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  1. It's an LP Morgan. Never had an issue with the HC7000, the option was there to reduce the height of width of the picture but I didn't need to actually use it. The one thing I miss from the HC7000 is the motorised zoom, it's a lot easier than balancing on a chair adjusting it manually while trying to get it exact with the screen dimensions.
  2. Got my 9100 set up and picture looks great. Thanks to Yorac and TCC for the group buy! A couple of things I need help with, firstly I have a 110" inch screen, but I can't seem to fit the picture within the borders properly. The sides fit perfectly, but the top and bottom spills over onto the screen border. The projector is mounted onto the ceiling directly in front on the screen if that makes a difference. On my old Mitsubishi there was a setting to reduce the height of the picture, but the Epson doesn't seem to have this option. Any ideas? The only other issue happened when I was watching Shrek Forever 3D. The picture looked fantastic overall, but I noticed when there was a fair but happening on the screen that the 3D effect became a bit blurred. Is this normal? I've never seen a 3D home projector in action before, so have nothing to compare it to. Cheers!
  3. Got my TW9100 delivered earlier this week, and finally get a chance to install it tomorrow. Fantastic service from the guys, will definitely be back
  4. Hi all, I'm organizing to have a TW-9100 delivered next week to replace my existing HC7000. I'm mainly doing this for the added 3D capability, as I have a Samsung 64"3D TV that I get quite a bit of use out of watching 3D Blurays. My question is, what sort of increase in picture quality, if any, can I expect over the HC7000? On a side note, does anyone want to buy a HC7000? Cheers!
  5. Not any particular station, although SEN would be good. Thought it was a long shot but didn't hurt to ask! I'll stick with the web streaming, thanks for the replies everyone
  6. Hi All, As the topic says, is it possible to get Melbourne Digital Radio in the Bendigo area? There isn't even a timetable for Bendigo to have digital rolled out at this stage! Cheers
  7. Hi All, I've had my Mitsubishi HC7000 for just under 18 months now, without any problems until tonight. When I turned it on, I could hear the regular noises, but there was no picture. Then the green light started flashing while the reg light stayed on, and after about 60 seconds it shut itself down. I've checked all of the cords, tried a few different sources etc, but nothing seems to work, I can't even get the logo screen to come up. There seems to be a very faint clicking noise when it attempts to power up, but this may have been something that's always been there and I've never noticed it. Can anyone offer any suggestions? I purchased this unit from Big Picture People in Bundoora, but I'm in Bendigo. I've located a warranty agent here, if I can't fix the issue myself is it just a matter of taking it there with my warranty card and receipt? Or do I need to take it back to the place of purchase? Thanks for any assistance!
  8. Got the latest Austar Guide yesterday, and there is a small article on the upcoming Austar app for iDevices. Seeme to be similar to the Foxtel app in that you can browse channel listing and remotely record to your Mystar or Mystar HD box. This is something I've been waiting for a long time, does anyone have any further details regarding a release date?
  9. I'm a Store Manager at a Kmart store, and these were delivered today. It plays actual Mega Drive carts as well as having the 15 built in games. It's a lot smaller than the original system, comes with 2 6-button controllers as well. Stores have it at $69 at the moment if anyone wants to bite early.
  10. I've got 2 Mystar HD boxes, and neither has this new update. Is there a way to download it manually?
  11. Just finished remounting the projector, it was tight as we only had 3.93 metres to work with and the projector is 45cm long. Will set it up later (after I do some other jobs to keep the wife happy!) and let everyone know how I go. Thanks again for everyone that helped me out
  12. Thanks for the advice guys! The calculator confused me as well, I did it a few times and got different results each time. I can get it back to about 3.5 metres, so that should do the job as oztheatre has said. I've got my Dad helping me remount the projector over the next couple of days, will post some pics then. Everything else in the room is basically done, I'm happy with the results so far but can't wait to start watching movies when it's 100%!
  13. After a long wait, we finally moved into the house over the Easter weekend, and the Home Theatre room is hooked up and just about ready to go. If anyone could take a minute to help me, I've got a question or two about the setup for the HC7000. I'm sure I'm missing one simple step, which is what makes it frustrating! 1. The guy who did my internal cabling mounted the projector a bit closer than I would have liked, and I've now got a throw distance of almost exactly 3 metres. Assuming I'm doing it right, from looking at the projector central throw distance calulator, I should have no problem getting a 110" picture from that distance by setting the zoom to about 1.16. Yet I can't seem to get the picture any bigger than 80-85" on full zoom. I'm guessing the settings I need may be located in the "signal" section of the menu, but most of these options are greyed out at all times. Any idea what I'm missing here? 2. This may be realted to my first question, but the picture I'm getting has the top and bottom of the picture chopped off. I first tested it using an Austar Mystar HD Box, and on Fox Sports I couldn't see the logo, or the scores along the bottom of the screen. The same happened with a test DVD. I can make out a lit up area directly above and below the picture, but for whatever reason that part is not making it through. Any ideas? Thanks for any help you can give me guys, apart from those 2 hiccups everything is ready to go, and the room looks great! Looking forward to getting hold of some good calibration settings (anyone have any for this model projector they'd like to share with me?) and settling in for a LOTR marathon over the next couple of nights!
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