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  1. victoria only have 3 games live as per the normal scheduling eg. friday night, saturday night and sunday
  2. now that foxtel has switched on the new epl club hd channels can someone give an update to the current sports hd bitrates and current transponders used
  3. yeah i was in jbhifi today and experienced exactly the same thing you are taking about. both tvs playing zootopia most likely the blu ray and the suhd samsung popped like nothing else and the uled hinsense next to it looked very underwelming and dull, no pop in the colours at all
  4. hey all, im in the market for a new 65inch 4k tv and i was thinking about getting the 65inch samsung ku6000, however now i am seriously considering the new hisense uleds. has anyone picked one of these up and can provide a review? thanks in advance
  5. i watch alot of ice hockey aswell and it is the ultimate test, so it didnt perform very well rendering the stanley cup final?
  6. how does this tv go with motion and blur? im looking at getting a decent 4k tv and wondering how it handles motion in particular sports. did costco have the 65inch model?
  7. thanks for that davmel, thats perfect. geeeez, 9HD; 3.28 Mbps. thats an absolute disgrace channel 9
  8. hey all, is anyone able to do a bitrate test on 7hd to see how much 7 have dropped it since launch? im sure with 7flix changing to mpeg2 its sure to have taken abit of a hit. if we could get a current bitrate report of all the hd channels (7hd, 10hd and 9hd) that would be great. thanks in advance
  9. now that foxtel has switched on the new 3 benin sports hd channels can someone give an update to the current sports hd bitrates and current transponders used?
  10. hey no one has commented on this pop up channel since it started this morning. i was just wondering where its taken its bitrate from?
  11. channel 7 - we just love the footy - you gotta love it live and free and not in HD
  12. hey davmel, any chance you could post an updated foxtel hd channel bitrate list?
  13. who would have thought that channel 7 would be the last network to still not even announce a hd simulcast, the havn't even announced plans to deliver hd primary channel let alone deliver it. just shows how inferior a network crappy 7 is but we all new that already
  14. I have to mention that the picture quality of the movie channel look a lot better than i can remember last time i saw them
  15. Hey everyone. I just flicked onto a foxtel movie channel today and realised they've all been turned on. My question is does anyone know how long the Channels have been switched on for?
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