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  1. Where is channel 11 for Austar? It hasn't appeared on my Mystar box yet. I have it on my other mediums though. Is Austar behind the times or do I need to reset my box to get it?
  2. Just thought I would bump this thread seeing it got mentioned on the NT News today. http://www.ntnews.com.au/article/2011/04/2...ertainment.html
  3. Just got a Mystar HD a week ago. Where is the reset button? I tried holding down the power button but all it did was just put it on standby and did not reset the machine. We have been unplugging or switching the think off at the wall when needing a reset. Did Austar think that this magic machine would mean no more resets, seems strange to me.
  4. Question, when playing DVD's on the Panasonic XW380, how do you get back to the DVD's menu. My old DVD player has a menu button but the Panasonic doesn't? If someone could help it would be great.
  5. I don't really see why ads have a part of it but if they do, they do. I actually miss the loop ads that DDT used to have of the Parap markets, they were funny. Even DDT has started showing a weird little filler of a wind turbine at the moment, don't know what that is about. I just don't like missing out, and I feel for over 12 months we missed out on GO, missed out on 2 seasons of Survivor, (I believe). It just doesn't feel like it is 2011 where there is so much technology that we have to be in the dark ages and not have all the availability of all TV stations. It isn't even 100% confirmed that Austar will take it on, as we never did get One Standard definition and that is the channel that Eleven has taken over. Oh well, time will tell.
  6. Do we know where it is? Is Austar getting it? The other Austar digital forum on Eleven does not mention Darwin as yet. I thought we would have it for sure as DDT showed ads for it. Thanks
  7. SCTV HD is running in standard Def for 12 days apparently. I rang Austar today and they reckon a reset of the box will give the channel. I will believe this if the reset works. But really the shows I was interested in I can catch up online and City Homocide has a 2 hour catch up next Saturday night and Amazing Race is on again on Thursday night. So all is not lost, all I am really upset about is my choice has been taken away of what I want to watch. I think once everyone is digital they should have dedicated sport channels and then they could play normal television on the normal channels. I remember when being a kid sport didn't seem to be on as much when I only had 1 free to air channel to choose from, however in Summer cricket was on all the time never saw AFL or NRL though, good old NBN. Back in the old days eh remember back before reality TV took over all shows, not that I am saying I don't watch RT but they actually made TV shows back in the old days.
  8. Shame Austar mystar hasn't come to the party and allowed us to have channel 070 for the 12 days it is being available in standard definition. It is soooo boring not having my usual channel 7 shows to watch.
  9. I understand why SCTV standard has to show the Games. I only have standard definition via Austar Mystar. I will now have to miss out on my favourite channel 7 shows eg Amazing Race because I do not have high definition SCTV to escape to, therefore that is why I am complaining. I am hoping that the standard SCTV will then repeat the shows that have been missed during the time that the games are on as to be fair to the people that do not have HD. Luckily they have catch up TV nowadays on the internet but it isn't the same trying to watch a show via the internet with the buffering and also the picture quality. I am wondering how many other people who are not overly interested in the games are going to miss out on their favourite shows too because of this legal stronghold that sport reigns supreme and you either like it or lump it.
  10. Hi I want to know if anyone knows if SCTV will be showing all the shows we are going to miss because of them "legally" having to show the Commonwealth Games even though it is being shown on DDT also. I am assuming the channel will turn into repeats but I still reckon they are going to show a portion of first run shows that Darwin people are going to miss out on. I know that it has to be shown on free to air for the tight-wads that won't upgrade to digital, but it is annoying when I have upgraded and have to endure the CG on two channels. A few years back we got Channel 7 not SCTV, that was so much better than this hybrid channel we are getting now. It would mean AFL only being on once a night instead of the same game on both channels half an hour or so apart. Not happy Jan missing out on Amazing Race. Why is Darwin such a fake capital city, it sure seems like it, we can't get Foxtel, we have substandard television compared to our interstate capitals. My two cents.
  11. Hi I would like to buy a PAL version Wii game that is available on CD Wow. From what I have read Pal is both for us and Europe. Are there any other factors that will mean this game won't work on my Aussie Wii. I have games now that have British type content eg Trivial pursuit no where on the back does it say Australia really. If anyone could advise it would be great. Thanks
  12. Scrabble is available on PSP in USA, why doesn't it come out in Australia? There are websites that state Scrabble comes to both DS and PSP, however in Australia only the DS has Scrabble. I am also wondering why does other countries have more of a range of Wii titles also? They don't seem to come out in Australia. Is it the government regulators stopping the sale of these games in Oz? Or is it just the gaming companies that are thinking they won't sell in Australia.
  13. I got my mystar installed around four weeks ago, few little problems here and there like the fast forwarding issue and recordings failing or potentially failing. I don't understand if something is in the future like an hour or two away from what you are recording how can it clash??? Oh well back to the point. On Thursday I had free to air but the austar channels said error E52 there is a storm or something in the area (no weather issues at all), at this point both FTA and the previously recorded programmes still worked. Later on I pressed the reset button which killed the whole system basically. After this the mystar would not move past the looking for channels blue screen and says their is no signal etc. However the bedroom connection (not mystar) the Austar channels work perfectly. Now after pressing reset the previously saved programs cannot be watched the title comes up on the box but when you press play all it is, is a black screen and nothing. Called Austar after pressing reset, they got me to unplug cords and put them back in again and then press reset again but still nothing. They are sending a tech out Monday to fix the problem. Have anyone experienced my problem and if so what action did you take to be able to watch the recorded programs at least?
  14. But most Darwin residents would have cable rather than satellite connections for their Austar. Does this make a difference?
  15. I thought that Austar did provide free-to-air also that is why I can see Channel 9 in widescreen because they supply it. I didn't think it would cost them anything my opinion would be it would be like a simple flick of a switch to provide that channel on the Austar frequency. My point is, is that I am paying almost $100.00 a month for cable which is fine (and I am happy with that) but I don't think that having to pay an extra $50.00 for a STB is right either when it is a "free" to air channel meaning it shouldn't really be a cost to Austar. If I am wrong I apologise, but I have been looking forward to Channel 10 for ages and now to find out it cannot even be available on the medium ie Austar, I access my television on is a disappointment.
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