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  1. Easy fix....get a demo or a good power amp that most of us are recommending and see if it does anything for you. That will put your dilemma to rest. It did for me when l had a similar problem.
  2. Yes it is....his speakers need power. Simples.
  3. Guys advising about room are missing the point...... the point being is he/she needs power and lots of it to open up those speakers. Unless you own those type of speakers you will never appreciate how much power they require to sing. there is no other way around it unfortunately. I tried and failed . In your case just get an amp with grunt and you will never look back. then you can think about room correction.
  4. hi couj, I’m running a Parasound A21 plus, it’s a great amp with very very nice sound, only drawback so far is the pace/tempo. its only obvious in a hand full of songs where the music feels like it’s dragging. now the amp is not run in yet (not sure if it will improve tempo) and l have not yet bought a dedicated pre amp (still using my marantz integrated as pre amp). parasound jc5 is a step up if you afford it....but the A21 + is close for a lot less money, hope you get my point , look at amps with high current and around 500wpc. pass labs match well too.
  5. Your speakers are power hogs like mine, you would feel a revelation getting a high current amp to drive them. I did just that a month or so ago and could not be happier. I’m waiting to get my valve pre amp so l can complete my upgrade. So you don’t have to give up valves entirely if you don’t want to.
  6. That’s rubbish, tassie can easily handle 5 -10 million, Italy has 60 mill.....and you’re telling me the whole of Australia can’t handle 50 mil? this is not a buildup in 2 seconds , l was talking about a gradual buildup. We are in no mans land population wise.
  7. We would be much better off.
  8. Parasound halo series are pretty good, Elektra etc.....
  9. I had the ikon 6., my experience is that Dali speakers need power. i went from Marantz sr8002 (flagship AV amp at the time) to Marantz Pm ki pearl 2ch and the difference was huge. Get an amp with as much current as you can afford. it’s not just about watt, 120 watt receiver is so much less powerful than a 120 watt 2 channel amp or hi end 120 watt amp.
  10. I did say a long time ago we needed 50 million pop by the year 2000 lol. we are in no mans land. But that’s another story.
  11. The frustration is not lost on me though, because (like most) l feel like we are getting ripped sometimes.
  12. our whole economy and cost of living etc has an effect. Can’t compare to USA pricing because it’s a much larger market and much more at stake. If Australia had lower wages, lower cost of living , lower cost of doing business, higher population then our pricing would be better.
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