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  1. nope admin fee also applies for standalone subs, and iirc its $30. Plus, min signup term is now 6 mo. $30 one off compared to $36.95 +$15(sports) +$15(setanta addon) >>if youre just interested in getting setanta > do the mathematics astro
  2. I dont think its the moving thats the issue, its whether you feel comfortable to run around on your roof, climb up a ladder etc! I only paid $85 for a new wall point + realign. Not much to pay IMO, to have it done properly. astro
  3. I paid $85 total for the wall point(cabling/wall plate included) and running around on my roof for the realignment. The chap was here about 2 hours, including chatting I was happy to pay that, considering those idiots from Satworld wanted to charge me $250 for the same thing.I specifically called them back and told them they were overcharging pricks. Russia Today and PressTV are overall dull, and I like documentaries plenty! Apart from setanta, the only channel I glimpse at occasionally is TRT-Int, as Im Turkish and want to see what's going on there My setup is 90% done now... just waiting on my projector, and to get setanta guide listings inside the media center EPG > which I will probably end up helping to populate myself with some help from the oztivo and epgstream crowd All will be set in time for euros !
  4. thanks for the reply keepleft All sorted now. I had a chap come out to do the re-align and pop in a new wallpoint for me I initially was going to get a homecast dvbs pvr, but then went the dvbs in my htpc option.... I then realised I could have achieved the same thing using analogue capture which my existing htpc card. I have the arion 3030g stb, which looks great and works wonderfully now I just have to wait for the euro 2008 finals! astro
  5. thanks patella I know setanta is SD at best! But its soccer, not the latest star wars movie in 5.1, so not a huge issue atm Between here and austech. ive sorted things out >> all i need to do is get a capable receiver/box,a subscription card, and tune to D2. Im looking at the homecast s8000CI PVR at this stage, as I want to record a little(archiving not a huge issue) @pheggie >> we seem to be crossing paths a bit looking at DavMels post, his unit is an external version of an firedtv pci/pcie/fw card .... Im not sure about nds restrictions on austar and how that is affected w pc SETUP, Id say youd need to look into the progDVB/My Theatre apps for a bit more info good luck astro
  6. Hello. I am interested in getting this channel simply because it is 80% soccer! I dont want foxtel/austar etc.... I used to have foxtel until 6mo ago and it was not being used, in addition soccer on ESPN was scant. There are 2 key questions I need answered ! My digging around here, elsewhere and on lygsat etc havent bought me the answer as clear as someone who uses the service could! Q1. CAN I USE A FOXTEL(C1) DISH TO GET SETANTA's OPTUS B3 Setanta's site says "no, you need a new dish" , but Im not accepting it until I hear from a DIYer. As mentioned, I had foxtel until 6 months ago. The dish is still up there - its about the 80cm mark. All wiring/all socket etc still in situ. Now I do know Foxtel uses the optus C1 satellite and setanta australia use optus b3(as stated on their site) > do I really need a different dish to be able to tune into this older satellite ?? I hope I dont because this would save me a wad of $$ !! Ive read around the place of people repositioning their sats to get either 'bird', so I'd really like to hear that they are compatible! Is there any actual repositioning or different kit on the dish required to get B3?? Q2. DOES SETANTAS IRDETO2 CARDS HAVE ANY NDS ENCRYPTION ?? Ive read of those who have made DIY setups to get this channel and others.. including those using off the shelf STBs like the Strong SRT 4653 >> as a result I am assuming you can pop the (irdeto2)card you can get from setanta without the hindrance of the nds encryption that plagues foxtel ? The reason I ask this is that I plan to stick the card into a homecast s8000 PVR. I was originally planning to try get it all going in my media center rig. If nds encryption isnt an issue, its doable, but Im not keen on it atm for several reasons. It's simply be cheaper and easier at this stage to keep that stuff on the standalone PVR >> im the only one that will watch it and archiving isnt an huge issue(unlike my mce rig) Thank you very much in advance. The quicker I find out this stuff out the quicker I'll be ready for the Euro 2008 finals!! astro
  7. VideoRedo was mentioned above, I recommend it 1000%(not a typo), Quick, easy interface(a monkey could use it) Well worth the small outlay if you use it alot >> I use it for all my DVRMS stuff... give the free trial a go astro
  8. If you need that diversity of function, then the HTPC is the only option. So much tweaking is possible because it is essentially a fully fledged PC in PVR clothing. However, a off the shelf PVR will give you a ready to go unit which you will never have to tinker with as much.....no driver updates, fiddling with plugins to get it to do amazing things etc Im looking at getting a DVBS PVR simnply because getting DVBS into MCE seems like such a pain in the a$$. It can be done, but the correct kit is not only vital to pulling it off, but quite expensive(on top of the other costs). Now that off the shelf DVBS allow you put smartcards into them and output files to PC, the option of getting one is quite attractive to even myself, a staunch DIYer good luck in making your decision astro
  9. Im looking at one of these too, there seem to be a few on ebay > if you dont mind ebaying. http://www.melbournesatellites.com.au might be worth checking out cheers astro
  10. im glad I stumbled across this! If anyone could oblige a sat newbie with some basic questions? AIM: get setanta sports on my media center setup. (without foxtel/austar subsc) >>they have a service which can come out and do a setanta only installation. These are factors which prevent me getting Foxtel/Austar *Austar doesnt service my area apparently *Foxtel does, but IQ is insufficient to handle the volume of recording I want to do, plus I dont want to go on a longer term contract. Getting Foxtel into media center is possible with an analogue card, but its a painful process, with loss of quality along teh way. Of course Foxtel also has NDS, so ripping out one of their cards is pointless?! *I dont having just setanta on, if I had other channel packages on, the family would usurp the TV! I wanna watch the footie(soccer) dammit!! From their site >> Setanta Oz is on optus b3 12564 H 30000 Irdeto 2 QUERIES: 1. Does setanta Oz have videoguard/nds ontop of the irdeto2. I know its probably on lyngsat but I could only find the C1 listing(that obviously foxtel uses). Lyngsat is a bit of a labyrinthe for the newcomer 1. I used to have a foxtel installation, the dish is still there > I know foxtel is optus c1 > theres no way of making it B3 happy?? It'd save me $$$ ! 2. How does one extricate the card from the box I will get ? Setanta actually does sell the cards on their own, what is a suitable STB that will save me paying them $220 for one!! @DavMel >> assuming setanta oz on B3 doesnt have nds >> Id like to use a firetv box/card to get it into MCE as they seem mce optimised... 3. You mention the Freecamed Irdeto 2.06 CAM >> where did you get this DO you think it will be OK with setanta or can I use another irdeto CAM?? 4. I was hoping to use it in a vistax86 based pc(also a shuttle) which currently has a dual dvbt card in it(for use within windows media center) >> will the firetv unit/internal card interfere with this?? thank you very much in advance!! Ive been mce-ing for years, but am very much a rookie with this sat biz! cheers astro
  11. LMAO! I was just about to get that! Beat me to it! Got stuck talking to a aaucy female colleague... good luck with that! I am just venturing into this whole satellite thing meself astro
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