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  1. i posted my issue in another thread, but to show you all how bad my problem is see http://www.dtvforum.info/index.php?s=&...t&p=1228904 and Sony say this is within specifications and acceptable. i can still clearly see the clouding when i do what Sony's press release says... VERY annoyed. im contacting the dept of fair trading asking for a refund as a repair will be the same at best, or even worse.
  2. to me this looks pretty bad, which is why i am going to take this matter further, has anyone had their TV replaced with lighter or less clouding issues?
  3. Sony are no better, i have now been referred to the dept of fair trading. where i will be pushing this issue further i took these photos with my digi cam. i still cant believe the Sony rep said this was "acceptable" and "within specification" 1 2 3 4 5 6
  4. actually while watching dark movies i can notice it, i am looking for it yes but it shouldn't be there. you can really see it on the PC channel through the VGA port (had my old 360 playing through the VGA port). i can also see it between loading screens in games (when the screen is dark)
  5. i live in sydney, and it doesn't matter what any repairer says the "Sony rep" deemed it to be within specifications... either way im going through the dept of fair trading once i have photo evidence and all the info! im just annoyed that sony think its ok to have any clouding at all. my parents-in-law have a 52X and 46X and they don't have any problems, they bought in the x-mas sales last year though, i bought in june.
  6. Hey all, i don't have my Sony TV (46X series), its currently with sony so no photo's yet. this may be a long post but ill try and keep it concise i noticed this issue about 2 months after i purchased the TV, but because the TV sat in its box for a month while i moved i didn't feel the retailer would take it back. i recently noticed the clouding gets progressively worse over time. After 2-3 hours it looks minimal but after 6-8 it looks terrible. i called Sony in October and they sent a local repairer out to look at the issue. stupidly i hadn't warmed it up and the rep (very rudely) told me the issue was within specification. i wasn't happy with this answer and called Sony again early December. another rep from the same repairer came out and looked at my TV, i had prepared it this time and had it on for a few hours. he acknowledged there was an issue and told me it would be 2 weeks before i could get it looked at. i called the repairer to get an update and they acknowledged there was a backlight leakage issues but needed it to be signed off by a sony rep. after the repairer telling me that the rep was on holidays and would take 3-5 weeks depending on his answer & part availability i called sony customer care to escalate the issue. after 6-10 phone calls chasing sony and them dodging my calls the repairer was kind enough to chase it up on my behalf. The sony rep came out yesterday (mind you they have had it for 2 weeks) and their judgement was that it was within specifications and that there was some kind of backlight leakage but it was minimal and that sony deemed it nothing to worry about. i called sony back to confirm and spoke to the highest customer care person i could who referred me to this online article http://www.sony.com.au/articles/article.js...ategoryId=30607 and said i should write a letter to Sony Australia and that if i would like to pursue this further i should contact a third party (dept of fair trading). i am really P*S$ED at Sony about this and am now going to contact the retailer and if that fails try the dept of fair trading. - what do you guys think? i just thought id share my experience and anger with sony. i get my TV back tomorrow and once i get it ill photograph the issue and post them up here. Jay
  7. haha yeah i meant Component , thats what i get for typing fast msg's and not re-reading while working i appreciate your help thanks!
  8. cheers, ive noticed the colours are great, but i think the VGA looks shaper. am i right in saying composite is 720 but the tv is scaling to 1080? and when im running 1980 in vga its also just scaling it up?
  9. as a Sony Bravia X 46" owner i have few questions regarding HD / VGA 1. whats better to play my 360 on; VGA or component (which i always thought was 6 cables, but appears to only be 5, RGB + L&R) (by the way my 360 gives me the choice of many resolutions, i have been choosing 1980 -can someone explain to me the pro's and con's of each? 2. can the Sony Bravia KDL46X3100 do 1080p through component? basically i took a few photo's (with my iPhone, so they are only 2 megapixels) of the screens a ) VGA - standard here b ) Component (screen says 1080p) here c ) VGA colour pumped (i was just fiddling) here sorry about the blur its ametuer work at best
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