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  1. There are two HD Mystar models. I've seen models T600 and T601.
  2. Thats not necessarily the case. SelecTV was started by an ex-Foxtel manager who started it because he wasn't happy with Foxtel. If SelecTV were to get Fox Sports, it alone would be about $60 a month on SelecTV just because Fox Sports don't want to be on SelecTV - so they'll charge a stupid large price. Thus SelecTV won't take on Fox Sports. That doesn't mean its a monopoly. Fox Sports is a very successful company/channel. Austar managed to somehow negotiate their way with Fox Sports. I don't think they are the cheapest and they definitely pull the strings of the pay TV carriers, albeit Austar OR Foxtel. If Foxtel have the mentality of "doing everything to stop anti-syphoning" instead of embracing it, then I don't think Fox Sports would be much different if the same parent company owns both.
  3. Granted - for publicly listed media companies. I think if Foxtel was public, we'd know what Foxtel execs get all 5 or whatever Austar execs would drop off the list. The amount of money Foxtel throw away on their products is just unimaginable.
  4. Maybe they are running out of stock with the HD Mystar... maybe they can't keep a good inventory, just a tight one. Tough times with a dip in the economy these days huh....
  5. Ta ta for the need of you to be here on this forum? :-D
  6. I think the HDD is partitioned so I don't think it will affect your capacity for your own recordings.
  7. I'd say that would have to be a memory restriction / issue because HD does indeed use either a. more processing power or b. more memory
  8. You mean Foxtel just turns the other deaf ear to it too! They're the ones who have the MPEG encoders. Either they can't set their own equipment up or Weather have changed something that is incompatible with existing equipment!
  9. Because sports active is free of charge to us, I doubt the sports active space will be simulcast in SD and HD. Bandwidth on satellite is too expensive and valuable to do such a thing and probably would take up too much space on a DVB-S stream... it would have to be on a DVB-S2 stream and all those are full right now. We need another satellite launched to have any chance of this happening. So if you want sports active in HD that badly, which two or three HD channels would you sacrifice for sports active for good? Remember that sports active only plays for the 3 hours or whatever when the match is on, and the rest of the time the service is not in use.
  10. Would you prefer that sports active features be available on the HD channels but when launched still go to the same SD application that is also available from the SD Fox Sports channel?
  11. What happens is that some FTA carriers in regional areas use the same channel / service ID in their frequency range as either HD or SD interchangeably. Thats to say, one event/program could be in HD with HD resolution, then all of a sudden, there is a SD program being transmitted on the same channel and in SD resolution... decoder can't handle that sort of dynamic change. I'd say the FTA's should stick to either HD or SD for a particular channel and stop screwing around! I've had this happen to me too, not much you can do at this stage I don't think.
  12. Too far away from seeing it on satellite I think. With technology these days we need: a. A new encoder and decoder b. Bandwidth Its point B that is expensive on satellite and making the best use of it is utmost important. The only restrictions FTA's have is to fit it all in a 7MHz band, but arguably could turn their analogue licenses into digital and each TV station carry TWO channels worth of bandwidth given that multicasting is allowed.
  13. 1080p is only economically feasible in blu ray format. You will never see 1080p in a broadcast format at this stage with this kind of standard. Even H264 isn't cut for it. If we do see, we'll see it through the FTA's first before satellite. It would take up so much bandwidth that it would not make sense, especially on a satellite platform...
  14. I wouldn't believe anything that is said - its all supposed to be happening on the 1st of April! :-P
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