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  1. the simpsons won't be on 10 any more, it is moving entirely over to 11. I'm going to be watching heaps of 11, just like I did with 10HD, they have the rights to loads of shows I like, they just hardly ever air them, so I will be very glad to see the arrival of 11.
  2. I'm in QLD and we don't even do daylight savings, no one hear touches their clocks, yet every year the EPG gets thrown out when the other states come on or off daylight savings, I don't understand why they would touch the QLD settings at all, I guess they must mess with it in sydney and just hope that it works across the rest of the country and they don't even bother checking it. channel 10 is an hour off in the EPG for all programs, shows are still running to proper times, but at 6:30pm neighbours would come on, yet the EPG would say the news is still on. I guess I have to call them tomorrow or something.
  3. I've noticed it a couple of times in QLD too.
  4. +1. my PVR can display all channels side by side or 1 channel at a time and when I view the EPG the programs that will be completely recorded are highlighted so if the timeslot gets changed I will notice because something I don't want is highlighted and then I will look into where my show went. channel 10 updates the EPG with precise times for the shows of the day each morning, 7 did have a bit of an attempt at this with 7 and 7two but haven't really got it working right. I just program my shows in with generous padding and set it to repeat each week, sometimes adjustment is needed but tvtonight.com.au keeps me informed and the EPG is usually pretty reliable (but you need a machine that clears the stored info and updates the EPG daily so that you don't get left with out of date information). Generally I don't have to go through all the channels to load the EPG info for that set of channels, it is usually all there when I turn on the machine, but sometimes I have to, like when I deliberately clear what is stored and it has already done its daily update.
  5. not as I undertand it, IP australia is saying that "one" is not distinctive enough to be claimed by anyone, so if 10 loses it just means that anyone can use it, if they win it means sbs can't use it.
  6. I tried to do the same thing, it must have been a last minute change as every guide I looked at said it was meant to be macbeth. I think the cricket must have finished much earlier than expected so they needed a longer movie to fill the slot. I don't know if they made any kind of announcement as when my recording started 15 minutes early the movie was already in full swing.
  7. media spy is reporting that 7two will be launched in prime viewing areas in just 2 days on wednesday. it will be called 7two on prime. http://www.mediaspy.org/report/2009/12/21/...h-on-wednesday/
  8. that sentence can be interpreted and probably will be interpreted differently, the word accurately applies to the present and following programs but not to the start times. if the sentence were "Accurate information about the present and following programs being aired (including accurate starting-times); then they would be bound, but as the sentence stands in its current construction it is only required that the program names be accurate and that starting time information be included in the listing, but the starting times don't have to be accurate unless they chuck in another "accurate".
  9. how would going back to the liberals fix anything? doubt they are going to be making any election promises to leave analog on indefinately, especially since they started the whole plan for digital switchover.
  10. 9 are not fastracking it, they thought about it but there will only be 4 episodes and then a break until after the winter olympics in america, so they decided to hold off until 2010. aussie audiences would undoubtedly think it had been axed if only 4 episodes aired and they would not bother to find out that america is doing the same thing. fastracking doesn't seem to benefit the ratings of shows, if anything it tends to hurt the ratings which is unfortunate for those of us who understand that the american schedule dictates how australian networks can air a show.
  11. there was a weird anomally during Fringe on thursday arvo. this yellow box appeared on the left side of the screen right in the middle that had the time and the temperature, it appeared for a few seconds at "1:48:36 32°" and again when the credits rolled at "1:57:01 32°". pretty sure this was a GO! thing and not my recorder because any message boxes that my machine displays are blue and grey not yellow, plus my machine doesn't have a temperature gauge as far as I'm aware.
  12. a rock from space hitting the earth is exactly the same as the earth freezing? now if you said deep impact and armageddon on the other hand.
  13. working in brisbane, but someone on the channel 7 message board said they had a problem in tasmania, but said it was working again 10 minutes later.
  14. getting quite a lot of pixellation/artifacts on GO! today and last night. in this afternoons Fringe the signal dropped out completely for a few seconds in the last segment. also noticing the picture quality of 7TWO is far better than GO!, must have a healthier bitrate.
  15. it started at 10:17pm, I think a lot of 72 will be running early just like GO! did, there are half the ads on 7two compared to 7, so it runs early instead of late like 7, they do have filler segments but they obviously need more to make shows stick to start times, or they need to adjust their start times. reaper finished just after 10pm and they used 15mins of filler and it still resulted in strikeforce starting early. it is a bit weird because they know this will happen with stargate atlantis coz they only listed it for 1.5 hours and they are showing 2 episodes. and they have said that there will be 6mins of ads in an hour, so surely they knew this would happen, so why did they not list appropriate start times like they have on thursday. hopefully they will adjust this over the next few weeks like GO! did and either add more padding or change the start times and add some more programs.
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