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  1. I told everyone a month or so ago that a deal had been done between Toshiba and Sony........
  2. I have an Ep-10 and the quality of upscaling is excellent compared to my Marantz DV7600,it also depends on the movie you are watching the other day we watched Resident Evil Extinction and the PQ was unbelievable(AX200E projector). The EP-10 was a great investment at a great price, money well spent, the XE-1 is meant to be even better.
  3. Don't worry everyone will be paying back Sony the $400mil from over priced Hardware and software in the end we will all pay for this they are the ones with the last laugh.
  4. Toshiba was paid by Sony to drop HD DVD i have stated this previously and people laughed at me but the deal was done........fly on the wall.
  5. In the future if Toshiba is going to release anything new in home entertainment the first thing they should do is to go and poach all the marketing staff from Sony.Pay them more than what Sony is and they will be guaranteed to have a successful product.
  6. No you got it completely wrong i own a HD DVD player actually two including the xbox 360 add on,the comment was simply a tongue in cheek gesture towards the now HD standard Bluray. HD DVD being a "dead format" i'm surprised at the amount of titles that are available now and in the future,so for a dead format it will see my player through until it dies.
  7. from high Def forum: LG to Continue HD DVD Support Tue Feb 19, 2008 at 01:59 PM ET Hoping to bridge the gap for HD DVD-supporting early adopters, LG said Tuesday that it would continue to support HD DVD in the wake of Toshiba's announcement. In a statement first published by Pocket-lint.uk, LG acknowledged that Blu-ray will now be the leading high-def format, but "that does not rule out HDDVD immediately as there are still a number of consumers who have chosen HDDVD and begun to build a HDDVD collection." The manufacturer went on to say that "at this present moment in time, it is necessary to provide a player which supports both formats and therefore create simplicity and convenience for the existing HDDVD consumer." LG was the first electronics manufaturer to offer a dual-format high-def player, first issuing its BH100 back in January of 2007 (the company has since updated that earlier model with the BH200). Late last year, Samsung had entered the dual-format player market with its BD-UP5000, and plans for a second player in the coming months. A Samsung official was quoted Sunday as saying the company would likely focus on Blu-ray moving forward. The LG statement was made AFTER Toshiba's press conference that officially ended HD DVD as the next generation DVD replacement.
  8. Does the 2.5.1 region free upgrade also work with the EP10? if so i would greatly appreciate getting a copy of the firmware.Thanks
  9. The game industry is bigger than the film industry and i suppose this is why it can support so many different formats.
  10. Should HD DVD be fazed out i for one won't be spending anymore money buying the other HD format until my current HD DVD player stops working. If that's in 2-5 years time so be it,any new titles i will purchase on SDVD the quality isn't the same but i know the market will always be there and that way i can enjoy "Watching Movies" which is what it's all about.
  11. Hitachi Maxell will release the first 2x HD DVD-R/RW media by the end of the month, while Mitsubishi Chemical Media made a step further with the announcement of the first HD DVD-R DLs. Hitachi Maxell's HD DVD-R and HD DVD-RW support the 2x burning speed and will be available in Japan end of February in both variations for data and video. The company's HD DVD-Rs (15GB) feature a track pitch of just 0.40μm as well as an organic dye. The new media also support the LTH (Low to High) recording mode. Hitachi Maxell has also developed a new phase-change recording material for the new HD DVD-RW discs. Called "Bismuth Coupling Material" (BCM-HD), it allows for fast and accurate recording (low S/N ratio) while it maintains high erasability. The same technology had been also applied to the first 5x DVD-RAM media in 2004 as well as to the latest 12x DVD-RAMs. In addition, Japanese optical media pioneer Mitsubishi Chemical media Ltd announced today its first HD DVD-R and HD DVD-R DL media, scheduled to retail in Japan later in February and March, respectively. They come in versions for video and data and feature printable surfaces compatible with inkjet printers. The HD DVD-R (15GB) discs feature a highly sensitive recording layer that allows burning at 2x, by applying the power that was previously used for burning at 1x. Mitsubishi claims it has managed to offer a playability of 100 million times. The new HD DVD-R DL 30GB discs (1x) offer storage space for up to four hours of film material in HD quality. Their proven AZO recording layer technology ensures a high degree of laser sensitivity and error-free reading of the data. Mitsubishi also uses the DVD-R DL 2P manufacturing process in the production of the HD DVD-R DL. With this method, the two layers are produced one after the other on one side of the HD DVD. Precise stampers and precision molding equipment ensure perfectly flat HD DVDs that comply with all the standards for high recording quality. The new HD DVD-R SL and HD DVD R DL conform to the "HD DVD-R Specification ver.1.1" and "HD DVD-R for DL Specification ver.2.1" respectively, as they are defined by the DVD Forum. Maxell's HD DVD-RW offer the essential characteristics as they are defined in the HD DVD-RW "DVD "Specifications for High Density Re-recordable Disc Ver.1.1". Mitsubishi has no plans to release HD DVD RW media, at least for now. Japanese manufacturers of optical disc media seems to be ready to support Toshiba's effort to establish the HD DVD format as a recordable medium on both CE and PC recorders, despite the strong pressure the format receives from the Blu-ray camp. Until now, Toshiba has been conservative to release HD DVD drives for the after market (retail), focusing in the OEM market. The company delivers its slim-type HD DVD drives through its Quosmio notebooks. Currently, Toshiba plans to release Half Height HD DVD burner drive for both OEM and retail, starting from mid of this year.
  12. Toshiba has agreed to terms with Sony. The agreement states that Toshiba sell all existing hardware stock below cost price and Sony will subsidise the loss made once all stock has been sold. Inturn Toshiba will release Blu ray players and terminate the contracts of the remaining studios. Microsoft will then buy Sony and scrap the whole HD disc business and sell HD movies and programs through their online downloads...they will control 100% of the market. who knows...........................
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