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  1. ADstv

    Amazon US/UK delivery time

    Update, my original parcel got shipped with Asendia which never came or it got sent to a penguin in Antarctica. Contacted Amazon and got replacement sent and it arrived in just 4 days which was amazing. I honestly think my original parcel was lost. Finally can watch the movies I have been waiting on.
  2. ADstv

    Amazon US/UK delivery time

    Order still hasn't arrived. Guess I have to contact Amazon UK now
  3. ADstv

    Amazon US/UK delivery time

    I've never had as much luck with fast deliveries. Ordered Dr Strange and Arrival and it dispatched March 20 and still hasn't arrived yet. No idea why it's so slow in Perth WA, waiting for Arrival to arrive is the same as travelling from Earth to another planet. Always found Amazon US alot quicker.
  4. ADstv


    Wish FOX Sports 1 will remove that countdown graphic on the top left. Not sure how long it takes for images to burn in on OLED TVs but the graphic appears even during ads. I have to keep changing channels in fear it might burn in!
  5. ADstv


    Noticed the flash in that scene when I watched it. Thought it was a glitch or something but checking the Digital copy, it had the same so thought it was intended.
  6. I just went to my local JB and it was nowhere to be seen. Was in a hurry and didn't ask what was the go with it not being on the shelf but will go to another JB at lunch. First time I've encountered not seeing a title on release day. I still yet to see the movie and wanted to watch it before the cricket but that's unlikely now
  7. ADstv

    Water Marks

    Far better than the large white 3D looking ones from before.
  8. ADstv

    The Expendables 3 Blu-Ray Au

    I ended up getting the German release (currently in snowy Switzerland). It worked out to be $22 aud. It has both Atmos mix in both English and German. Can test the TrueHD 7.1 track when I get back to Australia and see if there is any dropouts (which I would think the English Atmos is the same mix as the Region A release). The only movie I have in my collection that I get dropouts in Audio is Total Recall (The new one)
  9. ADstv

    The Expendables 3 Blu-Ray Au

    Was going to get this just to complete my collection. Was going to get it when I return to Australia but might have a look here in italy and see if the local copy has an atmos track. Edit: it has DTS MA 5.1
  10. If you thought Edge Of Tomorrow had some bass, wait until you hear the Dolby Atmos track for Transformers: AOE. Just arrived today from Amazon US and sampled the first 15 minutes of the IMAX 3D edition in TrueHD 7.1 and i've never heard a soundtrack like this, even the cinema could not compare. Even lower than the normal volume I watch movies at, I think half the neighbourhood could hear it.
  11. ADstv


    Didn't Twilight blu-ray get a Dolby Digital only track then later they released a uncompressed PCM option? Its really disappointing by Disney Australia. I wasn't really going to buy the local release after seeing the 5.1 track on the disc art but the UK version was still 10 days away plus more if I waited for it to ship, I saw it in 5.1 in the cinema and it sounded great so thought "Can live with the 5.1". Just didn't see the "Digital Surround" instead of "Master Audio" in the very fine print on the back. Even the menu option says "DTS Digital Surround". Disney we ain't in 2005 anymore! Was maybe looking at returning it to JB and go with importing it, but I had already claimed the digital copy.
  12. ADstv

    Edge Of Tomorrow

    Thanks for confirming benandfaith. After this was my first movie watched in Atmos and having a 7.1 system I was looking to import if it wasn't in 7.1 , Will grab it tomorrow (3D)
  13. ADstv

    Edge Of Tomorrow

    Can anyone confirm it's in 7.1? On the cover it says DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1
  14. So glad I have a raised ceiling in the middle of my theater room. I can easily add the 4 extra speakers though getting permission from my fiance to drill more holes into the roof is going to be the hurdle. Can try to argue that when I sell the house, the theater room is Atmos ready!
  15. About to go there and have a look! Update: Was able to get it, $34.95 at JB