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  1. Yeah i went to pick up the Star Wars set for $88 after seeing it online for that price with the "find in store" logo under it. No prices may differ etc under it like some products have in orange. Still no go they said it was 118. Bit of a waste of time. I wish they would make it totally clear which products are or are not those prices in store.
  2. I am happy to share it with community members here if you have an e-mail address but prefer it kept within the members of the site.
  3. No worries. Will scan it later tonight.
  4. Got a Panasonic TH-P50G10A for $1040.00 from JB today + 159.00 for 2 year extended warranty. That was the stickered price didn't bother haggling as a few people were there and interested in buying and didn't want to end up with a floor model. Almost picked up the S model when dicksmith were clearing them out for $999 but after doing some running around looking for a better deal i ended up only being able to get a floor model. Wasn't going to chance it this time.
  5. My foxtel is set to 16:9 and was always fine before. I don't seem to have issues for any other components of my set up ps3,xbox etc they all display right to the edge. I have the latest firmware and when fox is running through the DP-P2 on standby it is fine. When viewing on channel 950 the bars are still there. DP-P2 My config is as follows a/v output is PAL-component-1080i-16:9 av input is enable-full-composite-PAL Foxtel - (normal old foxtel box not IQ or HD) Programme Display - Pillar Box Aspect Ratio Control - By STU Tv Type - 16:9 4:3 Programme Display - Pillar Box Video Output - PAL TV Composite/Component - HDTV - Full If any of those settings stick out as wrong then give me a yell but I have tried others and these were working fine before getting the DP-P2. Only thing I can think of is possibly trying to get a Scart S-video cable for the foxtel as that is obviously sending through a pretty low quality signal. Still I don't want to waste money if it won't make a difference.
  6. I have not read all 27 pages so i am really sorry if this has been answered here. I am just wondering if anyone has 1cm black bars down each side with foxtel plugged into this unit? Is there anyway to get rid of them? Other than this little problem I am loving the unit which i picked up today.
  7. I didn't have the latest update but do now and It still no better. I've watched another 3 movies this weekend with no probs so it really does seem to be a disk problem. Will try to take it back again I guess see if I can get someone who is more helpful. Thanks for the tip anyway.
  8. Anyone having any problems with their watchmen disk? I bought one at big w yesterday put it in my ps3 and it jumped and skipped and sound dropped out. All my other movies and ps3 games work perfectly. Decided to take it back to big w for a swap. They tried it in their cabinet ps3 and it seemed to work there. So obviously they wouldn't swap it. Now I'm stuck with a disk that doesn't play properly in my machine.
  9. I've had mine for almost a week now. Football (watched one game of NRL), sport (watched NBA Play offs) or any show for that matter that are shot in HD look great. Blu-ray and HD DVD look as good as you could imagine a picture looking really. Shows that are not shot in HD don't come up all that great really. Haven't played a ps3 game on it yet but Xbox games through HDMI look great too. One problem I have had even with motionflow on was jerky movement when playing rockband 2. Other games I don't seem to either notice any jerky movement and I even played the GH Metallica demo and that was smooth. However the fast scrolling of the RB2 the tv seemed to struggle. Maybe my settings are not right but it made that game unplayable it was that bad. I'm still not sure if i'm 100% satisfied with it yet I need more time to fiddle around with it before I make my final judgements.
  10. Thanks for that Hideous turning the noise reduction off did improve the look of SD for sure not sure if it made much difference on the HD channels probably looks slightly better on low on them but probably easier to have it off. What's the general consensus on motionflow? I can't say i notice much difference with it on.
  11. Anyone got any suggested settings for the KDL-40E4500? Also is there any tips to get SD picture looking any better? HD stuff looks awesome most of the time especially from blu-ray but some of the regular SD channels are very poor quality at times. I haven't read all 89 pages sorry if this is answered somewhere.
  12. Bit of an impulse buy for me today but saw that the Bravia KDL-40E4500 had dropped a bit after going around seeing what the best I could get for it I managed to get it for $1716 + 5 year warranty for 1935 total. Was really after a white tele so I'm very happy. Hope it doesn't go any cheaper soon but I think I did well.
  13. Anyone have an idea if Panasonic are likely to start offering the free blu-ray player with other models. I'm really after a model with a swivel stand as my current plasma has one and I seem to use it regularly.
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