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  1. Hi Thundernuts (cool tag), yes that is exactly what I'm looking for. I did by a Scan-Speak driver as a temp solution that seems to be working well but I'd definitely prefer genuine Usher drivers.
  2. Seems they're not in a hurry to provide responses. I know I'm impatient because I want to get my speakers sorted and put my stupidity behind me but I haven't had a response to emails or FB messages since mid last week when they said they would check delivery costs.
  3. I'm just super excited that they're still a going concern and have essentially the same product line up with the same drivers etc. gives me hope that I can replace my busted driver. Any bet's what they'll charge for a 7 inch midrange shipped from Taiwan to Brisbane?
  4. Thanks for the info Frank. Did you guys used to carry Usher? I was hoping that there may have been a store with something kicking around in the back of the store room. Westan werent aware of it. Looking at the Usher website, they have distributors in a number of countries. Hoping that the price they come back with isn't off the charts but good to see they're back in operations.
  5. Westan have no spare parts but Usher direct have responded asking me for a delivery address so that they can send me a price which is looking positive assuming it's not crazy expensive. Repair place mentioned unlikely to have parts so could be difficult. Down to picking up 2nd hand vs new from Usher vs Scan-speak. Hopefully I can get a brand new one sent over to QLD.
  6. Tell me about it Telecine. The combination of amp volume, Google volume and my phone setting... nasty (and stupid stuff). That will teach me for turning everything on from another room via wireless to save me getting away from my desk Appreciate the feedback and yep I might look at getting the driver repaired but if it reaches silly money... not sure what to do. As I mentioned it may be better to buy the SS drop in and keep an eye out for a replacement driver? Usher seems to be back online and these speakers/drivers are still listed on their website but doesnt look like they have
  7. Thanks for the reply. Yep the speaker makes a nice crunchy/scratchy sound when I press the cone so assuming it's the voice coil. I did reach out to a speaker repairer and he sounded great. It's $130 to diagnose and that comes off the repair price if it's even possible to repair it. I can get a Scan-speak equivalent to the above for the same money brand new and was thinking it was worth it even for a temp solution until I can source a replacement driver. The only problem I have with the SS speaker is they only use a small ~3.5mm speaker mount hole on the chassis. Any likely issues
  8. Item: Usher 7 inch mid range to suit Mini Dancer 2 Price Range: unsure Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: I blew a speaker and looking longingly to find a replacement to make me feel less stupid. My kids say they cant hear the difference with the right speaker now just having a single 7 inch driver... help me prove them wrong ! Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  9. Ok maybe not destroyed but due to an errant level setting issue between my phone, amp and Google Play. Hitting play on INXS's "Need You Tonight" at the max volume my Emotiva mono's could muster, had my Ushers Mini Dancer 2 in a clipping frenzy and by the time I leapt to my amp master volume the damage had been done. Result is one of the mid woofers has **** itself (assume the voice coil was toast). Now the problem with an 8 year old speaker that had little traction in Aussie and I think managed to go offline for a period but are back online now so I have some hope because they sti
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