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  1. Would like to know as well how much better it is to the WD TV Live.
  2. So its worth spending more on a better known brand?
  3. Thanks for the reply, it seems the same seller that has Hypertec for sale, also has Digitek surge board for sale.
  4. no one knows if I should get the Digitek 8 Way Surge Board over Belkin Gold Series 8Way Surge Protector?
  5. Have emailed some online retailers but have not received a reply yet. If the product is really discontinued wonder how they are getting their stock.
  6. Was thinking of getting a Belkin Gold Series 8Way Surge Protector but at a fraction of the cost Digitek 8 Way Surge Board seems to offer better surge protection. Has anyone used Digitek 8 Way Surge Board?
  7. was looking to get a Belkin PF40 for less then $300 but can't seem to find any stock. Is there any news on newer models that are suppose to replace the Belkin PF40 and PF60?
  8. How does the text look on screen when computer is used?
  9. if PS3 is from a different region does it still get updated here?
  10. hows their shipping like? was looking at some of their bluray titles but under format it says DVD so which is it?
  11. anyone know when the firmware update would be released?
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