p, most settings to either auto or off. Obviously trying the HDMI system setting to HDMI2. Tried letting both the player and the amp decode. No go! Any thoughts much appreciated. I am going demented. Not a good start to my foray into 4K.
  13. KONG SKULL ISLAND 3D - Aus Release - DTS HDMA 5:1 - 2.4:1 Fun action film with really good post production 3D visuals. Bright clear picture with wonderful locations and jungle scenes. CGI abound, but WTH! Unfortunately, the 3D offering only sported the 5:1 DTS MA, but it was excellent none the less. Full of immersing surround activity. Can confirm that the 2D disc included has Dolby Atmos audio. FILM: 4/5 3D PQ: 4.5/5 AQ: 4/5 Interesting to see Tom Hiddleston in a role like this. Spends a lot of the time looking buffed and tall, whilst Brie Larson exudes the female counterpart! Oh well! Still lots of fun and it would appear that there's more to come
  14. Trying to PM you, but I am getting an "agent47 cannot receive messages" message.