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  1. not stock in WA JB's as far as I can make out....and cant get LOTR on their site either will have to put this on the back burner till the boxing day sales
  2. you should be able too. is output 2 enabled on the amp? by pressing the hdmi button top tight of the remote, you can toggle between 1, 2, 1+2 hdmi outputs
  3. if it was the Him/Her/Teens etc card from TCN, no. Can only use them in a physical JB store
  4. well, an update for my system... I rang the Yamaha tech number this morning. explained the situation, got me to try a couple of things which didn't help. last suggestion was to unplug all the components from the power and leave them for a couple of minutes. plug them back in, fire them up and bingo! video thru to the projector!! whatever wobbly fit it had, unplugging the power fixed it! hope that doesn't happen again!
  5. Hi I am looking for a cable to connect my subwoofer to the avr. Will be looking at a 20m cable, as the avr is at the front, sub at the back - running up the wall, across the roof and back down. Can anyone forsee any issues with cables this long? Will be looking at a cable sub $100 - cant see the reason for big $$ cables Cheers J
  6. Hey RIchard, have sent you a PM about the glasses Cheers J
  7. I would look around/ shop around for the best price. $399 seems a bit high atm. Various retailers have them cheaper. Look up Oz Bargains for specials - have seen the TV Pro for under $350. The Shield also comes in 2 versions - the Shield TV, a round tube shaped device (and cheaper), and the Shield Pro TV which is the more powerful unit that can be used as a PLEX server.
  8. hey guys, I know the TW9400 is 3D capable, do many of you use it for that purpose? want to know what glasses to get that will sync with the pj. I know you can get Epson glasses, but have also seen cheaper ones on eBay etc that say they are compatible interested on your thoughts
  9. I bought the 15m Avencore fiber optic cable through Cable Chick. specs state its capable of up to 32Gbps. Unless something has happened to the cable, is it more than able to carry the 4k signal. It was working fine 5 days earlier....very frustrating
  10. thanks for the update mttel.... will have to wait till I get home to look into my issues...
  11. thanks for the update mttel....who knows.... I cant look at mine till I get home in 2 weeks. Let me know how things progress with your system
  12. dont forget, there is an Ultimate edition announced for next year as well...
  13. as far as I am aware, yes. I have my Panny in HDMI 1, and Sheild Pro in HDMI 2. Nothing from either of them. Plug them into a separate monitor, bingo!
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