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  1. womsv8

    Cheap Hd Dvd Movie Thread

    Received my copy of Elizabeth the golden age today from the hut. Releived.
  2. womsv8

    Cheap Hd Dvd Movie Thread

    Mine also is like that, 5.92 each.
  3. womsv8

    Cheap Hd Dvd Movie Thread

    If you look at your order summary at the top it should say delivery and the cost. Well mine does anyway.
  4. womsv8

    Underbelly Official Dvd Release

    All the ones on ebay have been cancelled.
  5. womsv8

    40 Gb Ps3 Fan Test Demo

    I did and it worked exactly as the video did.
  6. I just swapped covers and discs from both red and blue skinny and fat cases and there wasn't any problems. Which of your movies don't fit?
  7. womsv8

    Ps3 Firmware Upgrade

  8. womsv8

    Update On Hi Def Oz Sale

    I'm back in
  9. womsv8

    Update On Hi Def Oz Sale

    I don't know if anyone has noticed but on the website it says "We hope to see you all on April Fools Day somewhere around 7-9am." I didn't see it mentioned anywhere here.
  10. Sydney - Penrith store had 5 copies left this was about 20:30.
  11. womsv8

    The Ezydvd Paramount Sale Is Online

    I just got the same one too
  12. womsv8

    Ps3 Hdd Upgrade

    Do you have any pix yet? I am looking at doing the same. Thanks
  13. womsv8

    Planet Earth -dvd Crave -$30

    Received mine today, it was wrapped in plastic. Opened the case up, one of the spines was broken and 2 discs were scratched (discs 1 & 5). What possibly can we do about it, knowing that these are becoming rare as rocking horse s!$t.
  14. womsv8

    Wii Supplies

    Plenty on ebay