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  1. Webbed - a lot can be done via phone support, and, if you just leave it well alone, linux is normally pretty good. You don't need to dedicate anything to doing the maintenance at all - my server currently has been up for about 20 days without being touched, and only gets power cycled when I fiddle with things or the power goes off. But there are updates to be done etc, which are done via a web interface with Vortexbox, and thats fairly easy. But yes, there are times that you need more than the web page can provide, and that is where you need to have some form of support you can call on ( Google is your friend here - someone else will have had the same problem! )
  2. Antipodes, this is the only forum I post on relating to your product. So I am not sure which other forums you think I have been posting on, but I can say its not me. I have only discussed your products publically on this forum. My point has only been, as you correctly stated, that if you have the knowledge, you can build one yourself of at least equal quality. If your prepared to go to extreme lengths, you can better it. Extreme lengths will not be any cheaper than commercial products either, as I have often indicated. I think that calling my posts negative in regard to your products and service is using some creative license, to be honest. We can all agree that we do not all share the same view. This is not the same as being negative. In response to your post in this thread, I never made any insinuation that you would do anything untoward with the access rights to others networks, indeed, I stressed that I had no reason to think that you would. I do, however, consider that allowing anyone access to your network opens up security issues. And I feel that it is something that people should be aware of. As I pointed out to you via a PM several months ago - its not what you, as Antipodes audio, may do, but its that you do have a door, and a key. What happens if you lose the key? Such as if your own security is jeopardized? This is not a reflection on you, your personal integrity or your morals in any way, shape or form. It is, however, a fact of life that if someone wants access, even public key cryptography is not absolutely secure. Ask a certain large German national who has been in the news recently. You may note that I actually suggested that if the OP is not 100% confident in building himself and researching what is best, your product was the first name I listed. Indeed, I feel that no computer music server is going to work for the average joe with no true understanding of computers, without some form of support, be it in person ( expensive ) or via online. My reason for pointing out what I did is that people should understand what they are doing by having an root level linux box that is accessible from outside their network. I firmly stand behind what I said.
  3. Seriously, are those worth that much? I have a friend who has a pair of 900's and a pair of 700's sitting in his wardrobe at his parents house while he is overseas. He got them for FAR less than that I think!.
  4. Indeed, MC's room is not too bad, although I do worry about the proximity of one wall in relation to the speakers. BD and I tore his room apart once and moved speakers around, and thought that we might have other ways of setting it up, but MC is happy with the way he has it setup, and I think it works pretty well.
  5. webbed;174908 wrote: Err, I'm being serious (for a change). I've heard that plants can diffuse the sound. Probably an old wives tale, I've seen it at Audiogon virtual systems and I vaguely recall it may have been mentioned somewhere here? No old wives tale. Lots of moderately reflective surfaces point in all sorts of directions. Will diffuse sound and absorb an amount also.
  6. I third MCs advice, but strictly only if your confident in this area. And, with all due respect, I susepct that OP is not, as I noted prior, judging by his questions. In that case, Antipodes, Sonore, W4S server, etc, etc, etc might be the better bet. The one caveat I will stress with any vortexbox server that someone else is supporting such as the Antipodes one, is that your giving someone unrestricted, root level access to a Linux box on your home network. The security issues would worry me. I am in NO WAY insinuating anything about Antipodes trustworthiness here at all, I have never had any reason to believe he has any bad intent in any way at all, but I am just putting it out there that if you give someone root level access on a linux computer on your local area network, you had better be making sure anything sensitive is very securely locked away. Which is actually not all that easy.
  7. I remember some Wilsons ( not sure if it was the MAXX's ) being driven on some VTL Siegfrieds, and a top end Wadia ( 4 box? ) source, which Paul Quilter bought into the country. So I am assuming he bought the Wilsons in also, as the Wilson/VTL/Wadia setup was his show piece.
  8. No one has jumped on you. They have a different opinion, and have explained why. This is reasonable, surely. A world where we all agree is going to be a boring place! Your input is no doubt as valuable as anyone elses to the OP.
  9. Hamilton JB is rather average on the scale of JB's unfortunately Ytsejam...
  10. As any male knows, two is better than one!
  11. Paradox;174852 wrote: And if you love your vinyl, as the OP clearly does, and then spend huge sums on some top-notch streaming gear and it still doesn't measure up, well isn't that money truly wasted??? I am sure the OP has some friendly dealers he can discuss getting some decent gear from to trial. He has a high end system, he will have dealers he can do this with no doubt. Then maybe a little time can be wasted, but not money.
  12. Paradox;174843 wrote: I disagree with this. I think that digital streaming is probably the least expensive, and easiest way to get decent music quality and we should encourage people to have a go at it. I'd encourage the OP to buy an HRT and enjoy it. He'll need to load up his computer with some digital files and see what appeals to him, but starting with 256/320 kbps files and moving on to some wav/flac files you can have a great experience for very little $dosh and a moderate amount of effort :-) I never said it was the most expensive way to get a good source. I simply said that to get a top notch result is dramatically more expensive than the HRT streamer the OP is discussing. I am a huge proponent for digital streaming solutions. If the OP tries getting a good result with 256Kbps files, he might as well spend the HRT money on new vinyl - it will get more use I suspect. His system is obviously of quite significant quality. It will not respond well to poor quality media.
  13. Tim1;174837 wrote: Thanks for all the extremely useful replies, everyone. Good question, tinnitus - what are my expectations? Well, I have a separate listening room so it won't be muzak. I find the Quads delightfully forgiving speakers in my system, but still can't see me listening to something that is too far away from my analogue setup which features a Koetsu Rosewood Signature on an SME V. I guess a question is what are you prepared to invest into doing this? The HRT is only part of the equation - you need a minimum of a simple computer to make it work. I am guessing from your post that your only of moderate computer literacy ( no offence intended, just guessing based on your line of questioning ) and therefore anything DIY is going to be strictly off the radar. There are some good streamers available now. Either commercially made computers, or, and this might be more to the taste of someone who really is not confident with computers, devices such as the Olive streamer, or, if quality is of concern, and price not so much, the Linn, Naim, Cyrus streamers, etc. Like all flavours of hifi sources, you get what you pay for more or less. I do believe that to get a great result costs least with computer based streaming, however.
  14. got tinnitus;174832 wrote: I love McIntosh. Those mono blocks would suit me. It's going against convention but I reckon they'd sound great with a Naim front end. Those amplifiers might teach those Scala's a bit about power I suspect you might get some as yet unheard bass extension and control!
  15. .... but you finished them all Ernie. My primary school teacher told me that a . is the end of a sentence. Or have I laboured under that delusion for all these years?!?! To the OP, Hooster had plenty of good points. But to add to this. The HRT needs to be plugged into a computer to work. It gets the data off the computer, via the software you choose. It is merely a sound card, plugged into a usb port. Nothing more. With digital streaming, you have to spend a bit to get a really good result - and simply plugging a cheapish HRT into your general use computer is only going to yeild reasonable results, not top notch results. But to get from reasonable to top notch is quite a dramatic step up in cost. As it is for vinyl also. Probably cheaper with digital streaming though. $5K gets you really good results if spent correctly. Reality is that you are only testing the waters. If you do it in a half hearted manner, your going to resume spinning black stuff. If you do it properly, you will probably choose to share the duties between digital and the black stuff, unless your like some on here who have totally ditched the vinyl. But those of us who have, probably spent a fair bit getting here ( although on the scale of things, we probably have spent less to get to the level we have achieved than anyone using CD or vinyl has ). Are there many dealers within easy travelling distance for you? Edit : there is a great dealer in Napier. HiFi Gallery have great service and good stuff in there. Being that your into vinyl, you must know Gordon? He is always keen to chew the fat when it comes to big round black things. His assistant is pretty knowledgeable with regard to the other side of things
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