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  1. I’ll take Elton John, Spandau Ballet, mike oldfield Ommadawn Thanks
  2. I would be interested in these ELO Time Ex-/Ex- $6 ELO Face the Music Ex-/Ex- $6 ELO Balance of Power Vg/Ex- $5 Mike Oldfield QE2 Ex-/Ex- $7 The Angels Face to Face Ex-/Vg++ $6 Sting Dream of The Blue Turtles Ex-/Ex- $8 Moody Blues Long Distance Voyager Ex-/Ex- $5 Mental As Anything Fundamental As Anything Ex-/Ex- $7
  3. Hi, I just installed this new firmware on my DBRH197 and now i cant revert back to the original firmware. The system scans in the Analouge stations but hangs when the scan is finished and saving data. I have to switch off via power point. I can't scan in any digital channels. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Vince'
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