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  1. HI Stephen, While the deal at the Good Guys sounds good in theory, if you check the reward system it's a little more complicated. They give you reward points which you can use towards a holiday with that company. However it only partially covers it. For instance if a hotel is $800 for 3 nights, they might let you use $150 in rewards points, but you have to pay the rest. Now, with that out of the way, on to TVs. If she just watches TV, then the 670A is fine. It's actually $680 at JB at the moment. You can try the 'equivalent' Samsung model (F5000) and she'll be pleased with that too no doubt. The former is $600 at JB at the moment, so it depends how much you want to spend. If you do want 3D and more fancy stuff (and a 100Hz panel with a smoother image) then maybe go for the F6400 Samsung or W800A Sony. They're both $850 odd. If she's not fussy then most of those models will do fine, so it's up to your budget and what you want out of the TV. The 32" versions are really cheap. Like the Samsung is $338.
  2. Hi, I was looking at upgrading my old 32" Samsung LCD and was after some advice and this seems like an excellent place to get some. I narrowed it down to the LED range and most likely around the 40" – 42" size. I could push it to 55" but I tend to sit relatively close to the TV so that's probably too big for my lounge. I am however happy to hear advice in the 50"+ range too. The Sony W800A and Samsung F6400 seem good. JB have the F6700 which confused me a bit as it looks like the F7100 series which only come in 46" and above from what I saw on their site. So I assume it's the F6400 with a different case. The Sony apparently has really good input lag (or lack thereof). While I'd mainly be using it for gaming, I'm after something that also has great image quality, colors and good contrast. 3D and internet is really not important. What would you guys suggest? Any models you have that you've been happy with? Sony W800A Lowest input lag which is great for gaming. 2" bigger than the Samsung counterpart. Good color reproduction. Downside is that I noticed some flicker on some scenes that the Samsung didn't have. Samsung F6400/6700 These seem like the same panel to me but the 6700 is apparently a JB exclusive and looks like the 6400 internals on a 7100 case. Colors were nice. Higher input lag than Samsung. Panasonic ET60A Nice colors and decent TV but apparently has some contrast issues and input lag problems. Also came across this which I'm dubious of but found interesting:
  3. Hmmm, good idea! Also, are the new remotes really badly built? Mine kind of creaks when I move it... it doesnt feel sturdy like other remotes, but really cheap like it's going to break quickly. Has it always been like this, or is it the recent 'cheaper' ones?
  4. Yep! That's the one! Bastards. To be honest the overall build looks cheaper than the ones I remember. It feels like it'll fall apart if drop it by mistake. Why on earth would they not include that though? Also, my Samsung LCD doesn't start on DTV... switches to normal TV, not DTV when I turn it on.
  5. Does everyone's Harmony come without a USB port plug?
  6. I hate BigW when it comes to buying discs from them. Every game I bought (at least from my local store) has had scratches. Some so severe that the game would freeze or the 360 can't even read it. It's because of the way those incompetent fools at the stores store them. Bundled up together, discs scratching other discs. The last time I went there I bought NFS Pro Street. Low and behold, the girl serving couldn't find it for ages. When she finally did, she gave me the first disc she saw which also came with a bent/ripped booklet. Good customer service would get you to think that she would at least try to be nice after wasting 30 min of my time by getting a good copy...
  7. Guys, it's been repeated about a zillion times in these forums. There are two US versions. The BBC one (Amazon) and the Discover Channel one. The difference is in who narrates it. The difference between the US BBC and Australian BBC is that the Aus. version has 2 extra episodes of leopards. Nothing to get your panties wet over, so I'd say if you can't find anything locally, the $44 Amazon copy is EXCELLENT! Trust me, you won't miss the extra disc we get in Australia.
  8. *cough* Why is it that the 'naughty' stuff isn't on special...
  9. Do they have an official email address? I'm going to write them my two cents worth and I encourage everyone else to do the same.
  10. I think this order is more appropriate: (1) X x DTV Forum Members orders (2) 1 x AU based orders (3) 2 x AU based orders* (4) 1 x foreign based orders (5) 2+ AU based orders (6) 1+ foreign based orders
  11. I'm not sure which eBay guy you people are referring to. The previous link someone posted is to the US version of Planet Earth (4 discs). Our version sold locally at JB is different.
  12. Hehe. I've added it to my sig as 'subliminal information' for people.
  13. Haha! Well more than half the people bought bad movies simply because they were cheap. (Myself included)
  14. Totally. Kudos to them for taking their time to reply. And it seems like they actually manually replied to each person. Good work guys!
  15. Yeah, it sure did. F*ck f*ck f*ck. And apparently some overseas guys bought 30 odd copies.
  16. Where is JB's Australian spirit? I buy most of my stuff from there because I like to support local stores. Now they're selling 30 copies to some guy overseas and living us Aussies dry. So much for wanting to support them when they don't support us in return. Grrrr...
  17. Hey buddy. What are the contact details? I wouldn't mind giving them a buzz.
  18. I sure hope so, because I barely did mine today after work. Included a quick letter asking nicely if they could send a couple of titles I was after. But I highly doubt that will happen. I guess I'll be getting 5 copies of Norbit.
  19. I was going to have I actually... Own a copy of Norbit. But alas, it was too late by the time I thought of adding it. Updated the top post with proper percentages. Seems most people have 3+ players, yet under 40 movies. Then again, I'm guessing there is a link between people that bought 3+ and those that have 60+ movies.
  20. I must admit. I bought a handful of titles such as *cough* Doom *cough* and Chuck/Larry that normally I would stay clear of. But heck, for $10 I couldn't resist. Since the scaler on the Toshibas aren't bad, I went and got some decent DVD titles too. Damn you Credit Card!
  21. Haha. Just saw your sig. That made for a good laugh.
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