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  1. Hi wheelz Good so you have the proof also. I couldnt find it in my stuff. Yeah the click had a slight delay but not 10 or more seconds that mine is taking. Still waiting to hear from Pioneer by the way
  2. how many wines did you have again? Im not sure if i would be relying on someones impressions that may or may not have been distorted by alcohol consumption. Although maybe thats how some of the reviews are actually done these days Just kidding to the original poster - or am i
  3. Hey guys Just an update. Had the tuner module replaced a few weeks ago due to low signal strength and causing pixelation and chirping etc. The New module fixed the issue and all was working well until 1 week ago. Lost Digital picture altogether so i switched over to analogue and i had picture and sound. Switched back to digital and the screen had no pic or audio, switched back to analogue no picture but sound !!! I also noticed that when i turned the TV off with the remote the little blue power light would turn to red to show it was off but the click would happen about 10 seconds later.. which normally was at the same time as the light changing from blue to red so not sure what thats about. Anyway, had the fella come today with 2nd module. Connected it up and had analogue pic and sound so that was good. He scanned for digital channels and it scanned for about 20 seconds then failed. Tried it again and failed within a couple os seconds. Have no digital picture or sound but have analogue. He rang Pioneer and the tech suggested that it sounds like it may be a signal booster that i am running on my antenna (which i'm not) that is blowing up these modules!!! They have ordered another tuner module so another weeks wait to see if the next one is going to do the same thing.. Now if the next module has the same fault you would think the issue doesnt lie with the module and that something else that the module connects to is causing the problem. What happens if they have to take the TV away? As with a previous comment i made - When i purchased the TV the Pioneer website stated that during the 5 year warranty period if the TV cannot be fixed onsite they would supply a loaner until mine is repaired. The website doesnt mention this now. Another member stated that it was only for the LX models but i believe that to be incorrect as i never looked at the LX models due to price difference. Can anyone that owns a 508XDA remember about this loaner clause? Thanks edit: Ive rung Pioneer to hear their response and initally i was told that they dont have these tv's for loaners anymore so they cant do anything about it. So they did actually admit knowledge of the Loaner situation in the warranty period. But they are getting the fellow in charge to call me so i'll see what he has to say. Hopefully it doesnt get to the point that the TV needs to be taken away but id like to see where i stand just in case.
  4. Just to let those of you Pioneer owners know who may interested. The issue i had has been resolved. Technician came out last week and replaced Tuner Module. All good now. So if you start to get chirps etc on most/all channels all of a sudden, then press the info button on your remote and look at the signal level meter on the screen. If its down in the red/brown area good chance the tuner module is buggered. Which i think was a SONY branded part. Im not 100% sure if it was that part that i saw Sony on. I had to run and do something whilst the tech was replacing the part and by the time i got back he had the back of the TV back together again.
  5. I dont recall anything about the loaner only being for the LX. Where does it say that? I
  6. thanks they had to order the part then they will call me to make a time - not even sure the tuner module is the issue as was diagnosed over the phone by a fella at Pioneer. Have to wait and see. Pfft to the other "person"
  7. Hi, I rang Pioneer and they got me to run a test - it appears that it may be the tuner. They gave me a phone number of a localish service centre. They are going to order the tuner module and when it arrives make appt to come and replace it. I just hope that this is the actual problem.
  8. Hi Guys My Pioneer 508XDA has been playing up in the past week or so. It has been pixelating and chirping every now and again on most channels. The coloured signal meter that shows in the on screen display when you press the channel info button has always been right to the top of the scale on green. Now most channels are in the red and showing maybe 1 - 3 bars. I have other TV's in the house on the same antenna which are CRT without set top boxes and one with a Set top box and picture quality is no problem. I spoke to an Antenna fella on the phone and he asked if I could connect the set top box to the Pioneer and check to see if it still having the same issue. After i connected the box there was no pixelation or chirps. He advised me that it must be the Internal Tuner in the Pio and to ring a tech. Does this sound right to you guys or is there something else i need to check before i get them out here? Thanks
  9. thanks very much moes i truly appreciate your effort with all this. i will consider both options and check them out. i'll let you know how i get on thanks again buddy
  10. Thanks for your reply Moes. Gee i must have been having a good typing day the other day. Im surprised that you even knew what i meant. Well i did get one of the a/v switch boxes - it was a 3 input to 1 output which did the trick as far as getting the STB, DVD and VCR displayed on TV. My next question is How do i get the VCR to record shows from STB? I have the loop out cable from STB to VCR and composite outputs from VCR back to A/V switch box. I dont know if i have to scan the vcr frequencies until i get the picture from the set top box - is this what i have to do? OK thinking after the info above - if i use the composite output from STB and connect to VCR input (rather than connecting to a/v switch box) then would the picture come through a particular channel on VCR which could then be recorded?
  11. Hi guys Can you help with something please. I am going to set up a set top box for my mother. The issue is that the oldish CRT TV (TEAC) that she has only has one INPUT which is a SCART connection that has got a little SCART to RCA box plugged into it with red yellow white. The issue i have is this. I have to connect Set top box to TV via Yellow Red White - easy Then the Loop from the set top box to the VCR which is fine. Then i have to connect the DVD player to the TV and also thethe VCR picture back to the TV. All by composite connections She doesnt have a scart cable but i dont know if buying one would allow set top box to tv, vcr back to tv and dvd to tv. Can anyone temm me what the simple solution is - would scrat solve all this or would i need to get one of those multi a/c connector box thingos. Cheers
  12. arent guys that buy BIG cars thought to be trying to compensate for something? Maybe its the same for TV's
  13. dont know if you still have this issue but did you talk to tech at pioneer?
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