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  1. Further information: These are one-owner, purchased new from Len Wallis Audio at Lane Cove. Only reason for sale is we've moved to a smaller home, so I've decided to also downsize to bookshelf speakers. The speakers have been well cared for and the cabinets are in near-perfect condition. All the drivers are in excellent condition. The "very good" rating above (instead of "excellent") is only because the speaker grilles, like a lot of Focal grilles, have lost a couple of the plastic lugs that clip them to the speaker. They still attach fine though. I started
  2. Hi, Did you know that MoFi recently added a record weight model above this one - called the Super Heavyweight Champion. You might be interested in trying it if you want more weight. It's about 125 grams heavier than the Super Heavyweight. https://www.mofielectronics.com/super-heavyweight-champion-record-weight
  3. Thank you for the link. Will check it out.
  4. Hi grorr76, sorry for the delay in responding. Thanks for the info on the tracking weight, and also for the info on the Elac ppa-2 phono amp. I wasn't even aware Elac made phono amps. Sounds really like a great pairing for this particular turntable. I've just Googled and found Michael Fremer's glowing review and noticed you've commented there about how great it sounds too. You mention a big price increase is on the way. Should I jump now before it hits, and where did you get yours? Cheers.
  5. Hi and thanks for the follow up question. I think the advice I got here from members is correct in that the initial bright or slightly overly treble sound has settled with use and a bit of burn-in and the deck is what I'd call more balanced in sound now than it was. As suggested by thimmy118 I have taken to leaving the StereoPhono pre amp on all the time, and I've also been experimenting with a couple of different cables between it and the turntable. Also, as a reviewer mentioned in this recent article http://www.hifiplus.com/articles/mofi-ultradeck-m-turntable-package/ I've also experim
  6. Hi, New here, but wondering if anyone else out there also has the MoFi Ultradeck, Ultrtracker cart and Studiophono pre-amp? Only recently bit the bullet and I'm liking the the sound, but am wondering if there's much of an element of "burn in" with this combo. Will the sound mellow after a good few hours of play, or stay relatively the same? REason for asking is that sometimes I find the sound a little on the bright or treble side. Any other MoFi owners thoughts welcome!
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