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  1. I'm looking to replace my Yamaha RX-V2065 receiver with an updated equivalent - i need 2 outputs for TV and projector - as a concession to the missus i haven't turned the lounge into a man cave so am running a 5.1 set-up with small Mordaunt Short book shelf speakers as front and rear surrounds with MS center speaker & sub in a medium sized room. Have between $1k-$2k to spend - have no make preference although i have had a couple of Yamaha's that have served me well so have looked at the RX-A870 and the RX-V1083 as options. Any suggestions/recommendations?
  2. Thanks - called Epson and they referred me to a service agent in Waterloo - going to give repair a crack first.
  3. Looking for a bit of advice - i'm currently using an Epson EMP-TW2000 on a drop down screen for our main evening viewing - the main reason for using this projector is it's lens shift capabilities which i need as its very limited in where we can put the projector in the room (ie not too worried about full HD/ 3D/contrast ratios/lumens etc). The issue i've got is that the pass through output of the projector has developed a fault, i think from the electrical storms we had in Sydney earlier in the week (no surge protection) and so i'm toying up whether i should (1) get it repaired or (2) buy a new projector. With (1) can anyone recommend a good projector repairer in Sydney - preferably north of the bridge? or with (2) can anyone recommend a budget (ie sub $2k) projector with lens shift capabilities (if there is such a thing) Thanks
  4. Thanks to all for your replies. I've been out and about today and have been offered a RX-V2065 for the same price as a RX-V767 (around $950 for both) - since i don't need 3D I was wondering whether it was better to go for the older top tier model rather than the newer mid-tier receiver - any advice would be welcome. Cheers
  5. Hi Am looking to upgrade my older Yamaha RX-V1800 for something with 2xHDMI output which will mainly be used for movie/foxtel viewing on TV/Projector (not 3D). Have a budget of $1,000 but could stretch a few hundred more bucks for the right receiver - have started looking at the RX-V767 but want others to compare too - any model suggestions? Receiver doesn't need to be too meaty as it's is only running 5.1 Mordaunt Short MS302 surround speakers + sub. Also on the wishlist but not essential are Internet Radio and ability to watch movies direct from hard drive (not sure if this is possible on any mid tier receivers.) Cheers
  6. Looking to buy a 1800 this weekend - can anyone let me know how much they paid in Sydney - and if possible upload a receipt? Cheers
  7. Hi - i'm about to buy the Yammy 1800 - where did you get it for $1350 at? And if anyone else has got it for a better price can they let me know where - i'm in sydney Cheers
  8. Great advice - just changed my order to get a stand instead of wall mount. Can anyone tell me whether the installer does anything other than make sure it's working ok - ie do they do any PQ tweeking? Reason i'm asking is that the TV is going to be wall mounted in a room i've just had built (bracket and cables already in place - was going to sell this bracket to a mate but now am keeping it following the above comment) - the rooms not going to be completely ready in time but I'm loathed to delay delivery (want to get it while i can!). Since i'm now getting a stand rather than have them wall mount it should i get them to set it up in another room to do what they have to do or should i just get them to leave it boxed up and then i can put it on the wall when the rooms ready?
  9. Just to confirm - i paid $2,950 at Clive Peeters Auburn on Saturday then challenged them on their price guarantee as JB Bondi has the 10% off their tag price of $2999 giving the $2,699 - CP paid up the difference without hesitation - first time but not the last i'll shop there!
  10. Glad i keep an eye on this forum - just saved myself $250 - bought from Clive Peeters Auburn for $2,950 on Saturday and they confirmed that they would price match the JB Bondi Junction price of $2,699 today! Thanks for all the advice. Here's hoping it goes down further in the next 9 days but then bottoms out
  11. Clive Peeter Auburn $2,950 on Saturday - am sure i could have got it for less but i was happy with that.
  12. Just about to buy a 5.1 JM Lab Focal Sib XL package but notice most of you guys aren't using a Focal sub - why is that? and can you recommend another sub at a similar price? (~$500) I'm also wondering what would be the best receiver to use on the above set up - budget around $1,500? - will be using it for dvd's (30%), foxtel (30%), gameplaying (30%) and FTA TV (10%) Cheers
  13. 50"XDA Kuro now down to $3,200or less (advertised price at Clive Peeters Auburn $3,288 this weekend) including 5 year warranty and delivery so i guess that changes the equation in its favour big style
  14. I'm in the same boat and am I'm considering either the 50" P9, the Pio 508 or Pan PZ and need some guidance. I'll be using it for predominantly PS3 gaming (40%) together with watching dvd's (30%) and Foxtel (20%) and the remainder council tv. I know that i should look at the screens side by side in a shop but obviously i don't know what they all look like with each of the above feeds - can anyone give the pro's and cons Am not interested in free tv's or price differences of ~ $1k just want the best tv for the job Cheers
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