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  1. Hi everyone, recently i was told about running av through cat5 throughout the house (i lead a sheltered life in the outback ) and would like to do this in my home but i'm not sure what i need. I'd like to have 8 outlets throughout the house supplied by a austar box in the living room (rca is ok) and also be able to change channel at any outlet. I see there is a little available on ebay but are they ok as i like to be cheap. Any input would be great. i am a sparky so will do all the work myself
  2. Thanks for the tip, just went away for the weekend and some channels weren't working. I've now changed the LNB and tried it and the channels are all working. Thanx again KevO
  3. OK great just got back from holidays and find my mediastar box is basicaly useless now unless i change to select which doesn't have all the channels we want. The box is 6 months old and we payed alot to have it and now it is of no use to me!!!!! great just *#$% brilliant. Anyone interested in buying a dw8022 unit????????
  4. Excellent thankyou for your response! i'll shall try and get the latest firmware now regards KevO
  5. Hi all Newbie here with a few questions since this seems to be the place with a lot of knowledge. no1 I'd like to upload some of the things i have recorded to my pc however when i start transfering using explorer drag and drop it begins to transfer the files but then the laptop locks up entirely. also i noticed the files are an .AVR what program do you recomend to view these (if i can get them onto the computer) no2 I have recorded a few programs of austar and gone to watch them later (a few days) but they do not play. Its not all but a few. I recorded the programs without a card in the cam and when i go to watch i insert the cam, would that affect it? Thats all i have so far, so thanx in advance for any help Regards KevO
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