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  1. Should make some changes to the Duplicate Channels section:


    3/31 - SBS (31 can be deleted)

    5/55 - SC10 (55 can be deleted)


    40/44/48 - Digital 44 Guide (44 and 48 can be deleted)

    8/81 - NBN SD (81 can be deleted) - seems 81 doesn't exist

    Nine Guide (LCN 99) seems same as Nine (LCN 9)

  2. According to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_terre...on_in_Australia theres a LCN 350 on the list that says 'SBS Radio 3'. Is this only transmitted in some capital cities or regional areas? All I know that between LCN 350-399 are unallocated channels, where broadcasters can't open up a channel on there.

    My tv has LCN 350 to 356, all are not tuned

    350 is ABC HDTV

    351 is ABC1

    352 is ABC2

    353 is ABC1

    354 is ABC3

    355 is ABC DiG Radio

    356 is ABC DiG jass

  3. Can I ask which store you got this price from? is it from Victoria?

    I bought it from Bing Lee, Haymarket, Sydney. I didn't haggle as I have known the guy for a long time, I believe he gave me the best price he could.

    I don't think this is the best price in the market though. Firstly, he is not a manager, secondly, Sony price to different retailers might be different.

    However, I did save a few bucks on delivery as I live very close to the store and I am going to pick it up myself.

  4. Juddering isnt an LCD thing its a film based - plasmas have identical judder IMO.

    After months and months tweaking the X series on AVS forums the best settings seem to bo "game mode - no motion flow". Most people find the same on the A650 too ... I really dont think lack of 100hz is an issue at all if lag, smearing and blur is all as per the UK review above..

    Is motionflow and 100hz a same thing, or they are two different settings?

  5. That's not what Kmart did. As far as I'm aware, every single store had these TVs for sale. Some only had a few, others had well over 20.

    Their advertising would only be considered misleading/illegal if there was no reasonable expectation that a customer could purchase the product (I'm not a lawyer so I'm sure that I used the wrong terminology there). I remember a few years back there was a store that advertised cheap DVD players on the front page of their catalogue, but they only had about 5 for sale around the entire country. People complained to the ACCC, and they ended up having to give free vouchers to anybody who wanted to buy it. I would say that Kmart easily had hundreds of these things for sale, quite possibly over a thousand.

    Anyway, I bought mine the day before the sale - easy enough if you're nice to the person working there :)

    Wiki's definite isn't that good. To be more accurate, the retailer lures the customer into the shop with such advertising, the sales effort is then switched to the product or products which the retailer really hopes to sell.

    We can also look at the Trade Practice Act.

    Section 56 of the Trade Practice Act is specifically designed to prevent such conduct, know as "bait and switch".

    The legislation creates two offences. The first provision prohibits the deliberate intention not to offer to supply goods or services in reasonable quantities for a reasonable period. The second offence is not dependent upon intention and applies where the seller does not supply the advertised goods in reasonable quantities for a reasonable.

    In case Collis v. Coles Myer 17 February 1988, Coles advertised instant coffee for sale at the special price of $4.99. The offer was open until 7 March 1987. The normal price was $8.90. On 5 March 1987, a shopper was told by a checkout operator at a particular store that the $4.99 jars had all been sold. The manager of the store told another customer that all stocks had been sold and that more 'should' be available the next day. Coles was charged with breaching the equivalent of s.56 of the Trade Practices Act.

    We can compare multiplication's story of Kmart with the above case. Coles at lease had the "special" coffee until two days before the expiry day and the manager said more should be available the next day, but it was still charged. Kmart had the TV available only for 5 minutes. I would think Kmart has definitely breached the law.

    It should noted that using words such as 'whilst stocks last' or 'limited offer' in advertisements may not suffice, unless some indication is also given of the quantity of stock held and length of likely availability (refer to above s.56 the second offence ). So unless Kmart had indicated in its catalog that it has only 4 TVs in this particular store and the stock would only last 5 minutes, Kmart cannot establish any defence in this case.

    I would strongly suggest multiplication writing to ACCC, especially you have already typed some many words. You can copy the facts from here to your letter and add a few others like 'Dear Sir or Madam, I am writing to you to report a breach of S.56 of Trade Practice Act by Kmart...bla...bla.". It is not only for youself, but also in the public interest. Many people would have been brought into Kmart by the advertisement and would have been disappointed.

  6. So: yes, for most shoppers, these ultra specials don't really exist. If you are prepared to be at the right place at the right time, they are real enough, especially if you know where to go. I wonder why they do these things; is it because many other shoppers will wander into the shop to check out the great special, and when they don't find it, say "oh what rotten luck, I'll spend my money on something else" (something more profitable) ? If so, I think that's pretty poor behaviour. I got the impression that this happens pretty regularly for one or two extra hot items per catalogue.

    A typical bait-and-switch practice.


    In retail sales, a bait and switch is a form of fraud in which the party putting forth the fraud lures in customers by advertising a product or service at an unprofitably low price, then reveals to potential customers that the advertised good is not available but that a substitute is. The goal of the bait-and-switch is to convince some buyers to purchase the substitute good as a means of avoiding disappointment over not getting the bait, or as a way to recover sunk costs expended to try to obtain the bait. It suggests that the seller will not show the original product or product advertised but instead will demonstrate a more expensive product.

    Bear in mind bait-and-switch is a fraud, it breaks Trade Practice Act in Australia. ACCC is the government agency that is supposed to enforce TPA.

  7. The 40" W series details.




    XMB(Xross Menu Bar) Same as PS3

    10 Bit panel

    New backlight

    FREE PS3(for July)

    Wait for it......

    $2699 RRP :D

    The US Model Number is KDL-40W4100

    40" BRAVIA® W Series LCD Flat Panel HDTV

    W series features: Full HD 1080p, Motionflow™ 120Hz, BRAVIA Engine 2™ digital video processing, Advanced Contrast Enhancer circuit (ACE), 24p True Cinema capable, enhanced XMB™ user interface, BRAVIA Sync capable, piano black gloss color


    AUD 1 = 0.70 USD ? That's how Sony does its pricing?

  8. Actually you say 50hz which is consistent with cnet report (us model is 120hz) ... bit of a bummer but at 50hz you could be right on price.

    From cnet


    The big wubble-you. While it's not quite top of the range, the W series will be Sony's flagship product until the Xs arrive late in the year. Styling is very similar to the V series with the essential difference being the backlighting: the W uses a WCGCCFL (Wide Colour Gamut CCFL) backlight for better colour reproduction. It will be available in 40-, 46-, and 52-inch in July."

    Having seen those X series with motionflow, I would rather switch it off. Movies being played with motionflow, ie 100hz, look like homemade videos.

    Don't know how important the backlighting is, assume the difference should be noticable

  9. Looking at KDL-40W4000 at Sony UK

    40" (102 cm) BRAVIA 1080p HD W4000 LCD TV features the stunning draw the LINE design concept, clear and defined picture quality thanks to BRAVIA ENGINE 2, and a unique Picture Frame Mode turning your TV into a gorgeous HD picture frame

    Please be aware that the features/specifications can differ from country to country.

    * Watch TV, movies, photos and games in superb High Definition detail thanks to the 6.2 mega pixel resolution

    * When you are not watching TV, turn it into a digital picture frame with the fantastic Picture Frame Mode. Fill the black hole in your living room by using your TV to display your own pictures or the 6 pre-installed images

    * Experience incredibly clear and defined images with BRAVIA ENGINE 2 picture enhancement technology and Advanced Contrast Enhancer

    * It's easy to use your TV screen to view your digital photographs with USB Photo Viewer and with PhotoTV HD you can see them in superb High Definition quality

    * No more confusing menu screens thanks to our easy-to-navigate XrossMediaBar™ to browse all your TV functions

    * See vibrant and natural colours with Live Colour Creation and x.v.Colour on the 10-Bit LCD panel

    * Featuring the draw the LINE design concept and Midnight Sky finish, the BRAVIA W4000 looks fantastic and has a versatile swivel function

    * Control your entire home cinema set-up with just one click on the TV remote thanks to BRAVIA Sync

    * Three HDMI™ inputs (two on rear, one on side, all with CEC) make it even easier to connect to High Definition sources such as Blu-ray Disc™ and PLAYSTATION®3

    * If watching films is your thing then this is the TV for you - view movies exactly how the director intended with 24p True Cinema

    * Experience the effect of digital surround sound from only two front speakers with Virtual Dolby® Surround and BBE ViVA sound technology

    * Watch digital TV with the integrated standard definition digital terrestrial tuner (MPEG-2, also receives analogue)

    * Watch cable TV with the integrated digital cable tuner (subject to country and with supported operators only)

    * Wall mountable with the optional bracket SU-WL500

    * Power consumption data: 0.19W in standby, 176W in operation

    * Available to buy from May 2008

    * Registering your BRAVIA couldn’t be easier, so do it today and become a My Sony member

    The US Model Number is KDL-40W4100

    40" BRAVIA® W Series LCD Flat Panel HDTV

    W series features: Full HD 1080p, Motionflow™ 120Hz, BRAVIA Engine 2™ digital video processing, Advanced Contrast Enhancer circuit (ACE), 24p True Cinema capable, enhanced XMB™ user interface, BRAVIA Sync capable, piano black gloss color


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