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  1. Bugger. Neither seem to have it. After my EP10 broke down, I'm after extra 'insurance' for the future. What's a 60 odd movie collection, when you can't play it? Right?
  2. Oh what!? Damn. Well I just called Toshiba and they said to go to a service agent in Mascot (Sydney). They said it may be caused by me killing the power after the player froze. I said, well what the heck else was I supposed to do? So you reckon the service guy can't help me?
  3. If it's any consolation to people waiting on titles, my barely used Toshiba EP10 is dead already. So after a couple of movies and a season of Nip Tuck, it decided to pack its bags and go on a holiday. Thanks Toshiba! Hopefully you'll be kind enough for warranty. On that note, I wonder how they'll cope with the next 2 years of warranty complaints.
  4. Thanks all for the help. To clarify, it stops before it even turns on so to speak. So I can't even get a menu. All I get is a 'No Signal' from the TV and a "Welcome" on the player, which normally should turn into a "No Disk" message after a while. When it worked fine, after 40 odd seconds the "welcome" would turn into "no disk" and I'd get the player's menu. So yeah, it's effectively dead before the player's menu starts. I manually took the disk out too so the player is empty. I ran it through HDMI and AV (Composite). No component, since I don't have the cables. Neither of them went anywhere. I'll try the 3 minute thing, otherwise off to Toshiba it is. I knew I should have bought another couple of xbox 360 addons!
  5. I'd love to, but as I've explained. I can't get as far as the menu. It freezes at the Welcome part. So I don't even get an image on the screen.
  6. Quick question guys: Will hddvduser's firmware (2.8) void my warranty?
  7. Initialize after upgrade? What do you mean? I upgraded ages ago and it has been working really well ever since. Just all of a sudden it stopped. So what did you do to fix it?
  8. Hi gstock, I believe it's 2.8 which was put on a few months back when the HD-DVD rush was on. Worked fine until I tried Heroes.
  9. Yeah, I did that. When it starts up again, it still won't go past the Welcome part.
  10. Hi everyone, I bought an EP10 a while ago to watch my collection of HD-DVD movies. It worked fine and I didn't use it too much. I upgraded it with hddvduser's firmware a while ago and it has been working fine until today. So I tried Heroes, the first disk. It worked fine at the start. Showed the HD-DVD intro, but then froze at chapter 1, 0 minutes. I couldn't turn it off, so I took out the power cord. Thinking it was a random freeze, I tried turning it on again, but it gets stuck at the Welcome part. I manually took out the disk, turned it off via the cable and it still doesn't work. It just stops at the Welcome screen, while the TV says no signal. Any suggestions? Has this happened to anyone else? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  11. Yep, bought one too. I was not impressed with the crappy build quality. It feels really cheap. Other than that, I'm quite happy with it.
  12. You guys are awesome. Thanks for the tips. I can see now why some said it's not the most intuitive system at the start. But once you get used to it, it works really well. I can't believe how long it took me to figure out how to assign buttons to a device, not an activity. Then to the activity for it to work like I wanted too. Now it all works really well. I also noticed that the remote does have a sensor. So when you pick it up when it's inactive, it automatically switches on. I read somewhere it lacks this though, so I was surprised that it works.
  13. Sweet! Well, I figured out what I was doing wrong. Of sorts. I was not assigning the teletext buttons to the console under the devices, only activities. Now I've learned a bit more about how this works and it seems to be working like a charm! Thanks for your help. EDIT: P.S. I see what you mean by only using activities. It makes sense now, and no need to use the devices individually.
  14. EDIT: Eureka! I figured it out. I was changing the activities buttons instead of going to the Device and changing it from there. The teletext colored buttons are working like a charm now, and the whole thing makes a more sense!
  15. Bugger. So the Teletext functions don't get picked up by the remote in the Console function, unless I create an activity that uses them? EDIT: Also what I meant before is that in the LCD display (Additional Buttons), I can select X, Y, etc for the 360. However as mentioned before, the teletext buttons are disabled unless the device is set to TV. So I'm still uncertain how I can assign the xbox 360 buttons to the teletext colored buttons.
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