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  1. Anyone feeling in a generous mood and would like to post up the region free firmwares for the above players? Thanks. neuty
  2. Not me peter. Mind the region free firmware would be Very handy for European players. neuty
  3. I believe that a region free firmware is needed to be installed first to allow region free playback. This is supplied in the box with instructions on how to do it. Australia only, but the same firmware will work on UK machines. Firmware is player specific, and once done region changes can be made as often as needed with the simple code. Its not confirmed if future firmwares will kill the region free side, but i have a feeling like with the days of HDDVD, that once the firmware is installed region free is never affected. neuty
  4. I would also like to ask, if any kind soul would like to make a copy of the files from there region free firmware disc (use IMGBURN is best) and upload to a suitable place. The BDX3200 and the BDX1100 would be great. This is Greatly appreciated. neuty
  5. This is now confirmed that you can flash the Australian firmware onto a European player to make it multi region for dvd and Bluray. neuty
  6. Is the region hack permanent for dvd and bd? is there a region free selection for dvd and bd? thanks neuty
  7. Off to see HURTS at HMV Institute in Birmingham (UK) on thursday night. The album is superb, very Depeche Mode electro style. Hurts - Wonderful Life hope you like. neuty
  8. If you have never seen Simply Red before, you are in for a treat of your life. One of the best live bands ever for me. Been 4 times over the years. Seen them on there debut album tour Picture Book. Enjoy it. neuty
  9. Now this is exciting stuff. Lets just hope that we get the same effort into this as it seems has been done on Aliens. This is one of the very few films that I have watched extra's too. Love it. If JC is reading, don't bother with 3D for this. neuty
  10. The UK Universal replacement disc's have just started shipping. Mine arrived in the post at 8.00 am (UK Time) this morning. neuty
  11. I dont know how to check, but maybe you have one of the new pressings. You would have known within 5 mins if yours was faulty. neuty
  12. The only one's affected are in the UK Quadrilogy box set. If you have the single disc editions they are fine. My uncle had his returned some weeks ago, but still had the email explaining the replacement program. I have tried his disc on my PS3 and my Oppo, and both made the buzzing noise. It can be heard over the film, i did when I tried his. neuty
  13. You need to set your PS3 for LPCM for HDMI in audio settings. As ajm said your PS3 does the decoding internally and sends out the audio as LPCM to your AVR. You won't see flashy Dolby TrueHD or DTS HD Master Audio lights on your avr, but you are hearing equal to it. I have mine setup this way. When playing a movie back using this setup. Push the display button on the PS3 remote. On screen will be all the disc details. Top right will tell you what audio you are playing back. hope this helps. neuty
  14. As far as I understood, Worldwide, Avatar is the same release. neuty
  15. Also Alien Anthology Xmas 2010 by the look of this
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