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  1. nice work. it was a good deal for the buyer.
  2. Also interested at a different price point if no one picks them up for your asking price. Good luck with the sale.
  3. Hi Crumpet, I didn't a bit more research in the speaker and it appears they like a big room which I cannot provide as they will be going in my bedroom. Thank you for your time. I'm sure your wont be holding onto them for long.
  4. I haven't heard these speakers but they look very cool. What kind of music are they suited towards? Shipping to Sydney? EDIT: Please ignore the whole post. Its late at night and i missed the bit about pickup. Sorry.
  5. I have the bigger brother, NAD Master Series M25. The newer Yamaha MX-A5000 (has been getting some traction in the marketplace) and it only weighs 25.4kgs. The T975 will hold its ground and do it nicely with that transformer. Good Luck with the sale.
  6. It doesn't have to be a group buy. I'm just interested in hearing some personal reviews. Vey hard to buy without listening.
  7. Just out of laziness due to the size of this thread. What subwoofer was mainly purchased? Submersive? And what was the final price getting to Sydney?
  8. Dammit, I only learnt about Seaton today and then see that there was a group buy and I was to late!
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