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  1. If it's anything like what happened when the South East got Nine, if they have a GO channel it could well appear there, but with all the Go information. Eventually Austar got the message and now we have Mount Gambier Nine as a channel. So, first they should check there, otherwise, no go at that point in time.
  2. Quick query: we are getting Win9 switched on down here on Sunday. They were mentioning on the news tonight that we'd need to retune our set top boxes. Now I know I can't retune it, but will the box pick up on this change by itself or will it need to be told by Austar of the fact that all our channels have changed?
  3. According to the ads, Win9 Goes live on October 9. Go! is appearing on our MyStar on Channel 088... hopefully WIN broadcast it when they start the 9 broadcast.
  4. Hi all, I'm looking at buying a cheapass USB TV tuner for my laptop. Provided it can pick up SD (HD is a bonus), can support a "proper" antenna jack, costs $100 or less, and is reasonably reliable, and comes with some reasonable software: enough to watch TV, as the laptop has got Vista Business, but gets an upgrade to 7 Pro, which has Media Centre. Thanks in advance for your help.
  5. It was announced on WIN News down here last night that a new third channel would begin broadcasting in the Riverland and South East South Australia. From what I could gather from the news article last night, it would be beginning in October this year, it will be a simulcast of 9, it would be occupying the channel now occupied by WIN7, and the current two WIN broadcasts, WIN7 and Ten, would remain. It will also be SD only: no analouge or HD. For me, it only means new episodes of The Big Bang Theory. So... Thoughts on this? My initial question is how they were able to get a third license, but there we go.
  6. Speaking as either the only owner of a (usually) functional MyStar or one of, like, three, if I were in John Porter's shoes, I'd be telling Thomson to shove it where the sun don't shine, immediantly go seek out whoever makes TiVos, and hit up some agreement with them for an Austar TiVo (after promptly refunding all the people the money that they've paid for their dodgy MyStars). Our Mystar has been fritzy since L66. Failing that, The IQ2 appears to work well (from what I've read). If TiVo said no, I'd get the Foxboxes, if I could. /dreams that will not come true
  7. You might have to restart it to get the menu back... it happens to us, and it's annoying. (Pressing and holding the button will bring up the version info too)
  8. Stupid, stupid, stupid L66... Three major points: Point 1: I sometimes change the channel before I turn the TV on. In the new update, the LCD on the front of the box doesn't show you what numbers you're entering. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Point 2: Restarts are more frequent, again, to get the TV Guide to load in a timely fashion. Planner isn't affected. Point 3: Sometimes the menus don't want to play nice. So... from a practically perfectly functional box with only one or two minor kinks in it to this mess... not happy!
  9. It generally rears its head after a restart. I don't know why it wants to do it after a restart when it really should do it at four in the morning.
  10. A mate of mine has a DVD recorder\VCR combo thing that ignored the macrovision on a video I taped and have tried in several different ones toput onto DVD, only to be told that it was copy protected. It's a Samsung.
  11. Let's see what improvements (or otherwise) L66 brings.
  12. I think it asks you which one you want, although I know you can go into the online TV guide options and you can rename them from OUTLET001 to something more meaningful from the names they'd like you to use (i.e. Grannyflat).
  13. I've gotten it to work fine under IE7 on Vista, with not the latest version of flash but the one before.
  14. Simple solution: set the series link, watch the first episode, put a Keep on the first episode, don't delete it unless the link goes belly up (which happens)
  15. It was on the back of the address panel thingy that came with the frisbee book they sent out. We didn't realize until I thought, hang on, we've got free showtime for a while this month! on sunday. I can confirm it was available, as I watched Across the Universe on Showcase on Sunday, and we've not paid for showtime for nearly ten years now.
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