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  1. Sammy 50B850 is WAY better than the 50V10A. No competition imo in both slimness and more importantly the image quality. Just compare them side by side.

    Ive had mine (B850) for about a week now and it is just fantastic!! Picture quality is amazing!

    I mainly watch foxtel especially the HD channels now!

    I was very worried about the buzz issue... but nothing!

    In fact the tv is so quiet i cant hear anything except for the foxtel box humming along.

    The only gripe i have got is the remote...its ugly and feels cheap!

    I really dont think you can compare this tv to the pansonic V but rather to the Panasonic TH-P54Z1A.

  2. Hey mate,

    The general consensus seems to be that the 508XDA displays a better picture than the P9 even with a Full HD source despite being 720p.

    It's a great example that resolution is only a fraction of the equation (and yes I do have a 1080p TV but acknowledge this).

    Also it's hard to go wrong with the new price.

    Good Luck!


    I mainly watch foxtel and free to air with usual DVD viewing on the weekend.

    i was leaning towards the P9 cause i can get a free 26" but looks like thats over today.

  3. Sorry for the long delay in getting back -- I've been on the road.

    Anyway, I've just sent off a copy of my receipt to a few folks -- I got a total price of $3035 including 5 yr warranty and delivery. The price for the actual unit was $2461.

    If anyone else wants a copy please PM me.



    sorry for being the 1million person to ask, but can i please get a copy dlkenyon@optusnet.com.au

    from anyone who has it.

    sorry but couldn't pm

  4. Has anyone bought a TV over the phone from these guys?

    no, but im thinking about it.

    apparently they provide credit through HSBC at an interest rate of about 17%. bit of a step rate but if you paid it off quickly you wouldn't incur to much pain plus you can buy at a discount with the offer

    no penalties for paying off early, $25 establishment fee and mothly account fee of $2

    interested to know if any ones dealt with them before

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