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  1. Thanks Osmo,

    I have called Pana and was waiting for awhile so I decided to send an email. I'll see what they'll say.

    I'll try to play with the settings and do a reset on both tv and player. I want my ARC back!!! LoL....


    Sounds like it might be worth a call/email to panasonic support on the matter, I guess it's possible there's a bug in the new firmware..

    My speakers are still in the box packed up somewhere so bit hard to setup for testing your situation unfortunately, and I haven't looked at / touched the firmware or even connected it to the net.. i'm just using it as a basic player with hdmi out to a receiver. I don't think it's a region free player but I've never tried, don't have any US only discs.

    If I was in your position I would probably try reverting the player and TV to factory defaults, unplugging the hdmi cables and everything from the power, then power up, re-plug the cables and go through the setup process following the manual from scratch, if you have no luck with that you should be able to get pana support.

  2. Hi Osmo...

    I know, I was sooo pish about it.... I went through all the settings and everything from the player and the tv... There is a setting in the tv where you can let the speaker output through the Home theater but to no avail, it gave a an error and told me to check

    my settings and configuration. The reason for the update was it was set to auto. Is your player BLU-RAY region free and what firmware are you running? I can't remember if it was in the old firmware if it plays region free(was this player blu-ray region free? I know it did dvd ones). Can you check if you can play American Blu-ray disc cause mine now says error wrong region or so.

    I need someone who has version 1.5 firmware and to see if they are experiencing same problem. The old firmware I had was the best with ARC working with all sorts of input I put in the TV. If all else fails I will wait for a new firmware version from PANA again or go at it again and do some settings...

    If anyone know how to set things up right. Let me know. Thanks again... I will wait for more suggestions if there are any... Thanks Osmo... Also, one last thing was the auto update was on for blu-ray loading improvement and playability as well.


    The firmware update may have wiped your settings back to factory default ?

    There are probably some viera link / arc audio settings in the menu system if you have a dig through them.

    I have a bt-230 although I just use it as a bluray source not an amp, but I remember going through and setting it up differently to the defaults to get it working how I wanted, so if you haven't been through and looked at all the settings pages since the update it's worth a try. (Check the TV viera link settings aswell if you're stumped)

    - by the way was there any specific reason you wanted to update the firmware? (like blurays that wouldn't play etc?)

  3. Hi Guys,

    I've got a BT-230 Pana Blu-ray Home Theater. The problem I have was the player updated to a new firmware which is version 1.5.

    The old one I had was version 1.4(I think). The thing is the ARC function connected to my TV was it usually works flawlessly together with the sound and all. But since the 1.5 update the Home theater ARC function

    does not even work anymore. I can't even hear sound or the theater does not even output sound from the TV. You can normally make the sound from the tv to output to the Home Theater.

    The unit usually works when the PANA TV is turn on and home theater turns on as well. I think think function is called the Vieralink, where both TV and Home theater works

    seamlessly together. But now, it doesn't even work anymore. The only time I can get the Home theater to work is when I play Blu-Ray movies. Anybody have a similar problem as me?


  4. Hello all,

    I just got the p54v20a for $2450 from Harvey Norman including the extended warranty and delivery.

    I am really happy with the picture quality, however, the TV buzzes during bright scenes. I don't think it is bad as what Macy517 was experiencing.

    I have turned the contrast down to 20, but I can hear a faint buzz when the volume is low during greyish bright scenes and can hear the buzz when the volume is loud when the screen is white (like during SBS white logo scene at the start of commercial breaks)

    I read in a whirlpool.net.au post that plasma panel buzz is a normal phenomenon, but at approximately 3metres away, I would have thought it to be reasonable to not have to hear this annoying sound.

    The TV is on the stand and is about 30cm away from the wall.

    I am looking for advice on how to proceed.

    Do I:

    A ) Get the TV fixed/replaced

    B ) Get an LCD instead

    C ) Do nothing and just put up with the noise.



    Go for A all the way.... it is very odd to have this buzzing noise. As for my set it is almost dead silence with the buzzing... I have rigorously tested it with mute on while having all sort of bright scenes and action scene and have not heard a single buzz. Get it over and done with while it is still an early purchased. Good luck and keep us all posted.

  5. Just got one from my local JB for $88 (part of a deal as I bought another 8-way Belkin power boards as I ran out plugs for the one I am using upstairs).

    Works well. Updated TV system software. Tried out the DLNA and pretty pleased with the results from my Media Centre.


    Great stuff!!!

  6. SOLVED!!!

    Hey everyone, just solved my own problem...

    ARC with all HDMI input connection lock and loaded

    HDMI 1=Pana Bluray Recorder

    HDMI 2(ARC)=BT230 HT



    I ran a firmware update on the BIG guy and I'm now running version 3500(in memory)

    -No problems with the ARC anymore.... works like a charm now.

    -Interface is much cleaner and faster loading.

    still have to play around for more to notice anything else. Also all my setting have remained intact after the firmware update.

    Took about 6mins or so, just follow the screen prompt. Very simple.


  7. Have just detected another issue. I have run an ethernet cable from my TV to my modem/router. Have tried to set up the network. Network type set to wired, IP/DNS settings set to auto, when I run connection test is shows Network cable connection okay, but times out on Check Acquired IP Address, saying no IP address not found, check connection and settings. Any ideas??


    Hi Macy setting up wired connection was simple. I just ran connection test and got all the tick. Didn't have to do much tinkering with it. Check your firewall configurations in your modem/router.

  8. Update....

    -ARC working just fine with BT230 connected to HDMI port 2 in TV

    -But after hooking up all HDMI input ports(1 & 3) in the TV I lose the ARC function...

    -To get it working again, turn off TV unplug HDMI port 1 and 3 and turn tv on with just HDMI port 2 connected and ARC function works again.

    -Then plug HDMI input 1 & 3, this maintains ARC function still working. Strange... seems like HDMI gets mixed up with the connections when all HDMI ports are loaded.

    -Anyone else having this problem? Just a heads up. Maybe updating the tv firmware resolves this issue....


  9. It is my understanding that you have to make sure that the HDMI Cables ate 1.4 or above as they have the extra set of return wires. If you have older HDMI cables, you will still need the optical cable.


    1.3C should be fine... tested it on mine(maybe the latest C version works on it not sure with the lower versions). 1.4 has the Ethernet capability as well. I got mine updated with the 1.4 just to stay with the latest HDMI connections =)

    Once you get your BT230 synchronize with the TV(HDMI port 2) all you got to do is turn the tv on and wait for like 20seconds and the BT230 speakers takes over the tv and they are both link up. Which is pretty cool. Even the TV remote says Home cinema when adjusting the tv volume... =)

  10. i bought mine yesterday, all excited, wall mount the plasma, remove the wrapper of the panel and what do i see, a 2cm scratch bottom rite hand corner behind the energy rating sticker. grrrrr



    Looks like a crack Plasmarulz.... did you give the shop where you got it from a call and tell them about it? Looks nasty.... return it ASAP!!!

    How did you go with it?

  11. Hi all

    I have recently bought a TH-P50V20A with the free Avatar SC-BT230 home theatre offer.

    Really happy with the TV except for the following glitch.

    When the BT230 arrived, I set it up and plugged HDMI cable in to port 1. I lost my TV picture for all channels except ABC and SBS. Looking at the signal strength / quality showed very good strength (8 to 10) but quality less than 1 - other than ABC and SBS. When I unplugged the HDMI cable , signal quality goes back up to 7 to 10 across the board (depending on station) and picture is fine. I plugged my AppleTV into HDMI 1 and found a significant but smaller drop in signal quality, resulting in several channels dropping out. Plugging the cable into a different HDMI port sees reception restored - as long as HDMI port 1 is empty.

    Has anyone else had a problem with HDMI port 1? Solutions? SHould I be getting the Panasonic tech on the phone?


    Try plugging in HDMI port 2... in the ARC. Does it still do the same thing? I have all my HDMI ports connected and the ARC function working.

  12. Yeah i'm very keen to here how you go with that, it is bothering me.. and i can't imagine what is making the noise it sounds terrible. Like a component about to pop or a fan catching on something, no idea.

    What was the CATS setting mentioned before for flicker? i couldn't find it..


    C.A.T.S. (Contrast Automatic Tracking System) – Automatically senses the ambient light conditions and adjusts the brightness and gradation accordingly. Provides the best possible picture contrast for each operating environment. This feature also helps reduce power consumption and minimize phosphor aging.

    This is actually the ECO function :D I have mine turned off =)

  13. Has anybody bought the Panasonic wireless dongle for this TV

    Panasonic DYWL10EK model? I've read that the TV does updates itself with firmware when available.

    Saw this one;


    But I've read digital center have bad rep for their service. Let a broda know


    Updated my BT 230 firmware version 1.10 to 1.31 last night with great success. Noticed the player loads up BD movies much faster and

    more responsive with the remote control too.

  14. Most plasma panels buzz, but shouldn't be audible more than 1-2ft from the front of the display - even when audio is muted. The buzzing can be worse with when more white content is being displayed on screen.

    Check out Ezyhd for HDMI cables. Keith has a good reputation on the forums.

    Generally speaking TVs will passthrough audio from external source through their digital optical out, however it will be downscaled to stereo - it won't be DD5.1 They will output DD5.1 from FTA HD broadcasts when there is any DD5.1 being broadcast. You are better off to have audio from your X-Box fed straight from the X-Box to your AVR.

    As for ARC - this is only available on newer HDMI v1.4 compliant equipment.


    Just got my HDMI at EzyHD today... yay... took only an overnight delivery to get here with DHL tracking service. My HDMI at the moment is 1.3C connected to the ARC(plasma) and to the ARC(BT-230). Would it be better to connect it with the HDMI v1.4 that I ordered at EzyHD?

    Gotta tell you these HDMI looks SOLID and TOP GUN!!!

  15. For Australian 50Hz video content you need to set the PC for 50Hz output or you will get judder problems. 50Hz input should be displayed at 100Hz and flicker free unless you have very sensitive eyes.

    TV's normally cannot accept more than 60Hz input.


    Hi Owen,

    was wondering if plugging the PC to the HDMI of the TV would suffice a good connection but change the refresh rate of the PC setting to 50Hz as what you'd advice.

    Would it be alright or should I use other connection for PC.

    the PC connected to the tv would be mainly movies and some web email content such as this one :)

  16. I bought my 54V20 6 days ago. Right from the start I have noticed the buzz, very noticeable on mute. Advised by Panasonic to ring my local repairer for warranty service call. Booked in for Tuesday. Harvey Norman, where I purchased it from, says if repairer cant fix it they will replace it. Will let you know what happens.


    Hi osmo and macy... I've tested the tv last night with this buzzing noise with contrast adjusted and also with lots of white scenes happening and so far there is no audible noise that you both describe of. But there is a subtle noise when you put your ears close enough to the back tv. Is the buzzing noise a constant buzz or just now and then on your sets? Let us know how you go with the service call macy.

  17. Yeah i'm not stoked about the buzz, that was one of the reasons i wrote off samsung sets. It stops inbetwee channels or while the menu is loading, then returns as soon as any picture is being displayed.

    I've turned the contrast down now, 60 instead of 80. Don't know much about burning them in etc so don't want to do any harm.

    Why turn the sharpness down out of interest ?

    Question: About to buy some cables - if i plug something into the TV hdmi input, will it pass the sound out through the TV optical output into the receiver ? Or does it only output TV tuner audio through that? So in other words do i have to buy another hdmi cable to have xbox - receiver - tv. (only have one at the moment).


    Turning down the sharpness for example 1080p content such as BLURAY which is already in high quality beats the purpose of having the sharpness at 50 or having it at all. Don't really need to improve the picture when its already in high quality format. But for grainy pictures adjusting the sharpness can define a picture or produce grainy noise on the picture. Example such as the world cup and afl football matches. Watch closely on the grass and how the football travels in the air. It just a matter of tweaking things =)

    As for the HDMI, the 54v20 has an ARC function, especially for HDMI INPUT 2 which I have connected with my BT-230 HDMI(This has the ARC on it as well). Think of it as a connection that can travel in both ways not just one =) which is very handy indeed. Hope this helps you. Give it a try.

    On another note, I found that having quality cables(component, HDMI etc...) helps reduce noise and grains on the picture.

  18. Well mine's up and running, pretty happy so far!

    Free to air TV looks better than i thought it would.

    The normal picture modes are a bit dull for my liking, dynamic looks extreme but yeah 100 contrast not good presumably. Backed it off to about 75 contrast with all the other settings the same and i'ts looking pretty good. Obviously will tweak more at some stage when i learn more about it but for now it looks good.

    Two things i've noticed tho, pretty noticeable buzz/electrical noise coming from the rear of it.. i didn't notice it until i poked my head behind to plug in some more inputs, but you can notice it if it's muted and your standing in front of it. Not really an issue since it ain't gonna be watched on mute or standing that close but i'm just wondering if everyone's does it or just mine ??

    Also notice some slight flicker, thought it was probably the TV broadcast refresh rate but it is noticeable on the EPG menu aswell... if you look closely there's a fair bit of grainy noise too.

    Again not really an issue once your in the normal seating position and watching content... (although the EPG flicker is still noticeable) - just wondering if this is normal (never had a plasma before), or just mine..


    Glad to know that its nicely set up...

    Will have to check on the buzzing on mute mode tonight.

    As for the flicker that is the CATS setting. Turn that off and eco off as well in the picture setting/set up/advance section. You shouldn't get any more flicker from that. Also, adjust your contrast... remember its a new set don't go overboard on the contrast just as yet cause a dark and sudden bright scene can make the picture difference from the contrast. Have also sharpness down. Mine is at a 25-40 range. As for my Contrast is at the 55-65 settings as I'm waiting for the 100hrs run time, then I'll move it to the 70+ mark =)

    There are quite a few more adjustments to get that grainy noise to a minimal. Was it the (NR)Noise Reduction setting. Or the enhancer... hehehe Its one of those. Not sure how Kiwimeat set his up.

    But mine looks mighty fine for now. Bluray & HDDVD looks really awesome. Any issues with Judder on yours Kiwi regarding playing 1080p on 24p content?

    had to adjust mine on the player while having 24p off. It is clear on Planet Earth HDDVD but for the BLURAY version its EYE CANDY all round =)


  19. I'm not bothered about the drop - still happy with the deal I got and more importantly very happy with the panel.

    I stayed under $3K by a couple of hundred. I got the extended warranty almost halved in price to just over $200.

    I didn't think to ask for a free power surge board as I have all the ones I need (same for HDMI cables - I get mine from EZYHD).

    I was happy enough with the BT230 BD HT system and the Xbox 360 Elite.


    Thanks Kiwi... just ordered some HDMI at Ezyhd...

    How are the quality of the product? No problems at all?

    Also how long is the delivery?

    Tnx Mate...

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