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  1. thanks for reply JDH, JSmith. I took the 12v trigger cable out and changed the switch to 12v trigger function off. I think problem was related with 12v trigger. I used elektra about 2 hours but nothing happen after disable 12v trigger. elektra works fine. thanks again.
  2. Hi, Today my elektra power amp start to act strange. it keeps turning off then turning on again after few seconds later while I'm using it. it happened quite often like 2-3 times in 10 min. so I just turned off power amp. what is the cause this problem? I bought new amp 8 years ago and I had no problem at all before. thanks in advance.
  3. Yamaha z11 is the best and easiest way to setup 11.2. z11 has 11 internal power amp so you dont need any extra external power amp. z11 support 3D cubic sound which is yamaha's own DSP and you can apply 3d cubic sound for everything even HD audio tracks too. of course z11 support pre-pro mode when you connect another extra external amp so z11 only use for processor. if you didnt try z11, try demo and experience 3d cubic sound. it's really good. I'm not sure that new model 3000 can support rear back and front presence at same time. I know z11 was only model you can use rear back and front presence at same time before.
  4. The best way to find out is to ring yamaha and ask. The amp should function perfectly fine without the firmware update, as its not sell worthy otherwise.
  5. hmm... you cant use pure direct mode for bluray unless you connect HDMI cable from your player to projector(or TV) directly. if you use pure direct, you can get better sound quality. cuz this mode cut off AVR's power for everything except 2 front channel. so it doesnt lose any power to do any video processing or DSPs. this mean if you connect HDMI cable through AVRs, picture wont show during pure direct mode and you cant use 5.1 channel sound. I'm using pure direct mode to listen 2 channel music. I know integrated Amp's sound quality is much better than even highend AVRs normally. but my AVR's pure direct mode isn't too bad to listen music.
  6. well if you only use 5.1 setup, then its better for you. cuz you dont need to worry about surround back speakers. people who want to use 7.1 setup cant decide which one they're going to use between presence and surround back. cuz only Z11 support presence and surround back on same time. otherwise you have to give up one of them. you need 2 extra speakers for presence. but it's worth to use it. if you have any spare 2 speakers, then just try.
  7. I think you should read manual first if you didnt read yet. normally it said how you should set up your speakers. I'm not sure that yamaha 1067 can use front presence. but if it has front presence, you should use it. it give you lots of difference for sound field and you can use dialogue lift too. yamaha's YPAO is good and accurate. you can use lots of DSP mode on your receiver. straight mode is plain sound without DSP mode. some people might like it. however yamaha is very good for many DSP sound field modes. so its good to use them. many people using 'Spectacles', 'Adventure' for most movies. but I think 'Drama' mode is quite good too. and dont worry too much about small or large. if you dont like it, you can change it manually anyway.
  8. +1, if you're using yamaha receiver and didnt use front present speakers, then you're missing alot from yamaha's 3d cubic sound field and also dialog lift too. dialog lift's effect is worth it. and front present speakers make wide sound stage and give more sound detail. you should try it if you have any spare 2 speakers. that's what I'm using too. it's worth checking to tell the difference in sound. specially center channel.
  9. thank you for wasting my time and dishonoring your word. I have been trying to buy elektra from him since he posted this thread. and he agreed to sell to me then sold to someone else.
  10. +1 for me. front and center speaker's matching is very important for movie. that's why most people's using fronts and center speaker from same brand. and center speaker is as important as front speaker. so buy same series's center at least. IMO if you can, buy upper model. it will give you better and more clear dialog. if you didnt try yamaha yet, try them. they're very good for movies with lots of surround modes.
  11. First of all, thanks david! it was really great experience and fun too. I think I'm the first person who left the wavetrain tonight. I didnt want to leave but my wife needed to go to work tonight. so I just left there at 8:30. I got there bit late since there was big traffic cuz of rain. however lots of people already got there and talking and watching. I just put the beer and checked the silver and gold cinema. silver cinema which installed D-BOX system was showing 'Journey to the Center of the Earth' 3D version. I didnt have any experience of D-BOX before. after watched good action scene me and my wife both said, WOW!! D-Box was totally unique system. chair moving up and down, shaking and vibrating even moving floor too. we tried few different movies like 'die hard 4'. 'day after tomorrow', 'dark knights'. some discs didnt play cuz of region problem. however it was enough to have good experience of D-Box. D-Box was really really good. I know lots of people had same feeling like us. cuz lots of people kept talking about D-BOX during dinner. gold cinema installed curved 130" 2.35:1 screen. 2.35:1 widescreen looked like real cinema screen. it was huge. and picture and sound quality were awesome. people tried to put different blu-ray movies and we watched highlight parts. dinner was great too. we could talk alot about HT, movies, all new technology things during dinner. david was so busy. lots of people wanted to talk to him. I could get a chance to talk with david so I asked about D-box. cuz my wife kept talking about d-box after we had few movies with d-box. and I wanted to know the price too!! he said basic d-box machine (I dont know what I have to call it) is 15k, and need to get chairs too. I didnt ask about chair. cuz d-box unit was expensive enough. but I think if someone want to install d-box, need big ground floor house. it shake and vibrate too much during the movie, so probably if it installed in unit, downstairs neighbour will complain alot! hehe it was really really great night. cuz I could meet and talk lots of forum members and had great experience with D-box. if david will invite again in the future, I will definately go again. thanks david. Jason
  12. that's very good price for Z11. can you tell me where you found dropped price? cuz I havent heard any price drop for Z11. thank you.
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