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  1. The problem now is if a pirate card came along that worked again I would be for the first time be tempted to get one, obviously trying to be legit and law abiding seems to only get me punished for applying legal readily available technologies in my home. yeah yeah I know terms of contract yada yada, I would be interested if the people who hold up the T&C as some defence for austar actually follow the T&C of every single device they own or subscribe too, if you do you must have a fairly boring time with them, to me half the fun of technologies is seeing how much of it I get get to work together. stockman m8, I will be cancelling most of the subscription today sometime, a couple of months ago we got a new decoder off of austar and since they have updated their system the thing locks up every half hour or so and only powering it down or resetting it will just sit there locked up, it has already ruined half a dozen or so recordings, I have gone from a value added product to a product that is barely serviceable. the 6yo box has no probs. besides it is not like I can't get the content they broadcast via other means. Edit: I'd like to point out too while I am at it, I have NO intention of subscribing to mystar, I have a pvr's and I don't need another one in my house. I have one device to power that does all I need it to do, powering multiple pvr's (one for tv and now one for austar), dvd players, blu ray, mystar, surround sound audio system, 81cm LCD tv, xbox media extender can not be cheap in the long term, add to that the cost of quality cables. My pvr does all the above (bar the tv, audio amp and xbox) and draws as little power as I can make it, it can turn itself on and off, no going to standby all the time. it saves me money on electricity bills.
  2. lol forums..... well I finally got my pvr set up working nice, I have a twinhan sat card and a cam for it, my pvr outputs 720p via hdmi cable to my Panasonic lcd tv and the picture quality is far superior to the standard s-vid, the difference between the two is vast. if you can't see a difference go and see your local eye doctor. I am also a multi-room subscriber and only have the second box/card to run in my mediacentre/pvr, we shell out around $120 a month (full subscription) for our service and I can tell you right now we will be cancelling our second subscription, we will be cancelling the movie channels as well as most of the other fluff we have subscribed too, and as soon as the footy season is over we will likely cancel the whole lot, not only are we forced to endure more and more advertising on the service we pay for austar seem to want to keep us all locked in the 90's, I wouldn't mind as much if they had a competitive product, a stop into any sat shop will show you austar box's are some of the cheapest crapiest things around, if austar had a box worth having most of us would not be complaining right now. I only have it for sport, tho the other half likes some programs, but now I have to revert to s-vid on a lcd screen, it's like getting your new nokia replaced with a early '90's "mobile" phone. We get punished for the pirates, only people penalised are paying subscribers, give it a bit of time and the pirates will be back and all this would be for nought.
  3. yeah, was one of the first things I did, added the transponder that they say carries those channels, the channels don't show up.
  4. do you receive all the austar channels? I have a TWINHAN 1034 SAT CI PCI CARD and a IRDETO VERSION 2.21A CAM, twinhans software doesn't pick up all channels by default, I added a couple of transponders(?) to it and it found a few more but it can't find HistChn, Discovery, NatGeo or FoxSports 3. Mediaportal's tv server can't find the channels either. any advice would be greatly appreciated. other than that it works fine.
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