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  1. A couple of the other side of the wall. Looks like it was always a part of the garage, really happy with the result. I also added a Hue lightstrip to the inside of the box for an extra touch! A lot more work, mucking around and cleaning than expected, but worth it in the end!
  2. All set up to go - watched the new episode of the Mandalorian to break in the new projector last night and very happy with the results. I did have more photos to upload, but this one is the only one that won't give me an error?
  3. Just an update on this - got the job done and it's come out really well. Fully sealed from the garage, a fair bit larger than first planned which will be good for ventilation, and it looks like it's always been there. Just waiting on the projector to be delivered which will hopefully arrive next week. I'll add some pictures when it's all set up!
  4. Nice Mate - would love to see a photo of the finished product!
  5. Thanks everyone, really appreciate the responses. I've just had a handyman over to take a look, and he thinks it'll be easy enough to do. I've increased the measurements to 750mm x 650mm x 600mm as Prof. suggested to make sure there is sufficient airflow. The box will be totally sealed, so dust, fumes etc from the garage shouldn't be a problem. We'll see what the quote comes in at and make a decision from there! Thanks again.
  6. Hi All, I'm just about ready to upgrade my projector and screen to a TW-9400 and OzTheatre 125" Cinemascope, but need to get every cm I can out of the room length (4 metres). The throw distance calculator confirms that at 4 metres, 125" is achievable, but that will mean the projector would actually need to go inside the wall. The wall in question backs onto a double garage, so there's no issue with the projector hanging out into another room. My question is, would it be possible to have a 'pigeon hole' constructed, dimensions 750mm wide, 650 mm deep and 350mm high, and essen
  7. Hi All, I'm in the middle of planning a range of upgrades to our HT room, mainly around changing the AVR, Projector and screen, which I'm hoping to have in place by November in preparation for the PS5 and Xbox Series X. I currently have an Epson TW-9100 which has served us well for a few years now, which projects onto a 110" 16:9 fixed screen from a bit over 3 metres away. It's ceiling mounted. I'd like to change to a 120" Cinemascope screen if possible - can a TW-9400 project a 120" picture from about 3.2 metres away? The room is 3.5 metres deep, so unfortunately t
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