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  1. thanks Betty....thought that would be the case will get around to getting a universal remote...eventually
  2. hey guys, I know the pj has a 12V trigger out but not a 12V trigger in....why??? can I put in a trigger out cable to my AVR and use the pj remote to turn the AVR on? I know you can use it to trigger a roll down screen etc, just not sure on the pj-AVR combo... cheers J
  3. is the trilogy 1 available in less than 50m rolls? will be needing to cover some frames around my screen with fabric but wont be needing that much....
  4. how about Andrew Poole at Home Theatre Engineering? definitely a wealth of knowledge here in Perth, in calibration of audio, visual and design. look up his website/youtube If you are going to start from scratch, start with good info. no connection to him, but I will get him yo calibrate my projector when it gets installed
  5. yeh, a mate at work is a chippy in his old life. he gave me advice on what to do to cut the joists out. have seen home horror pics of installs and atmos speakers.... not my roof btw...
  6. second last day at home, the carpet was installed....had hoped to have finished the stud wall before they were installed but weather was crap so couldnt have the dropsaw going outside... but the carpet makes a big difference to the room... back at work for 3 weeks, so all progress has stopped. will be straight back into it when I get home tho 😉
  7. spent 2 hrs in the roof hand sawing the joists out, then putting in a brace around the speaker hole with trimmers with the hip of the roof coming down, I couldnt get access to the joists topside taking tiles off, had to lay on my belly and hand cut...but I got there in the end. 4 Atmos ceiling speakers installed 🙂
  8. Installed the Atmos speakers into the ceiling. Spent ages in the roof space checking for joists, beams etc Thought I got it all sorted with placement. Only having to move the rears back 300mm due to a cross beam. Was hard to get into the corner of the roof space for the rear right speaker, but thought I had worked out where the beams etc were running from the placement of the other 3 speakers.... ...was I wrong!! 😡
  9. have done a bit more work on the wall and speaker enclosure....but dont have any other pics on me atm.... but this did arrive.... 150" AT cinemascope screen 😵
  10. have timber....check have dropsaw.....check start building stud wall....check
  11. ok guys, been a bit since I have updated on the build things going along swimmingly, got the walls painted with Dulux Claret Ash.
  12. Got the second coat of black on the ceiling last night. That paint should have a warning on the label, will drive you frickin nuts 🤬🤬 Don't think I'll need to do a 3rd coat, only got about 500ml left from the 4L tin
  13. Hey Logic, curtains yes....wont be that thick unfortunately. But something is better than nothing right?? 🤔
  14. 1 tin of Theatre Black paint...check 🙂 1 ceiling that needs said paint applied...check 🙂 1 really sore neck after 1 coat of paint....check 🤕 finished the 1st coat of paint...that really changes the look of the ceiling!! Just hope the 2nd coat hides all the roller lines!
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