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  1. i am with internode if they were to offer Comedy central, sports channel with Soccer and MotoGP i would be happy to pay $10-20 a month as long as the feed was good quality.
  2. Also available at BigW for $688 with one game last week.
  3. dont worry the dollar is bound to go back up, it is only manipulation of currency that's keeping it low.
  4. $514 at BigW for the 40Gb runout model.
  5. indeed, i much prefer the original version
  6. it is a matter of your area receiving Dolby Digital, i am in Newcaslte area and i have yet to experience Southern Cross Ten, NBN or Prime transmitting DD
  7. One definately needs to make sure the tv tuner card is compatible because there aren;t many that are compatible with linux
  8. I have yet to experience 5.1 from FTA in newcastle. NBN, Prime and SC ten are very bad I havent seen them broadcast 5.1 at all. Also when sydney is broadcasting other things on HD (in SD format) they dont even broascast them eg. Moto gp etc
  9. i have a Pioneer 508XDA i am running a dvi --> hdmi cable to it from my pc. i use it as a computer screen once a week or so. i haven't had any problems yet. then again the brightness etc are set a bit low for the run in period, and even though the 200 hrs are up still havn't changed many settings as most content look great as it is.
  10. my Sub has a volume control on itself i can normally adjust it with that.
  11. I am sure my Samsung Sob story is in the Samsing P9 thread somewhere but i got the same bad service. my 50" plasma broke after a total of 4hrs of watching, mind you got it after 1months wait to start off with. anyhow Samsung "Customer Service" reffered me to their auth repair centre in my area, who inturn advised me that they couldnt help me as it was under 14 days old or somthing, anyhow called up MYER and they stargted sorting out a replacement unit, after 1months wait and no replacement Myer swapped it for a different Make when i did finally get my Pioneer 50" i have been very happy with it and cust service is great too.
  12. Thanks for your input, i realise the cost to send to Jap is a bit high i might as well buy a new one for $500 from someone who got the Sony deal. i did find one person in Moorebank (Sydney western suburbs) who seems to know what the issue might be, he will charge $200ish IF he is able to fix it, it will take 3 days.
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