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  1. I’ve had both. And let me tell you there’s a jump in brightness and picture quality in the 9400. If you are watching 4K HDR I highly recommend the 9400.
  2. Here are some settings from Projector Review for the 9400. https://www.projectorreviews.com/epson/epson-home-cinema-5050ub-4k-capable-home-theater-projector-review-calibration-settings/
  3. Thanks for posting those. I missed the request. [emoji1303]
  4. Some pics from Blue Planet II 4K HDR on the Epson 9400W
  5. Hi I bought an electric 120” CinemaScope tab tensioned screen. The brand is Elegance. It wasn’t expensive https://www.digitalcinema.com.au/catalogsearch/result/index/?manufacturer=Elegance%20Screen&q=Elegance%20Screen#/page/4 at the time $2500. I can’t see they still have tab tensioned though. I really like my tab tensioned model. Really flat surface. Has lasted 10 years with no issues! There is Elite screens but I’m not sure of quality. https://www.kickstartcomputers.com.au/shop/tvs-home-theatre/projector-screens/elite-screens-skt100xhw-e12-saker-tab-tension-100inch-169-aspect-electric-screen-wall-ceiling-ir-remote-rf-remote-low-voltage-3-way-wall-switch-ir-extended-receiver-12v-trigger-rj45-co/?gclid=CjwKCAjw_YPnBRBREiwAIP6TJ8LUk19vgF6ay_YFya0hF4EfkSozjC5SZzlDmTPLrAo9F6bXN1Py7BoCQyQQAvD_BwE
  6. Photos from a phone just don’t do it justice.
  7. Wow what a difference the 4K 60hz makes for games. Looks amazing. I’m not a majorly into gaming but it looks amazing on this projector. The HDR is light years ahead of the Last Epson 9300. Watched some of Blue Planet II 4K Blu-ray last night. Stunning picture! Colour accuracy is awesome! I have a dedicated room with minimal light pollution so it really shines. Very happy with this projector so far. The tiny details like wrinkles and stitching on clothes is something I never really took notice of on the last projector but the 9400 seems so detailed. Calibrated the picture with Alaric’s setting (from AVS forum) as I’m yet to do my own. They are pretty good. I have Digital Video Essentials disc which I’ll give s whirl when I get some time. It’s amazing how different each disc can look.
  8. Arrived Tuesday. Picture looks brighter than and with more pop than the 9300 already. I’ll send some more thoughts after I give it a bit of tweaking.
  9. Sold. Thanks guys. And thanks heaps to Rich from Oz theatre screens for his advice and guidance on getting the new projector.
  10. 4K 60hz and HDR 10. It’s not going to be that much different. I have upgradeitis! [emoji3]
  11. Item: Epson EH TW9300W projector Location: Mitcham, (Melbourne) Victoria Price: $2700 ono Item Condition: Immaculate Reason for selling: Upgrade to Epson 9400W Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: less that 300hours (thought it was 100 where did the time go?) on the globe absolutely immaculate projector. Amazing 4K enhanced images. Has been installed on ceiling mount so no bumps, scratches. It looks new. With warranty until 23rd June 2020! Includes a bonus new globe! Includes receipt for warranty. Includes - Projector TW 9300W - Extra globe (brand new in box) - 2 pairs of Epson 3D rechargeable glasses - Wireless transmitter (basically unused) - Warranty with receipt until June 2020 - Power cable - remote I am more than happy to answer any questions. I'm only selling because I'm looking to upgrade to the next model. This unit is in perfect condition. SOLD
  12. Ive bneen reading responses from AVS. https://www.avforums.com/threads/epson-tw9400-7400.2186048/page-97 I'll be selling my 9300W with 2 3D glasses when the 9400W arrives. Cant wait!
  13. Just spoke to AIM Digital and they said they haven't heard from distributer about the 9400 being in stock yet. I have the 9300W and for the 4K 60Hz in the 9400W I would probably upgrade if I could sell the 9300W for $2800. I really like my epson.
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