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  1. Hi All, I've got about 5 LCD's of varying sizes that I no longer need. They are only about 3 months old and barely used. Looking to trade for either a gaming console or a butload of ps3 games... I have: 2 x 22" Samsung LCD (RRP $299 ea) 1 x 32" Horizon LCD 1080p, 120hz, HD TUNER (RRP $599) 1 x 42" Horizon LCD 1080p, 120hz, HD TUNER (RRP $899) (Needs replacement PSU, Still works for about 4hrs but then restarts, got quote to fix was only $80) 1 x Xbox 360 elite, 120GB hard drive. (heaps of games but console has been modded and banned from xbox live) Also have a few blu-ray players, so happy to include in deal if warranted. I'm in Perth, so if anyone is interested, please let me know and we'll sort something out. Open to suggestions of trade for other interesting items. Thanks, Neil.
  2. This is really dependant on your settings and your hardware. Please give us more info.
  3. I asked my grandma and she had no idea what I was talking about?
  4. I think you might be a bit confused. It has hdmi v1.3 which is the current standard and bd-live 2.0 which is also the current standard. Cheers.
  5. Haha, yes. We're both in WA. Otherwise it would've taken a few days.
  6. Hi fonzi, curtisint.com is the official website and there has not yet been a firmware update for this model. I will talk to the supplier and post my findings. As for the noise, this does not happen on every player, a firmware update could fix this issue. I'll write back when I know more. Thanks for your support fonzi.
  7. Hi all, Just wanted to say hello and let you know that I am the seller of these blu-ray players and will be selling some Lcd tv's as well. If you have any questions please feel free to post them here and I'll check in to answer them. Everything has been sorted out with Solagratia's player. Got his disc out and a working player. Thanks all that have been purchasing and asking questions, it's been a lot of fun so far and sales are increasing every week.
  8. Crystal Design, You Tube Widget Service, Wireless DLNA, 100Hz,1920 x 1080p, 100,000:1 Dynamic Contrast ratio, 4ms response time, CCFL, 500cd, 4x HDMI, SRS Tru surround, Motion Judder Canceller, Game Mode, DNIE, PIP, WideColour Enhancer 3, HDMI- CEC 1.3, USB 2.0 (JPEG/MPEG4), Contents Library Flash I was told there would be local stock in WA in May.
  9. Only reviews i've seen are on the US equivelants, which have slightly different Model Numbers. PN for plasma etc... So far, those reviews are pretty good.
  10. B650 - 32" ($1799), 37" ($2,299), 40" ($2899), 46" ($3,699) and 55" ($4,699) B750 - 40" ($3,299), 46" ($4,099) and 52" ($4,999) All prices are full RRP.
  11. In LED's we are getting B6000 B7100 and B8000 In Plasma B550, B650, B850 and B680 In LCD B550, B650 and B750 (plus some cheaper end B models) UA46B6000 - $4,499 UA55B6000 - $5,499 Please remember that these are only RRP prices. You'd be doing well if you got the 46" for $3999 or the 55" for $4750.
  12. Hi all, I received my price list for all the new panels today. Including these led panels and new plasma and lcd panels. There's a 58" plasma (ps58b550) with a rrp of $4699. Looks like it has the same internals as the 6 series (discontinued) Anyway, if anyone wants to know rrp just let me know which model. Cheers, Avy.
  13. This....is.....amazing....! That's right the exclamation mark came after the ....'s because i was in too much shock at the time to exclaim things. I am in Perth and in the home theatre industry myself and was thinking of having an outdoor theatre but now you have given me a few things to think about. You have even potentially influenced my indoor theatre as I am currently building a new house. Talk to me if you need anything and maybe we can do a trade. (handywork for home theatre supplies?)
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