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  1. Item: Marantz PM KI Pearl Location: FRANKSTON Price: $2290 Item Condition: Good. Reason for selling: l am going separates. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Extra Info: Great amp, sounds silky smooth with great tone (much better than top end Marantz Av amp l had before) and suits most speakers,. It’s just not ideal if you’re running power hungry speakers like the pair I’m running, It’s the only reason why I’m selling. Excellent condition apart from small scratch on middle top edge (l have not tried to mask the scratch for the sale, but it can be easily done once you buy it 😊). Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  2. Hey guys thanks for all the advice, here’s an update......... got a demo yesterday of a parasound jc5 vs the parasound A21 plus mated to the parasound p6 pre amp and some 4ohm speakers 6,5 in drivers (about as close as l could get to my speakers). best way to describe it is that the JC 5 (through the parasound p6 pre) is about 20% better on everything vs the A21+, the sonic signature was very similar, but at nearly double the cost I’m finding it hard to justify the extra cost atm.. This demo was not a clear OMG how good is the JC 5, The biggest difference (And a small one at that was in the mids my first demo of the jC5 a few months ago was more impressive ( and on cheaper speakers mind you) this was demoed on the (much more expensive) JC2 pre amp though, could the cheaper pre be holding it back?
  3. These things should sound awesome, parasound going for gold here in more ways than one.
  4. Did you see the pics? Very impressive indeed.
  5. The new Parasound monos just got released. https://parasound.com/jc1+.php
  6. Huge thanks to everyone who has chimed in, not there yet, hopefully get a demo tomorrow.
  7. Valve pre amp and Ss power amp is what seems to be where most are at with our requirements. this is definitely where I’m heading, if l had unlimited budget I’d be all valves.
  8. That’s what I’m concerned about is a sort of sideways step with the STR integrated, as my earlier reply these Dali speakers require high current and are difficult to drive properly
  9. I did not know then what l know now, plus l bought the amp for $2500 new so price was a factor too, I did not demo them together because it was not doable at the time so l read the reviews,( the one also linked in this thread) and various Maranz reviews and thought the power would be enough, but the main thing l was not prepared for was how much power these Dali speakers need, these speakers do require high current amps no question about it. so l did a massive search and I stumbled onto this Dali thread one day and learnt that a lot of the guys there are running high power pass labs and similar amps. The consensus was Dali Helicons sound Better with valves ( very expensive ones) and high power amps. Played my system yesterday and it sounded good, but l want it to sound excellent. im not the type to change my stuff for the sake of change, but l do know what l hear.
  10. I think you’re on the money here, and l am serious considering being sensible vs what my heart wants. My heart said l want the str power amp and later on get a pre when l have more cash......that would give me world class system that l would be happy with for years to come. but l was thinking tonight that instead of spending silly money l could get the anthem STR integrated https://www.stereo.net.au/reviews/review-anthem-str-integrated-amplifier (400 wpc) and that will get me the more power for a lot less money. After l sell my Marantz the change over would be a lot smaller. I’m thinking l could buy the integrated STR , take it home and if it doesn’t deliver l can return it and change over to the power amp , then I’ll just wait and save a for the pre.
  11. Class A then a/b. Didn’t want class D. That’s what l should’ve said.
  12. Those helicons are good speakers, and l like the llook of them, but mostly you are spot on. I want to keep them.
  13. Great point, main reason I was thinking valve pre amp was that the premaluna pre are on special at the moment with a really big discount on them. And l always wanted to go to tube for the more fuller mids. Edit.....but yes it makes sense that l get a power amp
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